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The Most Realistic Fake Pumpkins

20 of the most realistic fake pumpkins for all budgets perfect for low maintenance fall front porch decor.

I’ve officially had enough. Enough of tossing rotten pumpkins after only 3 weeks. Enough of cleaning pumpkin goo off of our porch steps.

DEFINITELY enough of spending more money to replace said rotten pumpkins because it’s hot as Hades until November here. To get ready for fall this time, we went fake with our outdoor pumpkin decor.

front porch decorated for fall with fake pumpkins and mums on porch steps with limewashed brick

I’ve been on a mission to find the most realistic pumpkins for a “final straw” solution. Because your girl loves the look front porch steps filled with pumpkins but not enough to keep up with the real deal ones.

Can you even believe these pumpkins are FAKE?!

Every single one is an artificial pumpkin!

realistic fake pumpkins on limewashed brick porch steps

Best Artificial Pumpkins That Look Real

They’ve really come a long way lately. If there’s anything I dislike more than a rotten gourd hanging out on ours steps, it’s a super fake looking plastic pumpkin that blows away at even a slight whisper of a breeze.

These fake pumpkins I bought for our porch are heavy enough to withstand usual everyday winds and look like we picked them out at the pumpkin patch. But they are still lighter than real pumpkins making them easier to maneuver for decorating.

UPDATE 1 year later: After having these front porch pumpkins outdoors for 3 months, they still looked perfect even after being hit with all kinds of weather.

Even though our fall porch with real pumpkins was pretty a couple seasons ago, I do not miss having rotting, gooey pumpkins around our front door.

fall porch decor around a front door with real heirloom pumpkins and fall colored mums

Real Pumpkins vs Faux Pumpkins – Which Is Better?

Fair warning: Several of these super realistic faux pumpkins are on the pricier side because they are made of resin and meant to last in the elements. These are only worth the investment if you have a tradition of paying for a real pumpkin every fall to use as decor without plans for pumpkin carving.

However, I figured if I sprung for these and they lasted me a decade (or more), they would pay for themselves and require less effort than if I bought real pumpkins that I’d have to replace every fall (or even twice a season).

Faux Pumpkins

  • Expensive in the beginning but budget friendly over time if you normally buy real pumpkins every fall
  • Require less time and energy to replace
  • Don’t attract wildlife
  • Are not biodegradable but can be recycled

Real Pumpkins

  • Inexpensive in the beginning but cost more that faux pumpkins collectively over time
  • Require more time and energy to replace than faux pumpkins
  • Edible for wildlife
  • Are biodegradable

If you usually buy a bunch of real pumpkins every year, these might be worth the investment for you, but I know they’re not for everybody.

planter of mums and realistic pumpkins on porch

Real Pumpkin Care Tips

Don’t worry though; we still plan to get a real pumpkin for our girls to carve before Halloween.

There are ways to help real pumpkins last longer like this 1 minute trick to keep pumpkins from rotting to add a week or two to its life span. But it can only do so much in the super hot, humid climates like ours.

To increase the lifespan of real pumpkins on your porch, you can also:

  • Give pumpkins a bleach bath
  • Wipe down pumpkins with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil
  • Fully rinse and dry pumpkins inside and out after carving
porch steps decorated for fall

I scoured every website and online shop I could to find all of the best fake pumpkins and gourds that look realistic for all budgets, if you run into the same problem pumpkin rotting every fall. Not all of the ones in the list below are made of resin like mine, but the ones that aren’t are less expensive.

I’m not usually a fan of pumpkin decor all over the inside of our house, but for outdoor fall decorating, I can’t get enough of them!

My favorites are the ones that are so “ugly” they’re pretty. The more lumps, bumps, and imperfections, the better.

realistic artificial pumpkins infographic

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20 Most Realistic Artificial Pumpkins

Click any image below to shop.

front porch steps decorated for fall

Porch Pumpkin Decorating Tips

  • Buy orange or white pumpkins all in one color for a simple, monochromatic look.
  • Buy multiple colors and pumpkins with speckles for a dramatic, eclectic look.
  • Get a few assorted sizes in large, medium, and small pumpkins so you can vary their heights on steps or stack them.
  • Even though resin pumpkins are more expensive, they last longer than plastic, so they’re often worth the extra expense when you decorate with them every fall.

Even after seeing them up close, our neighbors who came by to visit thought they were real.

You can see more Fall Porch Decor ideas below too.

Fall Porch Decor Ideas

orange, white, and green faux pumpkins with planter of mums

More Fall Porch Accents

Other than the faux pumpkins, I just stuck a pair of mums in planters I’ve had for years and added this realistic fall wreath on the front door. (Now, if I could just find realistic mums after I inevitably kill these in a couple of weeks, this porch might have a chance of lasting until November.)

I get so many questions about this storm door every time I share our front porch. I believe it’s original to our house from 1960, but you can ask the Lowe’s desk in the windows and doors department about ordering a custom storm door like it.

front porch door with realistic artificial fall wreath

How to Make Artificial Wreaths Look Realistic

You can see 20 of the Best Fall Wreaths for Under $100 here.

The trick to make fall wreaths look more realistic is to “fluff” your wreath before hanging it by bending the wire in the faux stems all different ways so it looks full and natural.

artificial fall wreath on a front door

Our sad little flower beds in the front of our house need a lot of love since they were destroyed during a huge foundation repair job last year, but maybe the vibrant fall porch decor distracts from that a bit, right?

That’s my excuse anyway. 😉

Our limewashed brick needs a little touching up too because of the not-so-pretty repair job.

fall front porch on a limewashed brick colonial house with artificial pumpkins on steps

Do you go all out for fall with real or faux pumpkin decorations outdoors?

We’re not big on outdoor Halloween decorations, so this setup is perfect for us from September to November for Thanksgiving decor with a jack-o-lantern and maybe some vinyl cutout bats to temporarily stuck to the brick for a tiny little hint of spooky.

Now if only there were realistic fall colored faux mums and corn stalks we’d be set on no-hassle curb appeal.

fall front porch with potted mums, wreath, and realistic fake pumpkins on steps

More Pumpkin Decor Ideas

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        1. I am sorry you continue to have trouble. The links are loaded as actual individual pictures of each pumpkin. The pictures scroll as a carousel. Click the picture of the pumpkin you enjoy and it will take you to the link. You will need to allow the post to fully load before you begin scrolling.

      1. These are lovely but none of the photo links work, they just lead to a general wayfair holiday decorations page. Wayfair’s search feature is so lousy I can’t find these that way either. Are you able to repost the links or at least add all the brand names to the post so I can search them? Thanks so much!

  1. I also love decorating my porch with pumpkins but don’t spending money on real ones that rot and/or get eaten (don’t like the idea of having coons/possums/rats attracted to my porch!). Thanks for sharing! I did notice the Kirkland ones said for indoor use. I wonder if giving them a coat of clear spray poly would help them last even longer? For what it’s worth on the mums, I did recently read that they do best when setting in a tray and being watered from the bottom, although I know that’s harder to do when you want to put those ugly plastic pots in something pretty like your planters! Your porch looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Vicki!! I would recommend using them under a fully covered porch if you choose to use the “not recommended for outdoor use” ones outside. At least until you know how well they will hold up. But there are plenty of beautiful places to use them inside the home for decor.

  2. Good morning. It was a little tricky finding the links, but I managed. The arrows for scrolling through the pictures are super small on my screen.

    I agree the rotting pumpkins are a mess but I do have another crazy tip. One year I threw some decorative gourds onto the compost pile, and the next year I had volunteer vines all over the place. I got dozens of free gourds. This is the 3rd year in a row that the vines have returned although not quite as fruitful as the first year. Next spring I am planning to try to set up an arbor of some type so they can grow up on that instead of my lilac (which each year has been covered in the vines). I am in Zone 7A so I assume you may be able to grow them, too. They need lots of room, though!

  3. Love the look! I love decorating my front porch for Fall but I didn’t realize you could get such a realistic look from faux pumpkins.

    What do you use on your door to hang your wreath without seeing any hanger? I have double front doors and I want that look of no hangers or ribbons, almost like they’re floating.

      1. My adult house-mate daughter is very allergic to pumpkin, in any form. We found out when her class was learning how to clean out and carve one years ago. (Pumpkins never get inside our house anymore, and only if gifted to us will they sit awhile on my porch!)
        But nothing says “Autumn!” like a pumpkin! Thanks for these ideas!