16 Cozy Winter January Decor Favorites

A round-up of the best cozy winter home decor items to use in January to help rooms feel inviting after Christmas.

Confession: Robert and I just now took our Christmas trees down. Maybe it’s the norm for some people to wait until the third week of January to put away the Christmas decor, but it drives me totally batty if the tree is still hanging out past January 6th.

After the tree and garlands comes down though, our home feels so empty and lifeless. So I have a few go-to January decor favorites I love sprinkling around our home in the winter months to help it feel inviting again.

winter home decor in a living room with faux fur blanket, knit pillows, green branches, and candles

Favorite January Decor Ideas for a Cozy Home

If you’ve run into the same problem and need a few resources to bring your home back to life again in the bleak of winter, try walking around your house first to see what items you already have.

  • Lamps
  • Green branches (faux or fresh cut from your yard)
  • Candles
  • Blankets and pillow covers made of plush, thick fabrics
  • Books
  • Natural elements like pine cones to place in bowls

Whatever adds a layer of light, warmth, and freshness is a great way to help a home feel inviting in January.

list of January decor favorites

Winter Decor Picks

You absolutely don’t have to buy new home decor for winter because some of my favorite pieces are neutral that can be used all year round. But if you want to add a bit to your collection, there are my favorite winter decor pieces lately that could easily stretch into spring and beyond.

  1. Black Table Lamp – For light bulbs, I suggest soft white (3000 K).
  2. Sparse Green Branches – The sparseness of these branches create a feeling of winter without being completely barren.
  3. Neutral Ceramic Vase – This vase is the perfect size, shape, and texture to be used any time of year with any other decor.
  4. Brass Floor Lamp – I love the vintage look of this lamp that is also perfect for reading!
  5. 6 Wick Candle – Light it on your coffee table in the evenings as the sun sets for a dose of ambience.
  6. Faux Magnolia Branches – I love snipping magnolia leaves from our tree in winter, and these branches look every bit as realistic as the real thing. Just one branch alone is very full.
  7. Plaid Throw Blanket – We have this blanket draped across the back of our sofa for a layered look.
  8. Brass Candlesticks – It’s hard to go wrong with a classic. I love the more modern shape of these to mix in with traditional pieces on tabletops.
  9. Match Holder and Striker – It’s useful to keep on a side table but also doubles as decor.
  10. Faux Paperwhite Bulbs – You can try your hand at growing the real thing instead, but I love placing these faux bulbs into a thrifted bowl with some moss for a little life beside my kitchen sink.
  11. Winter Scene TV Art – If you don’t have a Samsung Frame TV to display this art, check out how to use your regular smart TV to display art instead.
  12. Still: The Slow Home Coffee Table Book – Decor books that depict serene spaces are my favorite, and this one fits the bill beautifully.
  13. Black Diamond Fireplace Screen – I’ve had a very similar version of this screen for years. It’s a classic that never goes out of style.
  14. Ugg Faux Fur Throw Blanket – I would not normally spend this amount on a throw blanket, but we’re on Year 3 of our faux fur Ugg blanket. Our entire family fights over it because it’s so soft!
  15. Cream Cable Knit Throw Pillow – A chunky neutral knit pillow is perfect for winter but can work well into early spring too.
  16. Potted Faux Maple Tree – If the corner of your living room feels bare without your Christmas tree, add a leafy potted faux tree there for the other 11 months of the year.
candle, books, and vase with winter branches on a coffee table for January decor

Have you added any seasonal decor to create a cozy house this month? Whatever it takes to combat the winter blues, right?

More Winter Decorating Ideas

You can see more January decorating ideas to use in the winter season from my past projects below.

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