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Garden Shed Closet Makeover

We’ve been playing musical-utility-spaces lately, and it has gotten all of our storage areas topsy turvy.

For the past couple of years, we’ve had a backyard workshop on our wish list.

But then last month, when we started trying to make those dreams into real plans, we ran into all kinds of red tape with our city and realized building a workshop on our property just wasn’t in the cards.

So now we’ve gone to Plan B: Turn our existing pool shed into a workshop.

But that has meant moving our lawn and pool equipment into our pool toy closet. And moving our pool toys into a different storage shed. And moving the tools from our garage into the pool shed that will become the new workshop.

All of that probably makes absolutely no sense, now that I’m typing it out. Anyways, it’s rather chaotic. Feast your eyes on the pool toy closet that has never once graced this blog. It’s a sight to behold.

In the beginning of it all, this little closet in our pool shed looked like this after we relocated the pool stuff and ripped out the old dressing bench none of us ever used:

After peeling up the old worn out vinyl floor down to the concrete subfloor and painting the paneling with leftover white base paint, it looked like this.

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

Yay for free makeovers using what you already have! And for all of the actual organizers, we spent about $250.

We hauled in a cubby shelf, screwed a few mounts and hangers to the walls, and now we feel like we can breathe a little better.

Cubby Shelf for Small Storage

This cubby with these baskets hold all of the small odd n ends: gardening gloves, protective gear, weed repellent, insecticide, and small hand tools with space on top for potting.

Hanging Power Lawn Tools

These mounts were perfect for hanging up the larger landscaping power tools like our edger and weed eater.

Mounted Hand Tools

And these hangers are useful for so many different items like rakes and shovels to hang anywhere on the walls.

Just so we don’t have to see all of the utility equipment from the outside of the shed in our pool area, we put up a vinyl roller shade to hide it.

So much better and now we can actually find everything we need when working in the yard. Yaaaay! No one is happier about it than Robert, that’s for sure.

If you want more organizing ideas, you can find more here:

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  1. You are so lucky to have such fabulous space. And as always, you just made even this small space, large looking, and even more gorgeous. Thanks for sharing

  2. This is beautifully done but I do humbly offer a suggestion. If you put a long, thin board at the top and bottom of the wall and staple heavy duty plastic over it, the walls will stay much cleaner since you can hose the plastic down every year. The hooks, etc. can either be screwed through the plastic or you can screw boards over the plastic at the height of your hooks (it looks like you would need three boards going across from the photos) – we did the latter when we had a shed with painted walls. When the plastic eventually gets torn (which should not happen for a long time), unscrew the boards that are over the plastic, replace it, and then screw the boards that have the hooks in them back into the walls. Or you can leave it like it is as the shed redo is just lovely!

  3. Dear Robert and Lauren; What a beautiful transformation from pool storage to practical workshop. Hmm . . . that gives me some ideas and incentive for our garage. Thank you for the inspiration.