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Our Cottagecore Style Toddler Girl Room Makeover

A nursery gets a cottagecore style toddler girl room makeover using metal vintage replica twin beds, pattern play, and chinoiserie wallpaper.

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

How in the world did we just finish a little girl bedroom makeover when I SWEAR we just brought this baby girl home from the hospital yesterday?!

Do you remember this view from October 2018?

baby girl nursery
Image credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

It doesn’t seem possible that we have an almost 3 year-old with a “big girl bed”.

toddler girl room sneak peek

And not just one big girl bed but TWO big girl beds! (Because you know… sleepovers with big sissy and nearby cousins create opportunities like that. Not exactly a toddler girl room essential, but it’s handy.)

toddler girl bedroom with twin beds and cottagecore style pattern play

Were you here back when her room looked like this 4 years ago?

It’s come a long way, baby.

We replaced Regan’s crib with these adorable vintage-style twin headboards from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart for a cottagecore vibe little girl bedroom. I can’t get over the sweetness!

BHG Live Better Influencer Network

In case you missed the last few days of this toddler girl room makeover, you can catch up here:

cottagecore bedroom for a toddler girl

Twin Beds

I love these vintage style metal headboards that actually remind me a lot of Regan’s crib from her nursery. The little flower details on them are the cutest touch to tie in with the wallpaper!

We ended up getting bed frames to attach to the headboards with enough space to put drawers under one bed and a trundle under the other to squeeze in as much storage and function as possible.

vintage style twin bed for a toddler girl room

Family and friends visit us often, so having that extra trundle gives much-needed room when cousins sleep over.

Olivia and Regan are already planning their first sister sleepover together in here this weekend. So sweet! Ahh!

The trundle mattress hasn’t arrived yet, so I’ll share more about that setup soon.

vintage style twin beds in a little girl bedroom

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I went outside my norm of all white bedding by using these $25 harvest yellow diamond patterned sheets. They add the perfect amount of geometric pattern play against the florals!

These yellow fringed throw pillows (that were only $10 each) accent the lemons in the wallpaper beautifully too.

And I placed my favorite soft throw blankets on the end as an extra cozy layer.

toddler girl room with twin beds

To hide the trundle and drawers underneath the beds, we used these sweet eyelet bed skirts and attached them to the wooden bed frame with small picture hanger nails to keep them in place.

toddler girl room decor with faux flowers, lamp, and diffuser


These swing arm lamps are great for keeping bedside since they’re reposition-able for reading bedtime stories. Plus, they have a little vintage flair to them.

white vase of flowers with rattan diffuser

Just for a little something pretty on the dresser, I stuck some fake flowers in this simple white vase.

And used my favorite rattan diffuser (especially great for diffusing lavender oil help a certain fiesty toddler go to sleep).

toddler girl room with twin beds, cane webbing dresser, chinoiserie wallpaper, and cottagecore bedding

So now this is officially a toddler girl room and no longer a nursery, and I don’t think it’s really sunk in that my baby isn’t exactly a baby anymore. (Cue the sobs!)

cottagecore little girl bedroom

We still have the other side of her room to contend with, but the bed switch-up and new bedtime routine are, of course, a big deal around here.

I’m still hunting the perfect tall dresser for the opposite wall since her old one doesn’t work with the new configuration.

little girl bedroom with cottagecore decor

If you want to know about the sources we used from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart, you can find them below.

Toddler Girl Room Sources:


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      1. I looked and looked for the wooden bed rail link b/c I didn’t want to bug you… couldn’t find it :/ Can you provide the link?

  1. What a lucky toddler, this room is so grown up, replace the twin beds with a king and I would love it!! The nightstand and rug complement the colors beautifully too. Was the nightstand a makeover? Where did you source the rug? Fantastic job once again. Regan and Olivia have the best mom!