How to Hang a Wall Tapestry Easily 7 Easy Ways

Tapestries are having a moment lately in interior decorating. 

Maybe it’s the texture or the colors or the feeling of history a tapestry injects into a room, but for whatever the reason, it’s a beautiful, simple way to add a focal point to a bare wall. 

You can score them secondhand, find new ones inexpensively, or make your own. When I shared my recent eBay tapestry score, I had several questions asking about the hanging process, so here are a few different ways to do it.

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Use a Curtain Rod

You don’t need an “official” tapestry rod. A simple curtain rod from Amazon or Walmart works just fine to hang a tapestry. 

This is the easiest way if you need the back of the tapestry to just out from the wall a bit to hide a thermostat, cable box, or any other unsightly item on your wall. Be sure to use a stud finder to attach brackets to studs. Use wall anchors for heavy tapestries if the brackets can’t attach to studs. 

If your wall tapestry doesn’t already have hanging tabs or a rod pocket, use these clip curtain rings to hang the tapestry from the rod. 

I just used this brass curtain rod with clear ribbed finials to hang this vintage tapestry I found on eBay. (Cleaning this tapestry was brutal but oh so worth it.) I love the visual interest this new tapestry added to our office!

Hang a Rod From Command Adhesive Hooks

If you live in a rented house or don’t want to damage your wall with a drill, you can hang a curtain rod from large heavy duty Command hooks instead. 

Be sure to follow the Command instruction on the package:

  1. Press the Command strips onto the hook and hold for 30 seconds. 
  2. Press the Command hook with the adhesive strips onto the wall and hold for 30 seconds.
  3. Let the hook sit on the wall for an hour without any weight so the adhesive can set up. 
  4. Hang your curtain rod on the hooks with the tapestry. 

Just be aware, for best results, this method may not work with heavier tapestries. 

Hang From a Banner Pole

Skip the curtain rod completely and use a banner pole instead so you only have to attach the rod from a center hanging line. This telescopic banner pole is adjustable for whatever width of the tapestry you need.

Similarly, poster hangers are a good option too.

Stretch a Tapestry Over a Frame

This method works with a shower curtain as well (which is what we used for this DIY shower curtain art). It’s the best way to add a wood frame to a tapestry.

  1. Build a wooden frame out of 1×2 boards. 
  2. Then, stretch the tapestry over the frame like a canvas. 
  3. Staple the tapestry on the edges around the frame. 
  4. You can choose to finish the look with lattice strips to make it look extra polished. 

Tutorial: DIY Large Scale Wall Art Stretching Fabric Over a Frame

Place In a Shadow Box

This works perfectly for a small tapestry or rug remnant like we used to make this textile art below. Attach your tapestry inside of a large shadow box and hang on the wall as usual. 

If you’re dealing with rental spaces, heavy duty Command hanging velcro strips work well for hanging picture frames. 

Tutorial: DIY Designer Knock-Off Textile Art from a Recycled Rug

Use Quilt Hangers

Skip the rod or frame altogether and just use these wooden quilt hanger clips instead. The best part is you can easily swap out your tapestry later without taking them down.

Use Heavy Duty Push Pins, Nails, or Staples

If you don’t mind puncturing small nail holes into the top of your tapestry, just attach it to the wall with lots of push pins or nails along the tapestry edge. Or you can use staple gun to secure it.

This works best for a more modern, lightweight tapestry like this one below in our playroom that I found at Society6. It’s an easy way to add personality to a dorm room or kid’s bedroom. 

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