Burl Wood Furniture for All Budgets + Refinished Burl Dresser

A round up of the best burl wood furniture + how to refinish burl wood veneer on a dresser makeover to remove scratches and restore color.

walnut burl wood dresser in a bedroom with Scandinavian wallpaper and blue beadboard

The latest furniture piece I scored on Facebook Marketplace just might have nudged out our marble coffee table and dining room shaded chandelier as my number one favorite secondhand find of all time!

I had been on the hunt for a burl wood dresser for two years, and after always juuuuust barely missing them to other buyers on FBMP who got to them first, it was absolutely worth the wait for my “unicorn” thrift find.

Because I scored, not one, but TWO of them for $600 total! Considering burl wood furniture pieces like these go for a couple thousand a piece, these were absolutely a steal.

So I cleaned and restored one for Olivia’s bedroom makeover, and the other will likely end up in Regan’s room soon.

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thrifted burl wood furniture on Facebook Marketplace

What is Burl Wood?

Wood burls are formed from knots or growths on trees, from trauma or injury, creating ornate wood grain patterns. The end result of its obscure growth creates very dense, sturdy wood that is highly prized by furniture makers.

That is why you should never EVER paint burl wood furniture unless it is severely damaged beyond repair.

It’s almost poetic in a way. What could be perceived as imperfection on a tree ends up becoming a work of art in wood grain.

When cut, burl wood looks almost kaleidoscopic with intricate shapes in the grain making burl wood furniture a statement-making design element. Even though it was made popular by Art Deco and Hollywood Regency in the 1920s-1930s, it is a timeless feature that has hit a resurgence in modern design trends recently.

How to Restore Burl Wood Furniture

Since this dresser had some scuffs and color fading, I gave it the trusty 5-minute wood restoring treatment using Restor-A-Finish after Robert gave it a deep cleaning with Murphy Oil Soap.

using restor-a-finish on burl wood furniture to remove scratches and restore faded color

The burl wood grain ended up looking so much richer and vibrant!

I was tempted to scrub the unlacquered brass hardware with some Bar Keepers Friend like I did on Regan’s old wood highboy dresser, but the patina was so pretty I left it alone.

How to Style Burl Wood

The best part about styling a burl wood furniture piece is you can design around it just about any way you want! It works beautifully in a maximalist aesthetic accented with lots of pattern, color, and texture.

Or you can go minimal with neutral colors and simplistic decor in the room to let the wood grain steal the spotlight all by itself.

It can work in contemporary or traditional spaces because it’s such a chameleon itself.

burl wood dresser styled with vase of flowers woven basket boxes and lamp in a bedroom with blue vintage wallpaper

I plan to add some art on the wall above it as we finish Olivia’s bedroom makeover, but seeing that gorgeous wood grain against the Swedish wallpaper made me want to keep the decor on top a little on the simple side.

It’s such a showstopper piece! I still can’t believe I finally found it!

burl wood dresser styled with vase of flowers woven basket boxes and lamp in a bedroom with blue vintage wallpaper

Wallpaper | Rug | Basket Box Set | Vase (similar) | Faux Magnolias | Lamp (thrifted DIY – similar linked)

Burl Furniture for All Budgets

If you love the look of burl wood, I pulled together some of my favorite desks, dressers, tables, and chests from Target prices all the way up to high end designer.

Unfortunately, they’re not as inexpensive as what I paid on Facebook Marketplace. But that’s why it’s SO worth checking the classifieds as often as possible for burl pieces.

burl wood furniture for all budgets - burl wood tables desks consoles and chests
  1. Brynn Wide Burl Dresser
  2. Eldorado Burl Cabinet
  3. Woodbridge Durham Rustic Burl Dresser
  4. Rotating Burl Coffee Table
  5. Cascading Top Burl Wood Coffee Table
  6. Burl Wood Side Table
  7. Ogden Burl Console Table
  8. Demerion Burl Nightstand
  9. Calvin Three Drawer Burl Wood Table
  10. Emerson Mappa Burl Wood Desk
  11. Three Drawer Burl Wood Chest on Legs
  12. Malia 3-Drawer Dresser
  13. Mid-Century Traditional Burl Demilune Table
  14. Honey Burl Nightstand
  15. Aqua Virgo Dark Burl Wood Dining Table
  16. Astor Burl Wood Demilune Console Table

Click any image below to shop.

How to Create a Faux Burl Wood Finish on Plain Furniture

If you already have a plain dresser or table hanging around your house but want to create a faux burl wood finish on it, you can just press on burl wood contact paper!

It takes only a few minutes per drawer, and the end result looks so high end!

This was just a plain IKEA Hemnes dresser with burl wood contact paper I made for our neighbor girls’ bunk room.

Tutorial: DIY Burl Wood IKEA Dresser Hack Using Contact Paper

how to create faux burl wood furniture using contact paper

That’s all of the thrifted furniture Olivia’s room is getting at this point, but we still have a bed and two nightstands to go! I can’t believe how well it’s coming together!

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  1. I never comment on a page, but I had to tell you that when I clicked on your link and this dresser popped up on my computer screen, my jaw actually dropped. It is stunning, and looks incredible against the paint and wallpaper. And scored for such a great price- congratulations! Thank you for advocating for this wonderful wood.