10 Small Closet Organizing Ideas for Girls

Tips and tricks to make a teen’s or kid’s small closet organized and functional with these storage ideas specifically tailored for girls.

We kicked off the new year with a household full of sickness and a funeral… not exactly a stress-free way to start our January.

But one thing that always makes me feel better when I’m feeling glum is decluttering and organizing the little eyesores that accumulate around our house. Our 10 year-old girl’s bedroom closet was number one on the priority list to organize this year.

girls closet before

Check out that before situation that was literally falling apart. Within 48 hours, we had Olivia’s closet looking brand spankin’ new!

small closet idea for girls with vanity area and clothing storage

10 Closet Organizing Ideas for Girls

If you have a teen / pre-teen / little girl’s closet in your house needing some extra love, here are a few small closet ideas to make it super functional (and also pretty)!

A lot of these tips work well for kids’ closet organization in general too, but a few details make it especially perfect for girls. If you don’t have the luxury of a large walk-in closet, these ideas can help maximize a small space.

(Check out this DIY IKEA closet idea for a budget-friendly solution and this closet clean-out cheat sheet to help you declutter beforehand.)

closet clean out cheat sheet printable

1. Use Double Rods

Instead of having one long rod as a clothing rack, stack an upper rod and lower rod to utilize all of the space in a small closet.

This is especially important in closets for kids since their clothes are usually smaller and require less hanging space.

small closet idea for girls with makeup organization and clothing storage

2. Incorporate Shelves and a Drawer Stack

Many clothing storage solutions function better folded in drawers, especially to keep them in easy reach for kids.

Add shelving to stack items or even an old dresser as a vertical storage solution inside of a small closet. We used this closet system for ours.

girls closet organization using a drawer stack as a makeshift vanity

3. Set Up a Vanity Station for Makeup and Jewelry

I LOVE this girls’ closet space solution for keeping makeup and jewelry on display with a mirror but still tucked out of the way behind closed doors in the bedroom.

It’s a great way to have a makeshift vanity if you don’t have the space for a full vanity in a bedroom.

I used this jewelry organizer and acrylic makeup organizer that is the perfect size for a teen / pre-teen.

makeup organizer and jewelry storage in a girls closet

4. Add Lighting

If you’re setting up a makeup area, it’s a good idea to have some lighting. But even without a makeup area, a little light goes a long way to keep everything visible.

As a temporary solution, I attached a battery puck light inside of this wall sconce using a couple of Command strips. We’ll probably hardware it later one, but the battery solution works well for now.

closet lighting using a sconce with battery puck light over a mirror

5. Label Drawers by Clothing Category

I’ve officially become best friends with my label maker. It’s so much easier to help kids stay organized by labeling their drawers according to clothing types.

For kids too young to read, you can even print stickers (or draw if you have the talent) with pictures of items so they can identify where items go. In the past, I’ve used picture labels for toy bin organization.

organized closet drawers with labels for clothing

6. Utilize Shoe Shelving

Keep plenty of shelves open for storing shoes and boots in a vertical space. For flip flops and sandals, I usually keep a bin handy on a shelf.

small closet idea using shelving and bins for shoes and clothing accessories

7. Keep the Hamper Accessible

Have a hamper in reach on the floor or on a lower shelf so kids can easily toss in dirty clothes.

hamper stored on a shelf in a small closet

8. Store Accessories in Baskets

For smaller items like hats, scarves, purses, gloves and other small clothing and accessories, provide some baskets for easy storage. I love these cube shaped baskets because they waste no space, unlike round shaped ones.

baskets to store hats and clothing accessories in a girls closet

9. Use Matching Hangers

It’s such a little detail, but having all matching hangers makes a closet look way less cluttered than closets with mismatched ones. For girls closets, make sure to leave a long section open for dresses to hang.

I love using these wooden hangers in reach in closets because they allow plenty of room between each item of clothing and prevent them from tangling together.

matching wooden hangers on a rod to minimize clutter

10. Waste No Space

Before ever starting a closet makeover, take measurements, make a list of your storage needs, sketch out a closet design plan, and do your best to utilize every inch of real estate you possibly can.

Utilize any extra wall space you might have with hooks too. Even hang a shoe rack on the back of a closet door if needed.

Honestly, I think I love Olivia’s closet even more than my own IKEA hack closet. Well, it’s a tie anyway. 😉

small closet idea for girls with vanity area and clothing storage

Girls’ Closet Makeover Sources

Have you been going decluttering and organizing crazy in the past few weeks? I think the donation center is going to know me on a first-name basis at the decluttering rate I’m going.

More Small Closet Ideas

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  1. I love the jewelry holder! It’s not a box like most and combines two things I need most. Most boxes assume you have 80 rings and that everything else is tiny. I have one ring – my wedding set, but I have a gazillion bracelets and another gazillion Apple Watch bands. This is perfect! I’m an avid baker and find metal necklaces get really hot when reaching into a hot oven. So I rarely wear one and don’t need a complicated storage solution.

  2. Such great ideas! I have several closets I need to tackle. Removing everything from them will be a big trick in itself…

  3. Looks amazing and so much bigger for some reason. Was wondering what the name of the blue paint is you used for the back wall? I’m looking for a dark blue for my living room.

  4. Nicely done! I cant believe Olivia is 10, a tween! I still remember her gray and pink farmhouse bedroom on Pinterest. It’s what led me to your site.😊💜👍(That, and your farmhouse bathroom).