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3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom

3 ways to decorate a small guest bedroom with an off-centered window to maximize on function, comfort, and space.

I get the warm fuzzies with the start of every planning phase of a room makeover.

It’s like Christmas, y’all! The anticipation is almost as exciting as the actual event itself. Almost.

Believe it or not, we still have several spaces to go in this house before calling it finished. (And actually, is a house ever really finished?)

Welcome to the small-ish used-to-be-Robert’s-office future guest bedroom. It needs love.

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

Like… a lot of love.

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

We’re really hoping to pull this one off for not too pricey since we have been in need of a guest bedroom ever since we turned our old guest room into a nursery for little miss Regan. And since Robert used this office all of twice since we moved into this house, we figured we could share offices (that’s another future room makeover we’re saving for later).

The tricky thing though is the furniture layout. It’s one of those oddly shaped rooms with randomly placed off-center windows that makes furniture placement a real thinker.

So I came up with three ways we could make it work. And I will give you a virtual squeezy hug and a pretend cupcake with a cherry on top for your help in deciding.

1. Layout #1 – Full Sized Daybed (With a Trundle)

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

My first gut instinct was to shove a full sized daybed up against the long blank wall in the corner with a twin trundle bed underneath so that we could maximize on sleeping space (and have the flexibility of separate beds for guests who don’t want to cozy up together).

When it’s not made up into a bedroom, it could double as a little lounge/flex room. Maybe even a makeshift library / quiet study space?

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

Source: Studio McGee

This daybed is absolutely gorgeous (also… hello, pretty green) and can serve as a sofa for a reading spot if needed. A pair of small storage ottomans could work well for extra linens too since a guest bedroom doesn’t actually need an entire dresser.

2. Layout #2 – Full Bed Against the Wall (With a Desk Doubling as a Nightstand)

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

I’m really loving the idea of incorporating a small writing desk into this room because my mother-in-law works from our house every now and then, if she’s helping us juggle childcare.  So having a desk where she can setup shop in here would be a nice perk for her, and it could double as a nightstand.

I really don’t love the idea of shoving a full bed against a wall though. And maybe a trundle would be too crowded with a nightstand in the way, which means less sleeping room?

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window


This bedroom is a bit smaller than ours, but you get the idea.

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

Source: Kate Lester Interiors

This desk/nightstand combo is a great way to maximize on function without sacrificing space.

3. Layout #3 – Queen Bed in Front of an Off-Center Window

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

I would love the ability to have a queen sized bed for extra sleeping room so guests don’t feel so cramped, but then incorporating a small desk into the mix might be too much.

3 Furniture Layouts for a Small Bedroom With an Off-Centered Window

Source: Rethink Design Studio

What do you think of hanging a full wall of curtains to help out that off-center window situation? I wasn’t all that convinced I’d love it until I saw this bedroom inspiration. Yum!

So that’s my brain on furniture layouts. It’s a mess up there, just so you know. There are way too many tabs open right now.

Which would you pick? 1, 2, or 3?

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    1. I totally agree with Mary. Three is the way to go. Besides, it looks so very classy. I too love the idea of a wall of curtains, and the bench at the foot of the bed will come in handy for your guests. Could you possibly attach pretty brackets/corbles to the wall and top with something for use as a desk? That would open up floor space , and you could make it any width and depth that would better fit the room.

  1. I like #3– in the other two options one guest would always have to climb over the other to get out of bed in the middle of the night. If your guests are young and never need a nighttime trek to the bathroom, a bed pushed to the side isn’t a problem. If they are your parent’s age, it is inevitable. You could do option #2 and put casters on the bed. Then you could pull it out from the wall easily and center it in the room for guests or to make the bed. I would avoid the daybed. They look nice but can be hard on the back to set up and put away the trundle. And don’t put too many pillows on the bed as there is limited space to put them when using the bed (or provide a designated storage space other than the floor.

  2. My favorite is #3, although I wouldn’t feel pressured to do a queen bed. I think a full bed would be sufficient and maybe even save a little space. This post is really helpful, as our “master bedroom” is super small (we live in a small cape cod built in the 1940’s). We have an off center window that bugs me so much and I love the curtain idea. I am brainstorming some ideas for it and this is a good option!

  3. A full size bed is truly meant for one person. Unless they are children, 2 people in a full is very uncomfortable. Go with a queen or as suggested, 2 twins. After you fix up the room, you and Robert should spend the night in it to see what you need or want in the room for your guests.

  4. We just did our guest room with the full as a daybed in a corner (the room has to double as a craft room so we opted for the smaller bed size) and both my elderly mother in law and my father commented that the option is awkward if you had an elderly couple and one needed to shimmy down to get out of bed in the middle of the night. Fortunately if we have a little room to pull the bed over if it needs access from both sides. Just food for thought.

  5. I would consider a desk in one of the closets. Then you can just make a pretty guest room with full or queen bed. Use underbed storage for extra linens and foldable suitcase stand. Warm but not cramped

  6. Don’t do the bed against the wall!! Your back will thank you when your 50 something!! And I kinda love those curtains on the entire wall. It looks like something you can make into a beautiful & welcoming guest room. 🙂

  7. #1 Daybed with trundle — not everyone who travels together wants to sleep together! Then you have two beds, but really only one taking up space. And you have room for the desk. As a guest in someone’s house, I would really appreciate having a place to put my computer and things, that is not on their kitchen table. 🙂

  8. I like number 3! I also like someone’s suggestion of turning the closet into a study nook. That’s seems like something that would be right up your alley!!!! Another possible idea would be to put a small writing desk at the end of the bed if there’s enough room.

    Good luck, small weird rooms are so tricky!!

  9. We live in an old farmhouse and had the issue of offset windows in our master. We went the route of a full curtain and so glad we did!

  10. I like 2. Perhaps a daybed without sides as its very limiting for a tall person. Trundle bed is great when space is tight. Perhaps a nice chair chair for desk that when not in use at desk could sit next to window with a small c table. The desk next to bed/sofa serves as night stand with petite lamp. You dont need alot of storage pieces with all those closets.

  11. Lauren, I don’t know dimensions of your room (maybe you can post them?), but any chance you can orient the bed onto the wall to the left? I would put a small stool or something to act as nightstand in the corner (and allow room to change sheets and get in/out if two people sleeping in the bed), and small desk under the window as second nightstand and work area.

    If HAS to orient this way, I would pick option 3 if you usually have one single or a couple staying. I wouldn’t do option 1 unless frequently have visitors that need separate beds as it is really hard to make up daybeds and trundles can be a pain. Option 2 is okay, but I suggest skipping bench, as it is hard enough for whoever is against the wall to get in and out without an additional obstacle to climb over.

    Another possibility is two twins that can be pushed together to form a king, or separate if two singles staying?f

    I think a lot just depends on how often and for whom you will be using this room. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

    1. I agree with Heather, twins would definitely work and then the desk could still be used under the other window and the curtain wall would look great. I also agree that daybeds are a real pain to make up.

  12. Depends on the height and weight of yours guests. Trust me. Don’t make them uncomfortable or embarrassed when you find them sleeping on the sofa in the middle of the night. 3 is for your guests. 1 and 2 are for you.

  13. I would go with Number 3 or 2 in that order. I agree with the above comments. A queen size bed would be ideal. I also agree with Marty’s suggestions about using one of the closets. Or if it could work, open up the two closest to give more space for a desk/ dressing area. I love the idea of a curtain wall. You have such great taste, I have no doubt that whatever you decide to do will be gorgeous!

  14. Lauren,
    Since you’re needing a desk,
    I would go with Kate Lester Interiors inspiration!
    I use a Full size bed in our Guest Room and instead of a dresser,
    I have my MoMa’s Oak Antique Secretary.
    The bottom drawers can hold linens.
    Whichever lay~out you choose, this room is going to be gorgeous!
    I’ll be keeping a close eye out for updates!

    1. I agree with Grandy. I do not like a bed against the wall too difficult to get in and out of. Love the drapes across the entire wall. Looks elegant closet for a desk sounds good or a small desk at end of bed could work would need to run electric.

  15. # 3 for sure. I love the idea of a queen so your guest could have a good nights sleep. Then how about an office space in one of the closets. A small desk or even just a shelf at desk height. Add in some electricity for their computer or any other item that might need electicity. This could also double as a dressing table. Add lights and a mirror to make it multi functional. Even just a 24 to 30 inch space makes an adequate desk or dressing table. That could solve all the problems. The chair could be pulled out and placed in the corner by the side window and be used for getting undressed or just enjoying sitting and resting. Small nightstands with drawer space would give a guest a place for their things, or a small dresser could be put in the other closet.

    1. I would vote for #3. You would have room for a small table and lamp on each side. A small desk could be placed at the foot of the bed. It would get light from the window and provide a view. Getting in and out of a bed against a wall is difficult, changing the sheets on a bed against the wall is a nightmare. I can’t wait to see what you decide.

        1. Agree — queen bed with desk at foot of bed. Also depends on how long you want your guests to linger……maybe you don’t want to encourage them to stay for TOO long…..lol

  16. As someone who regularly sleeps in a full when we visit my mom, it gets cramped when my husband comes along! Actually, it has incentivized me to travel alone as we do not sleep well in a full. If you’re having couple guests, I’d definitely go with the queen.

    What’s behind the doors? Other than the hallway. Could you turn a closet into a guest book. It’s totally considerate to provide a space for your mother in law to set up shop but I think the queen bed would trump that for me.

    All your inspiration photos are gorgeous. I’m sure whatever you do will look amazing.

    1. I would go with number 1. Have a twin mattress under the daybed for a second guest. That way you still use the room as an office and have more room for storage/ reading, etc.

      Of course a Murphy bed would work as well…..have you considered that?

      I have a queen bed in my small guest room and it looks pretty but “consumes” the room and most guests would still prefer a king bed or twins.

  17. How often do you have guests sleeping over? My current goal is to set up our house for the 85% of the time we live in it rather than the 15% of time we have guests overnight in it. We can always figure out ways to make guests comfortable. 🙂 So I guess that would mean I’d vote for the daybed or full bed options, since it sounds like either would give you more function in the room for your family. I’m curious: where do the two non-entry doors lead? A closet and a bathroom?
    Challenging space for sure with all those doors and the window placement! Your ideas look great!

  18. I would go with number 3. I think a Queen bed gives guests the comfort they would want. And your idea of a full wall of curtains is perfect for an off center window! When guests are over, they’re usually only in their room to sleep, so I think the most comfortable sleeping arrangement is best. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    1. I like number 1 because it gives the room more function for you as a family instead of just the guest room. And how often do you have guests really? that inspiration pic you have of the daybed with the ottomans would be a lovely retreat spot when your girls are getting crazy.

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