Trend Alert: Bullion Fringe Furniture for All Budgets

Breaking down the bullion fringe interior design trend, how to DIY the look, and where to find fringe ottomans, chairs, and sofas.

Have you gotten the itch to add bullion fringe to an ottoman or chair around your house lately? Or is that just me?

If you haven’t noticed, fringe ottomans, chairs, and sofas are suddenly popping up everywhere on interior designers’ Instagram and Pinterest pages lately.

bullion fringe ottoman in front of a leather armchair for a reading corner

I keep eyeing my sofas and chairs thinking, “I’m totally going to hot glue fringe to a piece of furniture around here one of these days.”

To try out the look elsewhere, I added this fringe ottoman to the conference room makeover we did this spring instead.

What is Bullion Fringe?

Bullion fringe is a twisted cord luxurious detail often adorning upholstered furniture, lamps, and drapes used in maximalist interior design styles: Victorian, Art Deco, and Hollywood Regency.

Hollywood Regency and Art Deco styles are having a big moment in interior design this year, and I am here for it!

Have you noticed burl wood furniture and chinoiserie wallpaper showing up a lot lately in your feed? Yep. It’s interior designers’ official rebellion against minimalism full of color, texture, and character.

(A note about trends: Don’t stress about what is “in”. It’s only the right answer for your home if YOU truly love it. Being yourself is always in style. The good news is maximalist interior styles have roots in traditional design so it can last well beyond a “fad”.)

DIY Fringe Furniture

It’s super easy to DIY upholstery fringe on your existing furniture or on a Facebook Marketplace piece.

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If you have a modern chair or sofa that you want to look more traditional, just add fringe! It’s a great detail on home decor like lamps or decorative curtains too.

This DIY fringe sofa by Tuft and Trim is gorgeous! Doesn’t it look so custom?! Courtney is so good at creating Grand Millennial maximalist style on a budget.

DIY fringe sofa using double sided tape and trim

Fringe Ottomans, Chairs, and Sofas for All Budgets

But if you want to skip the needle and thread or double sided tape and go straight for the real thing, I found a bunch of beautiful ottomans with bullion fringe from $60 and up.

I found some gorgeous fringe chairs and sofas in the mix too, but those aren’t quite as budget-friendly. Hopefully, by sharing, it will give you some ideas to recreate the look yourself, if Art Deco is your jam too.

bullion fringe furniture sources

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  1. I added bullion fringe to my two loveseats 12 years ago. I have received many compliments over the years. It’s time to replace them but finding something with that finishing touch is difficult. I’ve certainly enjoyed the look but time for a change.