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Woodland Baby Boy Nursery Makeover

A baby boy nursery gets a woodland themed makeover with deep green, cozy lighting, and peel & stick watercolor style wall mural on a budget.

This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. 

Oh, my heart! My dream of decorating a baby boy nursery finally came true!

To clarify, no, this was not for our own baby. (That kitchen is closed, y’all.)

My cousin Rachel had a precious baby boy a couple of months ago, and I always swore when she and her husband Daniel could finally bring home their baby (after several years of loss) that I wanted to give them a nursery.

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate this rainbow baby than with a space where they can feel peaceful together in the wee hours of the night just soaking up all of that squishy baby goodness. They really are the sweetest, most loving people on earth and deserve every single bit of happiness.

Robert and I jumped right in and totally forgot to snap before photos before getting to work, but this is a photo Rachel sent me of what the room looked like a few months ago.

They really made it so cute to begin with by adding the board and batten themselves.

Then, Robert and I just came in with some paint, a couple of furniture pieces, and decor from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

green nursery decor

I put up the peel and stick mural wallpaper while Robert painted the green in a color block around the room using this painters tape trick.

I love how the raw wood ledge breaks up the focal wall behind that sweet crib! That part was totally Rachel and Daniel’s doing.

green nursery

When designing this one, they only had one request: a woodland theme.

It was all because of that little carved bear on the dresser that has a special meaning to them.

We swapped out their older changing table dresser for this washed wood style dresser so they could have extra drawer space.

woodland nursery idea using forest wall mural, weathered wood furniture, plaid rug, and woodland animal art

Above it, I pulled together a dapper looking bear, rabbit, and deer in the art to carry the woodland theme.

baby nursery with woodland theme

I placed this seagrass hamper beside it and a tripod lamp next to their sentimental bear so they could more easily manage messy middle-of -the-night changes.

boy nursery with weathered wood dresser

One of my favorite things in Regan’s nursery is having a mirror right beside door.

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Ever since she was just a few months old, she’s loved smiling at herself in that mirror while I’m holding her as one of our morning routines, so it felt right to put this starburst mirror here so Rachel and Daniel can do the same with baby Bowen.

boy nursery with Romabio Midsummer green paint and black door

For this corner, we placed this gray patterned rocker that’s so lightweight and comfy along with this olive sherpa pillow to keep handy for propping up baby for feedings.

nursery rocker with gray pattern, plaid rug, green paint, blackout curtains, black door, and side table

I like having a small side table next to nursery rockers for keeping pacifiers and burp cloths within reach.

nursery rocker with side table

And instead of using the overhead light, I prefer to place lamps around room for cozy, ambient lighting to keep baby sleepy. This reactive glaze lamp is my favorite. I like to have a couple of plants to freshen the air too.

nursery side table with lamp, plant, and lidded basket for holding baby essentials

nursery with green paint, plaid rug, and gray rocking chair

They already had the crib, so I just pinned this bed skirt around the crib frame to make a DIY crib skirt in order to hide storage bins underneath.

baby boy nursery idea with woodland theme using green paint and peel & stick tree mural

And I used this tripod lamp for more ambient lighting. I swear by lamps with sleep promoting light bulbs in kids’ rooms to read a story before bed and help baby nod off.

woodland theme baby boy nursery with floor lamp, natural wood crib, plaid rug, and wall mural

This chunky striped pillow added a little bit of geometric pattern in contrast with the organic mural above that (which they’ll remove before sleep while baby is still little, of course).

baby boy nursery with woodland theme - floor lamp and pillow with natural wood crib

It all will transition so easily for when he’s ready for a big boy bed one day! This room could definitely pass as a gender neutral nursery too.

boy nursery with green paint and forest wall mural

If you want to know about any of the sources we used from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart, you can find them all listed here:

This boy nursery was so much fun to put together that I might have to make a few boy room mood boards sometime. Would y’all be down for that?!

woodland themed baby boy nursery with green paint, forest wall mural, and plaid

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  1. I’m not seeing newborn in this, more of a mature “big boy” room! ha! I think the moody color and wallpaper combo would pass this room as a great office also. With the vintage prints, I’m seeing old golf boys club kinda vibe. (We were just at an old, stately golf course, and their club house looked a lot like this – I think that’s why I see it that way.). But, the dark green color is definitely an outdoor, woodland vibe, so you nailed what they asked for. By the way – did you link the prints or are they just from graphics fairy?

  2. Serene, comfortable, practical, and just plain lovely. You and Robert have designed and implemented a perfect nursery for any lucky baby boy, girl, and the parents. (Keeping you and family in daily prayers for Blessings to come to you from the HVAC disaster.)

  3. Dear Lauren;
    This Woodland Baby Boy Nursery Makeover is absolutely fabulous! It took my breath away. Makes me wish my boys were little again. But alas, that was 36 and 33 years ago. Thank you for your generous spirit of giving us a glimpse into this beautiful room.
    Warm regards,

  4. I love it. So peaceful. I just adore the wallpaper. And I can see how easy it would be to transition to a big boy space later. Blessings for the soon-to-be parents.