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Where to Find the Best Fake Flowers That Look Real

A round up of the best fake flowers that look real, 12 places to buy them, + tricks to make artificial flowers look even more realistic.

So uh… I blacked out the other day and accidentally bought like 8 bunches of fake flowers.

I don’t know how it happened. Total mystery. Just my need for spring, I guess.

fake flowers in vases on a table

Like in my blind rage against the latest cold snap we were in as the freezing temps shriveled all of my plants outside that I potted during an overly optimistic late winter warm front and forgot to cover them up, I launched myself down the rabbit hole of reading artificial flower reviews of all things.

It resulted in these gorgeous fake flowers that look real, I SWEAR! I’m a total snob when it comes to plastic-y fake looking artificial flower stems, but I hate the mess fresh flowers make. So here we are…

fake flowers that look real in vases

Where to Find Fake Flowers That Look Real

Not all faux flowers are created equal, even from retailer to retailer. From high-end to low-budget stores, some of their products are just hit or miss.

So I pulled together a bunch of my favorite specific artificial flowers later in this post that I own myself or have seen/felt in person (because pictures online are often deceiving).

But if you need a good starting point, these retailers have some of the best fake flowers that look real.

fake tulips on a tabletop with books and candle

3 Tricks to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

1. “Fluff” Your Stems

Just like you would when decorating an artificial Christmas tree, bend your flower stems in different directions to make them appear more full and so they fall naturally within the vase.

Smooth out the leaves. Gently reshape any blooms with your hands. Sometimes it even helps to fluff up fake blooms for a few seconds with a hair dryer set on cold.

2. Cut the Stem Ends to Fit the Height of Your Vase

If you’re using an opaque vase, you can get away with just bending your faux flower stems to the height you need.

But if you’re using a clear vase, cut them with some wire snips to look more like real flowers. Don’t those faux pink roses in the glass vase on our coffee table below look real?

fake roses in a vase with water on a coffee table

3. Add a Few Inches of Water

When using a clear vase, fill the bottom with 2-3 inches of water.

Make sure to refresh the water every week or two since the stems can still discolor, but that one little detail can make fake flowers look real.

4. Add Scent

Spritz a little bit of floral perfume or essential oil on your artificial flowers to even fake the scent of real ones. Our noses might convince us they’re the real thing.

fake flowers that look real

The Best Fake Flowers That Look Real

These are some of the best artificial flowers that look incredibly realistic and even FEEL real with some featuring petals made with Real Touch latex.

Gather several stems of the same type for a simple flower arrangement or mix several blooms of varying height and shapes to make more complex flower bouquets.

Tip: If you need help making faux floral arrangements in vases, try this tape grid method.

neutral vases

Neutral Vases That Don’t Break the Bank

It’s helpful to have a wide variety of neutral vases in your stash in different heights and shapes to accommodate different faux flower types so that you can use them in any room alongside any other decor. These are my absolute favorite transitional vases to keep in my capsule.

Or if you love shopping secondhand, I find vases at thrift stores all the time. They’re so easy to change up with spray paint. This brass vase below was just a couple dollars at Goodwill, but I decided to leave the patina because I loved the character it added.

fake roses in a brass planter

Realistic Fake Flowers in Our Dining Room

I put these cream fake lilacs into this gray terracotta vase on our dining room table and made them look even more realistic using the stem fluffing trick.

I’m so totally in love! They look and feel so real in person!

I stuck two of these absolutely gigantic bay leaf stems on the buffet too, and the drama they create in this little corner is so good!

spring decor in a dining room with a vase of flowers on a dining table and a decorated dining buffet

Have you discovered any realistic fake flowers lately?

Once I find a good one, I keep it in my stash for years and rotate them room to room constantly all year long with the exception of Christmas. (And even then, I’ll sometimes sneak them into our Christmas tree to fill gaps and stretch our ornament collection.)

Best of all, at least there will be no dead shriveled petals to clean off the floor in a week.

vase of faux magnolias on a dining table

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  1. Thanks for the great info on the “almost real” faux flowers and stems. I have ordered some of these. Have a great week, Lauren!

  2. I love the faux Lilacs! While the real deal is beautiful, I have allergies and cannot abide the smell of Lilacs and other heavily scented spring blooms. I appreciate you giving a heads-up on just where to locate lovely artificial blooms. We switch back and forth between winter and summer homes and I have no alternative except faux plants indoors. The blooms you showed are gorgeous and I cannot believe that they are artificial. Again, thanks so much for all the information and connections you provide!

    1. Yes! I know the feeling! I have to stay on the seasonal allergy meds or its unbearable for me, so I can only imagine. So glad they could provide a good alternative for you. They really do look as close to the real thing as you can get!

  3. Thanks for this post! I have been using faux flowers more and more now. Are the pink flowers in the clear vase with water the ones you used for your Valentines Breakfast Brunch? Where did those come from? In love with them!
    Thank you!

  4. These are good!! Especially the lilacs. So pretty 💜. I have a couple of sprays of dendrobium orchids that I picked up at Michael’s last Spring. Super impressed with the quality 👍