Easy Fall Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Extra Cozy

A round-up of 10 cozy fall decorating ideas that take just minutes to do and are so easy to create a warm, inviting home.

The kiddos woke us up at 6:30 am like they always do today (whyyyyy so earlyyyy) and it was pitch black and chilly outside when I swear it was bright and sunny the same time yesterday. It’s coming… I can feel it. Fall, y’all!

Of course, here in the Carolinas this is fake fall. Real fall doesn’t show up until October, if we’re lucky. 😉 But it got me in the mood to dive down the rabbit hole of ALL the cozy fall things! I’m a spring/summer lovin’ girl. Always have been and always will be.

A round-up of 10 cozy fall decorating ideas that take just minutes to do and are so easy to create a warm, inviting home.

But there’s nowhere I’d rather be in the fall than cuddled up by a fire at home. If you’re wanting some easy fall decor ideas to get you in the mood, I rounded up a few of my favorites that are simple to do.

10 Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas

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1. Add string lights

Inside or out, adding a strand of string lights brings a layer of ambience to your home when the sun starts setting earlier. Hang them up on your porch or string them over an outdoor table or place a few fairy lights under a glass cloche or in a lantern indoors for extra glow.

This strand has lasted us for 5 years! We just replace a bulb when they occasionally go out.

back porch decorated for fall with string lights

2. Get creative with bowl fillers.

I love using pears, mini pumpkins, artichokes, apples, and figs. Real or fake.

terracotta vase with olive branches wooden bowl with pears and fall candle

3. Display a few copper pieces.

I don’t particularly love the color orange, so I don’t decorate with it often, but copper goes with anything and is the exception to my rule. 😉

kitchen shelves decorated for fall with framed art and copper pitchers and pumpkins

4. Swap out your art with a few fall prints.

You can snag this free printable set of autumn botanical art here. Find my fall landscape art here. Or get this autumn oil painting printable. If you’re thinking ahead to Halloween, you get get this skeleton art or potion label printables to stick on any bottles and jars you have in your recycling bin.

fall botanical art gallery wall and entryway bench

5. A simple autumn wreath can do the job.

Here are some of my favorite fall wreaths to perk up the front porch.

fall porch with white pumpkins and wreath

6. Get whimsical with candles.

I love making my own candles with copper cups, amber glass, crocks, or any other antique/vintage style containers already in our cabinets. Keep an eye out for great candle vessels at thrift stores (and maybe even give away your DIY candles as gifts.)

kitchen shelves and amber glass candles

fall candles made from amber depression glass candy dishes

7. Bust out the cozy throw blankets and pillows.

For all of that curling up on cool evenings with a good book. (Not that I know what that’s like right now. #toddlermom ) 😉

armchair and fireplace decorated with eucalyptus and pumpkins

8. Use a pumpkin as your table’s centerpiece.

Plop Peter Pumpkin smack in the middle of your table and call it done. Stick a few leafy stems around him, if you’re feeling ambitious.

outdoor dining table decorated for fall with pumpkin centerpiece, eucalyptus, and copper

9. Snip colorful branches from your yard to display.

We have a ginkgo tree in our front yard that turns bright yellow just before Thanksgiving every year, and it makes my heart so happy! Keep an eye out for color changing branches around your yard that you can sneak inside.

Thanksgiving table with yellow ginkgo branches

10. Hang up a few lanterns.

Or place them on your front porch steps. If you don’t want to mess with real candles, these battery powered ones look like the real thing without the fire hazard.

back porch fall decor with lanterns and string lights

11. Bonus: Light a fire and roast up a bunch of ‘smores!

We love this gas-powered fire table because it doesn’t make our back porch crazy hot (Southern problems) but is the perfect way to add a relaxing ambience.

fire table with 'smores

Got any others to add to the list?

I’m going to attempt pressing fall leaves and drying hydrangeas this week in honor of the season, so we’ll see if those make it to the “cozy” list next year. Fingers crossed.

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