How to Make a Bed Like the Magazines

9 steps to make a bed look plush and beautiful like a designer’s.

This post is so completely random. Lately, I’ve tried to get better about making our bed because I’ve heard time and time again that making your bed sets the tone for the entire day to start off super productive.

And at the end of the day, if you’ve had a rough one, at least you have a nicely made bed to crawl into.

While I was making our bed the other day, I thought, “Hey, why not share how I make ours?” It might be totally redundant, but it’s something I’ve been surprised to be asked by some of y’all before. And I’m always willing to share.

So here it is…

How to Make Your Bed Like the Magazines:

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1. Fit your sheets on the bed with the foot of the flat sheet tucked in and smoothed on top and pulled all the way up to the top of the mattress. (These are my favorite that feel exactly like the luxury brands and are less than $30.)

Duvet comforter #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

2. Smooth out a duvet or comforter on top of the flat sheet, pulled all the way to the top of the mattress.  (This is our duvet and it feels amazing.)

Wood and upholstered bed #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

3. Pull a quilt or coverlet all the way to the top of the mattress too, smoothed across the duvet. (If you use a duvet cover or comforter instead, don’t worry about this step.)

#masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

4. Fold back the top of the quilt, duvet, and sheets together to about 1/3 of the length of the mattress.

Inexpensive luxury bedding #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

5. Prop up your sheeted sleeping pillows on the headboard. (We love these pillows the best of all the ones we’ve tried over the years.)

Euro pillows #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

6. Place 3 euro pillows in front of your sleeping pillows (2 euro pillows if you have a queen sized bed) or 2 rectangular sham pillows, if you prefer those over the square ones. (I prefer down blend inserts just because they have a more upscale look to them and aren’t as stiff as polyfill.)

Tips for making a bed #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

7. Place a decorative accent pillow or two in front with a pattern/color to coordinate. 

Neutral bedroom decor #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

8. Double over the folded quilt/duvet/sheet section to make the bedding look more plush. 

Neutral bedding #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

9. Add a comfy throw blanket at the end of the bed, and you’re finished!

Maybe that’s more work than most people do when making a bed, but climbing into a pretty bed at the end of the day just makes me happy.

Last week, I found these deep blue nightstands at TJ Maxx to replace the Craigslist ones we moved into Olivia’s room, and I’m in love! They break up all of the neutral in our master bedroom so well with lots of storage and even an included cell phone charger port. Woot! (I wish I could find a link to another one like it online, but that’s the downfall of finding something at TJ Maxx.)

Blue nightstands #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

I just realized I left a bit of shipping plastic on the nightstand’s door handle. Oops! Always keeping it real… even by accident. 😉

I still debate whether or not I should put something above the headboard or if the simple route is the better way to go. What do you think?

Neutral master bedroom #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

If any of y’all want to know, here are the rest of our bedroom’s sources:

  • Wall color: Benjamin Moore Moonshine
  • Door color: Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron
  • Ceiling / trim color: Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Bed (similar since ours is discontinued)
  • Ceiling fan
  • Curtains
  • Rug (similar – ours was a HomeGoods find)
  • Lamps
  • Lamp Shades
  • Bedding (The quilt / euro pillows / accent pillows were all HomeGoods finds too)

So the real question is are you a bed maker-upper? Or a why-bother-when-no-one-will-see-it-but-me kind of person? I’m trying to get better about it. If only I could magically become a morning person.

Do you have any tricks of your own you use to make your bed look all magazine-fancy-like? Share away!

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9 steps to make your bed look plush and beautiful like a designer's. #masterbedroom #makebed #bedding #neutraldecor #bedmaking #makeabed #decortip #decoratingtip #bedroomdecor

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  1. I feel like this is a very American thing to do. I live in Belgium and I don’t know anyone who makes a bed like this. We just have two pillows, and a duvet with a fitted duvet cover. The pillowcases come in the same package as the duvet cover does. You have them in all kinds of patterns and colours.
    I do like the look of yours very much, but I wonder what you do with the ‘extras’ when it is bedtime. Throw them on the floor?

  2. I don’t make the bed, we just pull the comforter up to the top every day. But THANK YOU so much for this post!! We need several sets of sheets and some new bedding. You’ve helped me save a ton of $ with the sheets link and now I’m actually excited about redoing our 5 Bedrooms!

  3. I make our bed each morning. Love your ideas to make it seem more plush. The top of your bed frame is so beautiful I wouldn’t hang anything over it. How about a picture over each of the nightstands!

  4. I love the new night stands. Kirkland’s has some that are similar (just search “charging station table”) but not in that beautiful blue. I guess one could get out to old paint brush to achieve that color. Great job with your bedroom.

    1. I forgot to check there! I think I’ve seen similar ones there too. Fusion Mineral Paint has a color called Homestead Blue that is similar.

  5. I’m a definite bed maker and have been for as long as I can remember! If I don’t have it made before I start the day or leave the house, it makes me crazy. I’ve timed myself before while making our bed, which has a similar setup of bedding and pillows to yours, and it only takes 3-4 minutes tops (pretty pillows and all). To me, that’s a small amount of time to spend on a task that makes it well worth it in order to start and end my day on the right foot.

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