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DIY Eucalyptus & Feather Early Fall Wreath

A quick and simple tutorial to make a neutral fall wreath using artifical stems and branches already in your stash.

You know those kitchen sink cookies at Panera that are basically filled with every piece of sugar-coma inducing junk you can imagine? (Oh, to be alive this day and age.)

I did that this week. Except instead of dumping every piece of candy from the kitchen cabinet into a cookie batter, I dumped every odd artificial stem from my stash into a fall wreath.

Front porch decorated for early fall with DIY wreath and stenciled floor

It’s not conventional. It probably has some critics. But hey, it was fun and free and that’s kind of the thing I think we’ve forgotten in the perfection of blogs and on Instagram these days.

What happened to throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks? That’s the GOOD stuff. The moment went imitation dies and self-discovery begins!

Anyway… deep revelations from a fall wreath.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own custom wreath, I bet you already have basically everything you need to do it.

How to Make a DIY Wreath:


  • A wreath form or pre-made wreath you might already own
  • Artificial stems and clippings
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters or pliers
  • Hot glue / hot glue gun (optional)
  • Ribbon

That’s it!

The Steps:

(You can see a more in-depth wreath tutorial here, if you’re starting completely from scratch and not adding to an already made wreath.)

1. This is an alert for the most basic tutorial ever, but if you can twist-tie a bagged loaf of bread, you can do this. I started with just this basic eucalyptus wreath I got in the spring. Start spacing out leaves snipped from the stems around the wreath and securing them onto the wreath form with 2″ lengths of wire.

I added purple leaves to the existing eucalyptus wreath.

DIY neutral fall wreath

2. Once you’ve finished placing leaves/flowers from the first type, add in a new color or shape of leaf/flower, spacing them evenly around the wreath and securing them with more wire. (Little tip: Using pieces in odd numbers is more pleasing to the eye.)

I added thistle and artificial buds around mine.

DIY neutral fall wreath

3. Finish with something ornamental like artificial pears or pumpkins (attached to the wreath form with hot glue).

I decided to use these pheasant feathers from last year’s Thanksgiving decor.

4. Tie up with linen ribbon, hang on your front door, and you’re done!

Early fall wreath with eucalyptus, blue thistle, and pheasant feathers

It’s not perfect and it’s definitely not traditional fall colors, but it was the perfect early fall craft since we’re currently in that in-between summer/fall weather when the temp can’t make up its mind. And I could definitely get away with using it in other seasons, if I wanted to.

Front porch decorated for early fall with DIY wreath and stenciled floor

Sometimes, in moments of stress (lookin’ at you, 2020), the best thing to do is to create something with your own two hands. 😉 That’s better than anything money can buy.

In the next week or two, I’ll swap out the ferns for potted mums, but I’m dang proud of myself for keeping those ferns alive the last couple of months. New record for me! #BrownThumbProblems

Also, that stenciled porch floor is still holding up like a champ!

Are you a big crafter in the fall? Or made any wreaths you’ve loved in the past?

If you prefer buying wreaths instead, here are a few of my favorite budget-friendly wreaths in my Amazon store.

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