5 DIY IKEA Storage Hacks We’ve Used and Recommend

DIY IKEA storage hacks to maximize function in the office, playroom, kitchen, closets, and all around the house for less.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve tackled a good ol’ DIY IKEA storage hack, but today, we are diving into a home office project at our pastor’s house where we will be busting out one of our tried and true IKEA built-in shelving projects.

I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on that space!

DIY IKEA storage hacks

But it got me thinking about all of the DIY IKEA storage solutions we’ve done in the past using basic IKEA shelving units, so I thought a trip down memory lane was necessary.

If you are in dire need of storage in your office, playroom, kitchen, closets, anywhere really, we have built and loved every single one of these simple hacks (and still use the ones we built in our house to this day years later.)

DIY IKEA Storage Hacks We’ve Done Ourselves and Loved

IKEA office cabinet with a Liatorp cabinet painted Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

1. IKEA Office Cabinet Using Liatorp

We use these Liatorp cabinets that I painted Benjamin Moore Hale Navy for storing small decor items like vases, candle holders, printer paper, office supplies, and tons more.

Using this vertical storage created a total game changer in our office makeover.

See the DIY IKEA office cabinet tutorial here along with the trick I love using for painting on glass.

DIY IKEA storage pantry cabinet from the Hemnes line painted Sherwin Williams Billiard Green

2. IKEA Pantry Cabinets Using Hemnes

Our kitchen greatly suffers from lack of storage, and I was tired of cramming all of our dry goods into upper cabinets with very little storage space.

So we used these IKEA Hemnes cabinets that I painted Sherwin Williams Billiard Green to match our kitchen cabinets and added antique mirror film for the glass to hide our baskets and canned goods.

See the pantry cabinet tutorial here and how we organized our IKEA Hemnes cabinets.

his and her DIY IKEA custom closets using Billy bookcases
his and her DIY IKEA custom closets using Billy bookcases

3. IKEA Custom Closets Using Billy Bookcases

We faced the challenge of having tiny his and her closets in our bedroom, and most traditional closet systems either didn’t fit or were too expensive.

So we utilized IKEA Billy bookcases to make DIY custom closets instead.

It’s been over 2 years since our closet makeovers, and we are still so completely happy with them!

See the DIY IKEA custom closet tutorial here.

finished IKEA bookcase built in shelves

4. IKEA Built-In Bookcase Bonus Room Shelving

In our last house, our bonus room had absolutely no storage, but we thought built-in shelves would perfectly upgrade one long, empty wall.

It turned out even better (and cheaper) than we imagined using different sizes of IKEA Billy bookcases again. If you’ve ever wanted built-ins in your living room, it’s the perfect one to try.

See the DIY IKEA bookcase built-in shelving tutorial here.

DIY IKEA storage cabinets in a playroom with Billy bookcases and Oxberg doors

5. IKEA Storage Cabinets in the Playroom

In our current playroom, we needed built-in shelving again, but opted for a smaller version than our old house. By adding IKEA Oxberg doors, we’re able to keep all of our kids’ toys and games hidden but in easy reach.

See the DIY bookcase built-in tutorial here.

Have you done any stellar IKEA hacks in the past?

We keep running into out-of-stock issues this time around, which makes things extra challenging. It’s all totally worth the wait though.


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  1. That you for these fabulous ideas. Each time I need motivation to clean/clear away clutter, I just go to your site. It works every time for me. Thanks!

  2. Love your site! I’m looking forward to trying to fit Billy bookcases into our home library. One part would be on a corner, so it’ll be interesting to see if I can manage that…
    Anyway!! Wondering where the tapestry in the new bonus/playroom is from? Thanks for your time.

  3. I absolutely love the glass doors you decorated and put up for closet doors. This is a wonderful idea. Thank You for sharing.

  4. Lauren,
    You have no idea how much you’ve influenced me! I don’t use social media and don’t post pix online but the first thing you did that I copied was painting bath fixtures. Not black, but brushed nickel because the original was brass and a new valve was hugely over budget and no replacement trim. We did take it of first!

    I need your advice. We plan to limewash our hideous fireplace. Currently it’s that ugly beige brown slumpstone stuff. Not real brick, but several homes in our subdivision that recently sold were painted white. They look a bit stark so I thought I’d do the limewash. The colors in the room are Benjamin Moore Camouflage on the walls, and the trim is all BM white. Not pure white, I can’t remember exact color and the label fell off the can. The floor is a waterproof luxury vinyl plank called ivory by paradigm but it’s like bleached barn wood and has shades of coffee and a hint of green but subtle. I did not realize how green until I put some blue tiles in there to store them. They were shades of denims. Blue to faded denim. Took ‘‘em back. Bought a very greigey subway that goes with everything in the adjoining kitchen. I’m thinking the romobio that’s the slightly warmer white would work. Yours is the whitest one I think. I hope that you have time to write to me!