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My Favorite Dried Flowers and Stems & Fall Dining Room

Simple and timeless fall decor in the dining room + a round-up of the best dried flowers and stems for any time of year.

Somehow drying bunches of hydrangeas this fall has sent me down the rabbit hole of obsession over ALL of the gorgeous dried flowers and stems out there.

Okay, not obsession. I’m obsessed with my kids and my husband, but I really REALLY am loving the dried flower trend right now.

The thing is I don’t even really consider it a trend. It’s not one of those things that really goes out of style or even out of season.

But dried botanicals is definitely “in” right now. It gives you the beauty of real foliage without the short lifespan of fresh flowers, plus they’re more eco-friendly than artificial. And you can even dry and preserve them yourself, if you have a great selection of varieties in your own backyard.

In case you don’t though, here are a bunch (har har) of my favorite dried flowers and stems.

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I pulled together a few in our dining room for Thanksgiving, but even though they’re sort of “fall”, I definitely plan to pull these dried stems right back out again after Christmas is over for a little life during the cold winter days.

All of the dried bunches have gotten me thinking I might attempt preserving greenery in our yard for Christmas this year. We have a huge magnolia tree just begging to be used for pretty wreaths and garlands. Yay for free greenery!

We’ll see how ambitious I feel on that one. Haha!

Have you attempted the flower drying thing? Or stopped on the side of the road when you see pretty pampas grass or wildflowers? I won’t tell 😉

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  1. I have a question. I picked a plastic bag full of green magnolia leaves from her tree. Because I’ve was so busy, I was not able to make a wreath out of them, like I had hoped to. Now they are all brown and hard. Help! What can I do with these dried brown leaves? Thanks in advance!

  2. I just figured out how to dry Queen Anne’s Lace without it folding into a ball!!!! I also dry hydrangeas! I love free!!

  3. Yes I cut and dry stuff from my yard cause I agree free is awesome! I like it because it’s unique and textural. Just started following you and so fun all the stuff you do but manage to do so on a budget.