Mood Board: Home Office / Homework Room Design at Our Next Project!

Home office mood board design plans to turn a room into a multipurpose space for office work, homeschooling, guests, and meetings.

Today seems like a good day to kick off a new room makeover!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a good ol’ mood board room design (here’s how to make a mood board yourself). Robert and I have been cooking up an office makeover for our pastor and his wife, Dave and Ellen, for the past two months!

We finally get to dive in (thanks to dreaded supply chain delays) and make this home office vision at their house come to life.

This office makeover is going to be a total blast over the next couple of weeks, and we’re so excited to take y’all along for the journey in our Instagram stories.

Here’s the home office space where we’ll be working…

home office before desk

Home Office Before

One of the great features about this office is this tall double window that lets in an ample amount of natural light. Dave needs plenty of table space to spread out his study material but prefers no drawers.

A comfy chair is great for reading, but this oversized leather chair eliminates a lot of necessary square footage.

And the work table jutting into the middle of the room would be fine if this office were used only as a work space, but Dave and Ellen plan to use this home office to serve multiple purposes.

What It Needs

  • Home Office Space – This room needs room for Dave to study, plan, and write
  • Homeschooling & Storage Space – The family homeschool, so this office also needs a dedicated desk for their kids to do their school work with a computer.
  • Guest Room Space – When guests stay over, this office sometimes needs to serve as a single sleeping area, so it needs room for a futon or pull-out convertible chair.
  • Meeting Space – Dave sometimes holds meetings in this room so comfortable, flexible seating is helpful.

Whenever a room needs to be multipurpose, I like to break the room down into zones to serve each of those functions.

home office mood board with desk and corner desk

Desk Zone Design Plan


As a budget-friendly option, this IKEA desk has no drawers but includes a pull-out panel to provide an extra work surface whenever it’s needed.

This corner workstation is the perfect size to utilize the small corner for homeschooling tasks.

Desk Chairs

By using upholstered dining armchairs, Dave and the kids can sit in the proper position for desk work but will still have the comfort and flexibility to turn the chairs facing into the center of the room for lounging in a meeting/counseling setup.

home office shelving before

Home Office Shelving Before

Dave and Ellen needs lots of storage for books, but these shelves waste a little bit of valuable space on the top and sides of the back wall.

home office mood board using built in shelves

Built-In Storage Zone Plans

We are no strangers to building DIY built-in shelving using IKEA Billy bookcases, so we’re making a similar version again in this office to pack it full of storage making it completely flush with the back wall’s width and height.

We’ll also add Oxberg doors for concealed storage.

wall in home office before

Home Office Wall Space Before

This wall isn’t serving much of a purpose, but by reconfiguring the desks, it could now have just enough room to place a futon on it for guests.

guest futon reading space in home office mood board

Home Office Lounge / Guest Zone Plans


This MCM style faux leather futon is really budget-friendly, comfortable to use as a lounge/reading space, and converts into a full sized bed for guests.

Wall Color

Since this is a room that will often be used for prayer, spiritual counseling, and educational studies, it needs to reflect a feeling of serenity, so a soft mid-tone blue like Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue could work well.


Dave is from Chicago and his family loves the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs (he and his oldest daughter even have a football podcast they record together in this office), so it seemed fitting to include this navy and rust rug blending their favorite teams’ colors.

Because it’s indoor/outdoor rated, it’s super easy to clean with homeschooling kiddos making creative messes all over it too.


An oversized piece of art can help a small room feel larger, and on this windowless wall, adding this peaceful landscape art deepens the meditative mood in this space.

home office french doors before

Home Office Entrance Before

The best features in this office are these double French doors that create this great symmetry in the room.

However, when guests stay in this office, they need privacy, so the glass panes pose a challenge.

home office french doors mood board with coffee station

Office Coffee / Entertaining Zone Plans

French Door Shades

We’ll swap the curtains for these French door Roman shades instead so window coverings don’t get in the way but provide privacy for guests.

Coffee Bar Station

If meetings, studying, and guest sleepovers are happening in here, that’s a requirement for coffee, right? This wall has just enough room for a demilune table and Keurig.

Wall Mounted TV

Mounting a TV on the wall here beside the futon provides an entertainment zone for guests as well as serve as a screen for meetings or football podcast recordings.

Home Office Design Sources

So excited to see how this one turns out!

We’re praying there will be no project hiccups, but it wouldn’t be a makeover if we didn’t have at least one pop up along the way, right? Hoping not. 😉


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  1. Wow! Very cool! I’m wondering how big the room measures. I’m moving into a new house and will be using one bedroom as a guest/craft room so I look forward to watching this room unfold!

  2. Wow, you have packed so much flexibility into this space! When I read your plans I thought it would be impossible, but you created exactly what you decided upon. Great job and I am looking forward to seeing the finished room.