Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

19 cool bunk bed ideas to add wow factor, function, and personality to a small room for kids and teens with a basic store-bought bunk.

This week, we are cranking away at a small shared bedroom for our three neighbor girls who live down the street. Remember the cottage style shared bedroom we did for their two sisters several months ago? It’s time we even the score so that all five sisters get a newly finished pretty space.

But we have to get a little extra creative considering we have to work around bunk beds for these three girls in a rather small space. I have been saving tons of cool bunk bed ideas for months and found SO many good ones!

The problem is I kept finding a lot of great inspiration for massive, pricey custom built-in bunk beds, and a DIY project that large isn’t on our radar this time (we want this room done fast so we don’t have to kick these girls out of their room for longer than 5 days).

So if you’re working around a basic, store bought bunk bed in your child’s or teen’s room, here are lots of cool ideas to style it.

Cool Bunk Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

1. Accessorize the Bunk Beds

This is so simple but so adorable! Add small accessories to the bunk bed rails like these equestrian ribbons Joni added from Lay Baby Lay.

Source | Lay Baby Lay

white triple bunk bed with eclectic cottage style

2. Go Minimal

Sometimes bunk beds can feel cramped and cluttered, but by going clean and simple with monochromatic walls and bedding, a small room can feel open and airy.

Source | Chelsey Freng

gender neutral minimalist bunk bed ideas for adding space and function in a small room

3. Give Bunk Beds a Color Pop

Go bold and paint the bunk bed a vibrant color made even better in contrast from the rest of the room. And also, this DIY cactus “wallpaper” A Beautiful Mess put up is too darn cute. Can you believe it’s actually made with a stencil?

Source | A Beautiful Mess

gender neutral shared bedroom with twin over full bunk painted green

4. Add Wall Lights

It makes total sense to hang a couple of plug-in wall sconces on the wall beside each bed, perfect for reading… or just straight up being awesome.

Source | Willow Street Interiors

gender neutral modern bunk beds with plug in wall lights

5. Surround a Bunk Bed With Antiques

Bunk beds can be instantly charming with vintage art and antique finds. Stef M Turner is so good at mixing in her thrifty finds.

Source | Stef M Turner

gender neutral cottage bunk bed small room with antique accessories and vintage art

6. Frame a Window

If you’re lucky enough to have a small room with a window in the center of a wall, flank it with bunk beds to make a big statement.

Source | Cotton Stem

two bunk beds framing a window for a 4 person shared bedroom

7. Go Rustic

The wood ceiling and floor in here adds great texture and warmth to make this bunk bed feel so cozy against the plaid for a rustic cabin style. Get creative by hanging an object on the wall based on your child’s interests.

Source | Talk of the House | Brie Williams | Elizabeth Demos

rustic boys shared bedroom with wood ceiling, board and batten walls, and plaid fabrics

8. Embrace Symmetry

Adding matching bedding on all of the bunks and keeping the rest of the room simple makes this small room feel clean and inviting.

Source | Melissa Ervin

small shared bedroom for 4 people with two bunk beds

9. Play Up Patterns on Bunk Bed Bedding

Don’t be afraid to go wild with mixing and matching patterns, colors, and textures. The more you mix, the more eclectic it will feel for a small room that’s full of charm. Kelly from Hartley Home MADE that adorable gingham bed skirt.

Source | Hartley Home

blush pink shared bedroom for girls with eclectic bedding

10. Set Off a Bunk Bed With Wallpaper

This room is so simple save for the wow-factor wallpaper that completely steals the show. Love!

Source | In Honor of Design

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woodland wallpaper in girls shared bedroom

11. Go Coastal

Calming hues of gray, blue, beige, white, and tan come together to make this room feel like calming waters are washing right over you. Total zen moment.

Source | Pure Salt Interiors

coastal style shared bedroom with twin over full bunk beds for 3 people

12. Let Colorful Bedding Shine

Keep the rest of the room neutral but with a pop of color in the bedding to make the bunk bed the focal point.

Source | Home of U and Me

simple feminine bedding and white walls in a small bedroom

13. Add Bunk Bed Curtains

This is perfect for a small room where one person might want to sleep while the others need the lights on. Add blackout curtains and run curtain rods along the ceiling. Plus, the look is so vintage and sweet!

Source | Heather Chadduck Hillegas | Jacksonville Magazine

coastal grandmother cottage bunk bed curtains for a 4 person shared bedroom in a small room

14. Have Fun With Pillows and Layers

Layer, layer, layer bedding and make it a luxe experience with good quality pillow inserts and a comfy duvet. Who said bunk beds have to be uncomfortable?

Source | Pure Salt Interiors

coastal clean and simple twin over full bunk bed with luxe bedding

15. Go Natural

Add depth and texture to a room by embracing natural wood bunk beds. It adds a layer of coziness without any extra effort.

Source | Julie Blanner

blush pink shared bedroom for 4 people with 2 bunk beds

16. Hack an IKEA Bunk Bed Into a Built-In Style

If you love the look of custom build-in bunk beds but can’t commit to the time, expense, or effort involved, this IKEA bunk bed hack is a great DIY to try!

Source | Hana’s Happy Home

IKEA bunk beds hack to make them look like custom built ins

17. Embrace a Modern Style

If you want a small room to have a little edge, go with a modern bunk bed with clean lines; pair it with an ultra modern light fixture.

Source | J Kurtz Design

modern bunk beds with clean and simple decor and modern light fixture

18. Add Board and Batten

Give a small room character by adding wall molding as a feature. Also, how cute is this ceiling?

Source | House Mix

board and batten wall in a small bedroom with wallpaper ceiling

19. Upholster a Bunk Bed

Can you believe this bunk bed is a DIY upholstery job?! If you can wield a hot glue gun and sew a straight line on the sewing machine, this would be so cool to pull off.

Source | Jeweled Interiors

DIY upholstered bunk bed idea with blush pink walls and yellow curtains

I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite out of any of these bunk bed ideas. They are all so inspiring!

So now we have our work cut out for us as we assemble bunk beds, haul in a ton of storage, and zhush up all the things. You can follow along on Instagram Stories as we make progress!

Do you have a favorite of this bunk bed bunch? Can you say “bunk bed bunch” 5 times fast? 😉

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