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Guest Bedroom Makeover Mood Board Plan

A vintage chic guest bedroom mood board with secondhand elements and budget-friendly home decor finds.

We’ve been over here wrapping up the breakfast nook’s new look (and I think it’s finally here to stay for quite a while… more on that soon). Meanwhile, the guest bedroom is upstairs in its little corner waving frantically at us like, “Hey! Remember me? The saddest room in the house?”

Bless it. So neglected.

A vintage chic guest bedroom mood board with secondhand elements and budget-friendly home decor finds. #guestbedroom #bedroomdesign

After lots of furniture layout input from y’all the last time I shared its shabby before state, Robert and I have sorted out all of the details, gotten our game plan together, and we’re rollin’ on the paint this week!

An overwhelming majority of you voted for our layout option #3, which involved jazzing up our off-center window with dramatic full-wall curtains and choosing a queen bed.  Ooh la la. (Honestly, this was the layout we were leaning toward too.)

A vintage chic guest bedroom mood board with secondhand elements and budget-friendly home decor finds. #guestbedroom #bedroomdesign


So ta da! Here’s our brain on guest bedroom decorating madness. It’s a super fun, weird world involving a million invisible tabs open in our heads. (You can see past budget-y bedroom plans we thought about here too.)

A vintage chic guest bedroom mood board with secondhand elements and budget-friendly home decor finds. #guestbedroom #bedroomdesign

Here’s the skinny about “The Plan”:

  • Curtains – I found these plushy velvet deep green curtains on Amazon and instantly fell in love with how luxurious they’ll make the space feel (without actually being luxury label).
  • Fan – And all of the hot-natured people said “amen”. Totally crushing on this modern, aged brass look!
  • Art – I saw this painting at Walmart and instantly HAD TO HAVE IT! It’s huuuuuuge! And stunning in all its vintage chic glory!
  • Headboard – I scored the used headboard of the century on eBay of all places. I hardly ever think to look there, but after coming up empty in my search for “cane headboard” at my usual local secondhand places, I’m so glad this one popped up.
  • Bedding – It’s so elegant and romantic I wanna die.
  • Nightstands – These small round tables will fit juuuuust perfectly in the tight fitting spaces on either side of the bed. I’m hoping their openness and the white will make it feel not too cramped.
  • Table lamp – I found these aged brass lamps that will be great for reading light without being too visually clunky.
  • Rug – I discovered this total bargain at Home Depot, and it works beautifully for a vintage look while still remaining neutral to let the deep green curtains steal the show.
  • Desk – I think I’ll be able to fit a very small writing desk like this one underneath the second window for my mother-in-law to have space when she works from our house. Zeroing in on one I found on Craigslist for $25 this week, I hope.
  • Rattan barrel chair – I scored one just like this for $17 at the thrift store the other week. YES!!! More about that later.

How’s that for a whole lotta thrift finds and budget deals?

One day, we do plan on ripping up the old carpet to refinish the original hardwoods underneath, but we’re not quite there yet, given our current budget.

I’m so ready to see how this one turns out. And also I’ll be glad to have a place for our guests other than an air mattress. So yeah…

What do you think of the plan so far? Any changes we should make? Any amenities we should consider to help guests feel right at home? Having the Wi-Fi password in plain view is already one on my list.

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  1. I often have house guest and I have found a basket with throws or extra blankets is always appreciated especially in cooler weather. Nothing worse than being a guest in someone’s home an waking up cold during the night and not having an extra blanket.

  2. I love this! I can’t wait until you finish it. I’m trying to rework my bedroom and this will truly inspire me. I’ve already ordered the bedspread.

  3. I love your inspiration boards! This will be a beautiful room. I recently bought a couple of vintage oak dining room chairs that had cane seats that I thought were in good shape. However, after sitting in one the caning stretched, sagged, and ripped and now needs replacing. I’m thinking of trying to come up with a different solution other than the caning. All that to say, I would reconsider the wicker chair. May not hold up well or be all that comfortable, and the shape looks like it wouldn’t be able to be pushed under the desk when not in use. Maybe a better option would be a dining chair with a padded fabric seat that could be recovered if needed to coordinate with the curtains (French provincial would be so romantic!). I do like the desk style a lot, but it does limit work space as someone else mentioned. That artwork is amazing, and those curtains scream “Gone with the Wind”, as I’m imagining Scarlet making herself a dress…..💚

  4. I’m just seeing this a week later. I’m in love. It’s so vintagey and romantic! The green curtains and that gorgeous painting will steal the show and totally make the room. Love your color and style choices! Thanks for the shopping links. Good luck.

  5. the wall art is outstanding, just what i would want for my bedroom but it is a bit too large for my over the bed space. wonder if it comes in a smaller size??

    1. Hi, Mary. This particular print does not. However, you can search the selection through the link. Walmart has so many options in many different sizes.

  6. I was shocked at the great price on the bedspread. I hate dust ruffles. This bedspread is already in my WalMart cart. I just need to measure from side to side of my king bed to make sure it will touch the floor (or come really close). Only other comment is that I thought the rug might tie the green drapes in but when I looked at it, I didn’t see any green. Maybe throw pillows will tie them in. I know your guests will enjoy the room.

  7. I love everything you have on your mood board with the exception of the cane chair (which is too boho for this space)
    I think I’d use a small tub style chair that could double up as a desk chair. I’d find one in green or navy velvet.
    I’m also not a fan of rugs on carpet so I’d wait until you’ve done your floorboards to show off your great rug.

  8. That’s going to look wonderful. Can hardly wait to see the finished room.
    I have the same bedspread from Walmart and absolutely love it. I wasn’t willing to pay the $400 price tag of look a like bedspreads recommended by Instagram accounts.

    1. Hi Erica. The image is an inspiration photo for the off centered window and furniture layout. Sorry if that was confusing. You can click the linked “source” beneath that inspiration photo to see more of the details about it from the designer.

  9. I keep a small basket with hotel sample shampoo and conditioner, bath gel, bar soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush on the bedside table in case a guest forgot an item.

  10. Love the curtains and OMgosh that picture is huge! Great design element! Things that guest could use – flashlight, pitcher of water, coasters for glass, alarm clock, hand lotion, ear plugs.

  11. Lovely! But I’d ditch the hutch style desk and go with a plain table desk. Since you have to go small, it’ll be more work space (vs those hutch backs take up a bit of room). And without having a cluttered and high backing, it’ll open up the wall you want to put it on. And no dresser needed, you don’t want those guests unpacking for a long stay! lol. just kidding. I like the colors, but I think since that room is so small, I’d opt for a light and airy curtain wall. (but I know nothing! hehe). That’s just a personal preference. But you’re choosing what you like, and that’s what’s important! Less is more is my motto and I’m sticking to it!

    1. Haha! Good point about the dresser. 😉 The walls will be a creamy white with light French gray trim, so it’ll still feel light and airy despite the dramatic curtain wall, I think. We’ll see how it all plays out, but that’s my hope anyway. Thanks for the suggestions!

      1. It’s gorgeous and peaceful! What color are the walls and the trim. I need something like this in my master. Thanks Lauren.

  12. Your guest room is just beautiful!! It’s very peaceful, restful, love the colors!! Lots of harmony here. Thanks for posting the links too :)!

  13. I’m hoping there is a closet for your guests to put their things in… if not either a set of drawers or even a storage bench or old trunk at the foot of the bed could work and bring in some more character (if you have room).

    1. On the opposite side of the room there is a pair of closets. I should have mentioned that. I thought about a storage bench too, but I’m going to see if the space feels roomy enough for it before I decide. Thanks for the feedback!

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