DIY Bobbin Frame For a Samsung Frame TV Bezel

An easy tutorial to upgrade a Samsung Frame TV basic bezel to get a traditional bobbin frame style look.

DIY bobbin frame on a Samsung frame TV + rattan sconces above a fireplace

A while back, I saw this fun DIY bobbin frame idea by Alisa at A Glass of Bovino and knew instantly that I wanted to create one of those cute frames on our plain Samsung Frame TV bezel. 

But then I got distracted and the craft supplies I bought sat in my closet for a year. (Anyone else do this too?)

DIY bead frame on a Samsung Frame TV

How to Make a Bobbin Frame for a Samsung Frame TV

If you have a plain bezel on your Frame TV or if you want to make a DIY TV frame from scratch, this tutorial is super quick and easy. 

Plus, it’s the perfect way to add charm (and costs way less than buying a designer bezel from Deco TV Frames or Samsung). 

This craft project took about 2 hours total and cost less than $30 (minus the cost of the bezel I already owned). It works on all different sizes of TV frames.

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plain beige bezel on a frame TV with gold sconces above a mantel

Step 1 – Attach Split Balls

I bought this plain beige bezel for our Samsung Frame TV a few years ago, so it was the perfect foundation to add some flair with the bobbin detail. (You can read all about our Our Brutally Honest Review of the Samsung Frame TV here.)

If you have a plain bezel as well, the 15mm split balls are the perfect size for this project. 

Attach the split balls, one at a time, with construction adhesive placing them in a straight line along the outer edge of the bezel. Allow the split balls to be touching without any gaps so the design looks uniform.

If you don’t have construction adhesive, wood glue or a glue gun with hot glue can work too.

Immediately wipe away any excess adhesive that oozes out from behind the balls. Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours. 

Tip: I found using a disposable chopstick (from Chinese takeout) to be the best tool to apply just a pea-sized amount of adhesive to the back of the split balls.

applying wooden split balls to a tv frame

Step 2 – Prime and Paint

Once the split balls have dried overnight and set in place, apply an even coat of primer to ensure good adhesion for paint. 

When the primer is dry, apply 2 thin, even coats of paint with the Rustoleum gold spray paint. You can use all kinds of different colors on your own bobbin frame though, depending on your style. 

Related: I tested 8 different gold spray paints and found this Rustoleum Gold Bright Coat Metallic Finish to be the most realistic when compared to factory finish gold hardware. 

best gold spray paint
painting tv frame with gold spray paint

That’s it! This is such a fun little craft project but the end result is so cute!

I found these clip-on rattan lamp shades to change up the look of our sconces and love the texture they added above our mantel. They work on chandeliers too.

DIY bobbin frame on a Samsung frame TV + rattan sconces above a limewashed brick fireplace

Where to Find Unique Frame TV Bezels

It definitely pays off to make your own TV bezel because they can be on the pricey side.

I had every intention of making this bobbin frame for our TV in the media room makeover but went with this Gatsby smart frame once we got in a time crunch. I absolutely love the look of it (just not the price tag).

If you would rather buy a gold TV bezel instead, you can find a few favorites below:

DIY bobbin frame on a Samsung frame TV + rattan sconces above a limewashed brick fireplace

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DIY bobbin frame on a Samsung frame TV + rattan sconces above a limewashed brick fireplace

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