14 Things to Declutter in the New Year

Things to get rid of in a day in the New Year that are cluttering up the most used places in your house to create a peaceful home and life.

This month, I have been a total decluttering maniac. After purging and sorting through every closet, cabinet, and drawer, I am finally down to just my last closet in the house.

I didn’t realize just how much my mental health needed a massive whole house decluttering overhaul!

how to declutter your home

If you are looking for a fresh start in your home this New Year, here are 12 things you can easily declutter from your home.

It’s the perfect time of year to get rid of things you never touch and to start the year with a clutter-free zone.

Take a deep breath, you’ve got this.

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clothing closet organized

Clothing In Closets

I have TONS of tops and bottoms that I have either never worn or that I haven’t touched in years.

I always go to declutter and think about throwing things out, but the what-ifs always get in the way.

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What if I need that top for a party? What if I need that dress for a wedding? The reality is that I never end up using them, or they become outdated anyway. Whether you have a single clothing rack or an entire closet system, evaluate every article of clothing hanging on it to free up valuable closet space.

An organized closet saves so much time when getting ready in the mornings.

So start the New Year by getting rid of articles of clothing you haven’t touched in a few years. If you haven’t by now, you never will!

pantry with jars and baskets labeled with food

The Kitchen Pantry

I just know you have some items in your pantry you don’t even realize are there. They are most likely tucked at the back, passed expiration dates and awaiting the trash bin.

It’s time to take everything out of the pantry, toss what is bad, and put it back in nicely. I bet you will have tons of extra room now!

Get my free kitchen pantry cabinet organizing labels here.

jewelry and makeup organized in a closet

Makeup and Toiletries

If you are notorious for collecting makeup samples, beauty products, and brushes like I am, you probably need to clear out your makeup bag.

There may even be some products that are expired and need to be tossed for your own safety.

My makeup bag always gets dirty from the foundation, blush, etc. Maybe it’s time to replace the bag and ditch the old one if yours isn’t looking too good.

See how to create a makeup and jewelry station in your closet here.

linen closet organization with drawers of soaps, medicine, and bath salts

Medicine Cabinet

Just like the pantry and makeup, there are probably a few things in this space that need to be tossed for safety reasons.

Sort through your medicine and determine what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Old prescription pills you no longer need can go but hang onto those items that help fight off the common cold. I keep some of our medications in a drawer in the linen closet as a makeshift medicine cabinet in bath bathroom.

laptop on home office desk

Subscriptions and Email

We all have them! It’s time to open up your email and sort through any subscriptions you no longer use.

There’s no use in being charged for them if you don’t take advantage. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to just be visual clutter, it can be your email inbox as well.

Clearing this out will be great for your mental health as well.

See more home office setup quick tips for improved productivity here!

command center wall with mail drop zone in kitchen

The Mail Drop Zone

Since you decluttered the junky subscriptions in your email, tackle the always growing junk mail pile too.

We use a command center to track our family’s schedule, sort mail, and post important papers. It’s always the area that gets messy if we don’t make decluttering a monthly habit.

junk drawer organization with batteries, pens, flashlights, lighters, scissors, glue, and tape

The Junk Drawer

The best way to declutter the drawers in your home is to start with the junk drawer. I guarantee there are a handful of things you don’t even know exist anymore.

It’s time to pass them along or toss them in the garbage can. If there are items worth keeping, find a nice home for them, so they don’t clutter your extra drawer. Your kitchen drawers will thank you.

office cabinet with craft supplies and home decor

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Craft Supplies

Any avid crafters know this dilemma. You want to keep every last button and piece of yarn, but the reality is that you won’t be using them any time soon.

Donate extra, usable pieces to schools and classrooms. Students will love using your leftover craft materials to learn.

The easiest way to declutter this space is to ask yourself when the last time you used something was.

playroom organizer table with games, puzzles, and markers

Board Games and Puzzles

If you have a large collection of games and puzzles, take a look and see if there are any you can donate to Goodwill.

You might be surprised by the number of games you have that you no longer play with your family.

If you find any puzzles with missing pieces, it’s time for them to go. No use completing a puzzle that doesn’t have the last piece.

See more playroom storage solutions here!

coffee station on kitchen counter and cabinet with cups

Cups and Glasses

To all my “cup girls,” you don’t need them all. I know they are all beautiful and so much fun to drink water out of, but it’s probably time to get rid of a few water bottles.

You probably got a few new ones over the holiday season, so pass some of the older ones on.

Make a conscious decision not to collect extra cups throughout the year, knowing full well you have plenty in your cabinet.

That’s the first step, so you don’t end up with a storage unit full of cups, mason jars, and glasses.

See more kitchen cabinet organizing ideas here!

decluttered kitchen with green cabinets and herringbone floor

The Fridge

Just like the pantry, there are probably a few items in the fridge that need to go.

Check your condiments and sauces to see what is collecting mold or has expired. Clean out those containers and recycle the jars. This makes more room for fresh ingredients.

Address the magnets and papers attached to the front of your fridge while you’re at it.

It may seem like an overwhelming task, but this is a great time to wipe off the refrigerator shelves as well.

garage sporting equipment organizers

Sports Equipment

Now is a great time to donate any balls, bikes, or outdoor recreational items your family no longer uses.

Take some time to repair broken equipment and pump up flat sports balls.

See more tips on how to organize the garage here.

shoes on shelves in a closet

Your Shoes

Toss out shoes that are falling apart or that are uncomfortable. No need to keep shoes that make your feet hurt.

You may as well get rid of them and make room for better shoes in the future.

Send them to a good place like the local thrift store where someone else can make use out of them. Clear space out of the bottom of your closet by installing shoe organizers or shelves if you have them.

See how we organized the closet using IKEA bookcases here!

books on a bookshelf behind cabinet doors


This one is tough because books are a fantastic thing to have in your collection.

If you have any duplicates or copies that you didn’t enjoy, donate them and pass them on to create valuable real estate on your shelves. Odds are that if you have already read them, you won’t be reading them a second time unless it was a great book!

Cleaning out your bookshelves also includes old magazines if you have them or removing old reference books that are obsolete.

See how to build your own IKEA built in bookshelves here!

home office desk with built in bookshelves

As you declutter your entire home, make a game of it.

Include the whole family and enjoy a good time with music and dancing as you get rid of unwanted gifts and unused items at the start of a new year.

Add decluttering to the top of your to-do list for spring, and the whole house will feel brand new.

Pick one space to work on each week and follow these simple steps to clear out all of the areas of your home. It’s a big project, but it’s doable, and you’ll gain greater control of your life.

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