Our Favorite Relaxing Music – The Cozy Home Playlist

A compilation of easy listening acoustic and classical relaxing music to set the mood for an unplugged, cozy night at home by candlelight.

It was totally random realization, but the other day as Robert and I were hanging out in the living room at the kids had gone to bed so we could finally enjoy a little quiet, I thought, “We need a good relaxing music playlist to make the house more cozy as the sun sets earlier.”

our favorite relaxing music for home

It’s our favorite thing in the fall and winter to turn off the TV, put away the devices, light a few candles, sip a hot cup of tea, and read books with some good acoustic/classical chill music playing.

So I dove into Spotify and compiled a huge Cozy Home Playlist with lots of relaxing music we love, and I thought it would be nice to share with y’all too.

cozy dining room decorated for fall

Dining Table (similar) | Black Chairs (similar) | Console Table | Chandelier | Rug | Bluetooth Record Player | Mirror | Lamp | Lamp Shade | Baskets | Map | Vase (similar) | Fall Leaf Stems | Pedestal (similar)

It’s perfect for playing in the background as you’re cooking dinner, enjoying a quiet meal around the table, having a family game night or any unplugged moment at home. Instant stress relief.

We love literally every single music genre, so it’s full of a huge mishmash of everything like Billie Holiday, Chris Stapleton, Vitamin String Quartet, Van Morrison, John Coltrane… jazz, blues, folk, all the vibes that are good for the soul.

relaxing music playing on a record player with fall leaves in a vase

Click here to get the Cozy Home Playlist!

We just stream our chill music from our Spotify account on our Bluetooth record player, Google Home in our kitchen, or from our Frame TV in the living room.

cozy dining room in lamp light with fall decor

I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we do!

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Free music access to the cozy home playlist with the best relaxing music from all genres compiled for chilling at home

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  1. That record player is gorgeous! Do you have a link for it? I have many old albums but nothing to play them on. Love your blog!