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Our Cottage “Teen” Bedroom Plans + Curtain Color Combinations

For the past year, Olivia has been begging me to do a “teen / preteen” bedroom makeover. Apparently pink is out. (Pretty sure I was 10 year old too when I decided pink was out.)

It’s hard to believe she was in kindergarten when we put up that wallpaper. Sigh.

Starting on her closet organization makeover was our way of dipping our toes in the pond here. I was SO surprised though when she said the color she really wants to paint her room is navy blue. (Does she want brownie points?! Because she can have them with that answer.)

I was totally prepared to let her design her own room the way my mom let me take the decorating reigns in middle school, but she wants me in charge of it. So here we are.

Navy blue can feel serious, but I wanted her room to have a lot of playfulness. So Olivia chose this Ragnvi design at Scandinavian Wallpaper and I’ll pair it with this geometric multicolored rug to bring in some warmer colors.

I scored the burl dresser of my dreams on Facebook Marketplace last week! It came with a matching chest of drawers (2 dressers for $600 in perfect condition). Look at that grain. Swoon.

I’m on the fence about adding peel and stick pattern to her ceiling for extra fun: stars or little birds. It’ll be easier to decide once everything’s in the room. I could always try it and remove them if they look weird.

A little gallery wall of feminine vintage art would be cute (I think the frog princess looks like Olivia). A few of the pieces came from our antique shopping trips together.

We scored this little black desk on Craigslist the other day too that would work great for homework or as a vanity.

I tried out 3 different curtain colors and we love them all. Each one creates a totally different feeling in the room. Which one would you choose?

Retro Gold?

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No matter what, it’ll be cute, and we’ll have fun doing it together. Decorating my room with my mom is one of my favorite memories as a kid; it’s come full circle now. I just have nightstands left to hunt for at the Habitat Restore, and we’ll be ready to go.

Crossing fingers that I stumble upon the perfect ones.

What do you think so far? It’s a little more wild than my usual, but that’s pretty on brand for Olivia. My not-so-little-anymore wild girl.

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  1. The room is going to be so very lovely for a “tween”… she will have many years to enjoy it. I love the gold curtains the best with the wallpaper. I can honestly say I am not a fan of the carpet. To me it does not flow with everything else… Best of luck it will turn out beautiful 😉

  2. I like the retro gold. Kinda surprises me, since I’d mortally go go the rose, but the rose seemed “subdued”. Good luck! Such sweet memories with your daughter.

  3. What a beautiful room! Your daughter is going to love her teenage years in that room.
    My vote is gold curtains.

    1. 🙂 I use Canva. Here is a post to help with how I do it.