100 Last Minute & Cheap Easter Basket Ideas

Last minute and cheap Easter basket ideas you can grab at dollar stores and curbside pickups for all kids’ ages.

I totally dropped the ball on my Easter basket game this year in comparison to all of the years of Easter prep I’ve had before. Somehow it snuck up on me this week.

cheap easter basket ideas you can get last minute

It’s too late to place an Amazon order or wait on any specialty deliveries, and since a lot of other moms are often in the same boat, I figured it might help to pull together a big list (100 to be exact) of inexpensive Easter gift ideas you can snag at the dollar store or for curbside pickup / same day delivery from Target or Walmart.

Lots of these ideas can work for toddlers all the way up to tweens and teens, many are around $3-5, and they’re all non-candy items that are useful and/or promote active imaginations.

I love using Easter baskets to encourage outdoor play during our kids’ spring break so they don’t spend so much time glued to screens. It totally works (and sort of keeps them from killing each other)!

easter baskets on a bed

Cheap Easter Basket Ideas You Can Pick Up Last Minute

  1. Bubbles
  2. Sidewalk chalk
  3. Flip flops
  4. Storybook
  5. Coloring book
  6. Markers
  7. Play-doh
  8. Kinetic sand
  9. Hot Wheels cars
  10. Puzzle
  11. Socks
  12. Stickers
  13. Hair clips / bows / scrunchies
  14. Sun hat
  15. Sunglasses
  16. Glow sticks
  17. Color bath drops
  18. Bubble bath
  19. Stuffed animal
  20. Sippy cup / water bottle
  21. Finger paint
  22. Gardening kit
  23. Rain boots
  24. Swimsuit
  25. Matching game
  26. Swim goggles
  27. Beach toys
  28. Bicycle glow spokes
  29. Card game
  30. LEGO set
  31. Doll
  32. Animal figures
  33. Crazy straws
  34. Camera
  35. Diving toys
  36. Pool float
  37. Mini purse
  38. Watch
  39. Bracelets
  40. Sneakers
  41. Nail polish
  42. Lip balm
  43. Pop it
  44. Board game
  45. Super soaker
  46. Sprinkler
  47. Dress up outfit
  48. Play doctor kit
  49. Remote control car
  50. Baking supplies
  51. Apron
  52. Nightlight
  53. Jump rope
  54. Temporary tattoos
  55. Pez dispenser
  56. Keychain
  57. Silly string
  58. Travel games
  59. Watercolors
  60. Water balloons
  61. Frisbee
  62. Beach ball / bouncy ball
  63. Kite
  64. Sunscreen
  65. Hairbrush / comb
  66. Silly putty
  67. Piggy bank
  68. Umbrella
  69. Flashlight
  70. Doodle board
  72. Photo album
  73. Gardening seeds
  74. Paper dolls
  75. Eating utensils / chopsticks
  76. Slime
  77. Finger puppets
  78. Character bandaids
  79. Scented body spray
  80. Orbeez
  81. Stamping sets
  82. Journal/notebook
  83. Magazine / activity book
  84. Headphones
  85. Glitter pens
  86. Novelty erasers
  87. Inflatable pool
  88. Refrigerator/locker magnets
  89. Flashlight
  90. Play makeup
  91. Yo-yo
  92. Slinky
  93. Bath bombs
  94. Balsa wood plane kit
  95. Rubix cube
  96. Comic books
  97. Scented hand sanitizer
  98. Character toothbrush
  99. Movie theater tickets
  100. Zoo / aquarium / museum tickets
cheap easter basket ideas

Easter Gift Ideas You Can Pick Up Curbside or Get Same Day Delivery


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  1. I never liked the already made Easter baskets from the stores. Lots of filler and really nothing of substance. I always made my own and filled it according to the child’s likes. It was way better, not always the cheapest but the children received things they actually liked which made it so much better. They always seemed to appreciate it and never understood why their friend’s baskets seemed so ‘generic’. LOL.