12 Simple and Cheap Fall Decor Ideas (That Look High-End)

A round-up of simple DIY crafts and cheap fall decor ideas to make your home feel cozy and inviting for the season using (mostly) what you already have.

Even though it’s 90-something degrees outside, it’s hard to believe fall is right around the corner! I already have a few cheap fall decor ideas on the brain for this year (that don’t look cheap, of course).

A round-up of simple DIY crafts and cheap fall decor ideas to make your home feel cozy and inviting using (mostly) what you already have.

Thinking back to some of our previous years around here, my absolute favorite autumn vibes have been created through good ol’ ingenuity, maybe a bit of spray paint, and using things in the yard.

If you are starting to get excited for crisp fall breezes and cozying up by the fire, I hope these ideas will help you create a warm, inviting home this season.

Simple and Cheap Fall Decor Ideas (That Look High-End)

1. Dry hydrangeas from your yard

dried hydrangeas for fall decor

If you have hydrangeas in your yard (or maybe a willing neighbor who does), they’re so simple to dry and repurpose as fall decor. And they’re free! See how to easily dry hydrangeas here.

2. Press autumn leaves to make art

pressed leaves for a fall gallery wall

This little project might take a quick nature hunt for the perfect fall leaves. Press the prettiest leaves you can find, stick them in a frame with double sided table, and hang them up to enjoy. Yay for free, beautiful art! (See how to press leaves to make art here.)

3. Swap out spring/summer pillows for earth tones

earth tone throw pillows on a bed for fall decor

To save on space (and your wallet), swap out just the pillow covers on your existing pillow inserts for tones of olive green, marigold, terracotta, sage, deep navy, sienna brown (or even try a trendier mauve). Or you can throw in a few fall textures like tweed, leather, tartan, corduroy, or velvet.

(Here is how to mix and match throw pillows along with some of my favorite sources.)

4. Get creative with copper spray paint

copper spray painted votive holders

Look around at what you already own or even just the dollar store to see what you can spray paint copper as an inexpensive way to add warm metallics to your home. This copper spray paint is my favorite. Think metal votive holders, flower pots, figurines, etc.

5. Utilize brass spray paint too

brass painted pumpkin for cheap fall decor

Just like copper tones, brass can add warmth to a room to create a cozy fall vibe. Paint some faux pumpkins to make them look like aged brass.

6. Throw a few warm, chunky blankets into the mix

chunky knit throw blanket

Just one or two heavy knit throw blankets can set a warm, welcoming vibe. Choose ones with plenty of texture.

7. Snip branches from your yard to use in vases

snipped yellow ginkgo branches from the yard in a vase for cheap fall decor

Keep an eye out for any changing branches in your yard to cut and bring indoors as a simple, natural centerpiece. The cheapest cheap fall decor ever!

8. Fill a bowl with mini pumpkins, figs, or pears

pears in a bowl for cheap fall decor

Just grab a bowl and fill it with any fall-specific produce. Maybe your family will even be encouraged to snack on something healthy and in season that way.

9. Make a wreath using artificial stems

DIY wreath fall porch
cheap fall decor wreath

Grab whatever artificial stems you may have in your stash and attach them to a wreath form with some floral wire. See how to make this wreath here.

10. Add coziness with candles or use thrifted containers to make your own

DIY amber glass candles for cheap fall decor
amber glass candles

Nothing says cozy like candlelight. Place a few candles around your home for a hygge vibe as the days start getting shorter. Keep an eye out for unique containers at the thrift store to make your own candles too.

11. Frame printable fall art

fall printable art

There are so many great fall printables out there if you take the time to look. Print it, place it in a frame, and you’re done. You can find this autumn landscape printable here.

12. Repurpose a plaid blanket as a tablecloth

plaid blanket tablecloth for cheap fall decor

Thin throw blankets make the BEST tablecloths for fall dining. Or if you have a scarf, you can repurpose it as a table runner.

Bonus Tip: My ultimate cheap decorating tip for any season is to use a capsule method. If I can’t use an item for more than 1 season, I generally don’t keep it (unless I just really really love it and can’t live without it). Work smarter not harder, and you’ll be able to shop your home for decor year-round for the seasons, save money, and decrease storage space. 😉

You can see more about the concept of capsule decorating here.

Do you have any other cheap fall decor ideas you would add to the list?


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