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Breakfast Nook Design Plans & Layout Change Progress!

Modern Parisian breakfast nook design plans, mood board, and door removal progress to make a corner banquette.

Don’t ask me why I feel paralyzed when making room design plans for my own house. If I have to make a mood board for a friend, I’ll knock it out in a day or two.

But there’s something about making design decisions in my own home that takes me weeks to pull the trigger. This little breakfast nook room has always been a doozy for me since Day 1 of moving in.

Breakfast Nook Before

breakfast nook before

The Breakfast Nook Refresh

Over time, we’ve turned that space into this set up using the existing footprint as best as we could, but the traffic flow never really made sense.

breakfast nook with buffet table and round dining table

Door Removal and Layout Change Progress

Then, we got the idea to move the door accessing our garage to a different wall so that we could make space for a corner banquette. (I ended up down a breakfast nook banquette inspiration rabbit hole.)

moved door to make room for a banquette
moved a door to make room for a corner banquette

Our Official Breakfast Nook Design Plans

Last month, I discovered a corner banquette with cushions for just $325 (as opposed to this $3,000 banquette version from Ballard Designs), and the dimensions were exactly what we needed for our breakfast nook!

Robert and I trekked two hours to load it up onto a trailer, and I now have a big vision for it in this space.

I found some secondhand faux Chippendale style dining chairs that will work perfectly on the other side of the banquette too. All of it needs paint and a DIY upholstery job for sure.

banquette before
chippendale chairs before

So here’s my brain on the breakfast nook design plan.

Green vs. White Breakfast Nook Banquette

I can’t decide if I want to paint the banquette bench Sherwin Williams Billiard Green to tie in with our current kitchen cabinets or if I should keep it neutral with white.

breakfast nook banquette green - modern Parisian style
breakfast nook banquette white - modern Parisian style
Banquette (similar – for inspo) | Chippendale Style Chairs (similar – for inspo) | Faux Marble Table | Vintage Art Etchings | Sconces | Lantern Pendant Light

The kitchen won’t stay like this forever since painting the cabinets green was just a “bandaid” fix until we can take on a massive renovation.

So I’m torn. To keep the green or not keep the green in the breakfast nook?

Sticking with neutral provides more flexibility in the future when we officially take on the kitchen remodel, but I really love a good bunch of jewel toned color. It’s tough.

kitchen with green lower cabinets and white upper cabinets

What would you do?

No matter the decision, I’m just ready to start on it already!

It’s been quite a hunt on Facebook Marketplace to pull together the vision at this point. For now though, we’re waiting on deliveries (as is basically everyone in the midst of any home improvement projects).


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  1. Love the white for banquet! You will need to upholster n pillows. Best fabric for that will be outdoor fabric. There are so many possibilities with black n white.

  2. If the only reason you’ll paint it green is to match the kitchen cabinets then maybe choose a neutral color? From experience I usually know the answer and if I’m questioning beforehand, I regret it later. That green goes in and out of style quickly. Whatever you do, make sure that YOU love it. That’s all that matters

    1. Sheila,
      Our house is on the market. My daughter (now 40+ lol) did her room with white top over chair rail and striped hunter green wallpaper below with Waverly Rose Bouquet on everything. The first thing our agent said was get the green out. That said, nothing Laurel does will ever look dated because she redoes stuff a ton. I liked white but that’s just me. Right now I’m toying with paintable bead board wallpaper to cover the wallpaper. We took it out of the kitchen and it took all day. So I’m all for color using paint that can be repainted over in future and no more wall paper put up with brush on paste and a liner!

      My daughter had a big white iron bed with brass rails and it looked awesome. In 1980.

  3. Love that you are doing what you can before your BIG kitchen remodel. Look how quickly your ideas can change for something..I would paint the breakfast nook what looks best for NOW. You don’t know what ideas changes you will have 5 years from now😊

  4. Love the green, such a statement piece. That was really a good idea for that space. Looking forward to the reveal.

  5. I consider green a neutral, so you can’t go wrong with either green or white.
    And if it doesn’t work after the kitchen is fully renovated…thankfully it’s just paint. 🤗

      1. Kelly green no. Muted green yes. Reminds me of a boardroom LOL. We are removing some hunter green now because it’s at odds with the rest of the house and it kinda makes me sad because my daughter’s room looks like a Victorian B and B. Not working with our sales agent or our contemporary no exactly modern farmhouse vibe. My living room is BM camouflage and my yard is lined with birch trees. When the sun shines on those trees the shadows in my living room are magical. I’ll never ever paint over it.