DIY Fireplace Ideas You Can Make Anywhere

16 beautiful DIY fireplace ideas using electric inserts, faux mantels, or updating existing fireplaces for all budgets and all skill levels.

diy fireplace ideas you can make in any room

Apparently, we are in tackle-all-of-the-procrastinated-projects mode lately as we refinished the side porch, replaced an exterior door, and now cooking up DIY fireplace plans for the back porch.

Back when we first moved in, this one wall on our back porch housed a TV and mini refrigerator.

16 Stunning DIY Fireplace Ideas for Any Room

I have been saving DIY electric fireplace ideas, fake fireplace ideas, and DIY fireplace makeover ideas with real working fire boxes for years now all for the sake of finding inspiration for this one spot on our back porch. And now we are finally planning to make it a reality!

Even though we plan to install a fireplace outdoors with a damp-rated box, these DIY fireplaces can be used in so many places indoors too: living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, any living space that could use some cozy style with a dramatic focal point.

Most of these fireplace builds are linked to DIY tutorials so just click on the sources below each image to get more information about how to make it yourself.

diy faux plaster fireplace surround

1. DIY Faux Plaster Fireplace Surround

This clean, modern fireplace surround can be built on top of a DIY electric fireplace like Chelsey Freng did or you can build it around an outdated fireplace for a streamlined look.

bold diy fireplace surround in hunter green

2. Bold DIY Fireplace Surround

Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. added tons of drama to an existing fireplace with tile, molding, and a bold green paint color.

electric fireplace diy with custom surround

3. Electric Fireplace DIY With Custom Surround

Angela Rose built this electric fireplace DIY project from scratch by building a frame around an electric insert and piecing together a modern surround painted to look like modern concrete.

diy built-in electric fireplace with venetian plaster

4. DIY Built-In Electric Fireplace With Venetian Plaster

Some DIYers opt to do a faux plaster look using lime wash paint, but if you want the real thing, Jenna Sue Design‘s tutorial skimming her DIY built-in electric fireplace with real Venetian plaster creates an elegant look.

diy fake fireplace french marble surround

5. DIY Fake Fireplace French Marble Surround

Autumn Williams took a replica store-bought French style fireplace surround and made it look like an authentic antique fireplace using ceramic tile as a faux hearth and painting the interior black to look like a real fire box. It’s an easy DIY fireplace concept you can make with very little building skills.

diy electric fireplace with built-in shelves

6. DIY Electric Fireplace With Built-In Shelves

Made by Carli wanted to add coziness and storage to her living room, so she built her own fireplace using a free thrifted mantel with pre-fabbed cabinets and bookcases built from scratch out of MDF for a high-end look on a low budget.

diy faux cast stone mantel

7. DIY Faux Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel

Cami and her husband from Tidbits & Company faked the look of an old world European cast stone mantel by building a mantel and surround in its curvy shape using pliable particle board and sheet rock. They sculpted it with joint compound to get the expensive, elegant look for way less than the real thing.

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diy electric fireplace using an antique mantel

8. DIY Electric Fireplace Using an Antique Mantel

Erin Zubot Design framed out an electric fireplace insert with a black marble tile surround on the front to finish with an antique mantel for added character. That dramatic black adds a dose of dramatic elegance.

electric fireplace diy flanked by windows

9. DIY Electric Fireplace Flanked by Windows

Angela Marie Made nestled her simple electric fireplace DIY between two windows in her living room and the final cost for all of the materials came to just $550!

diy fireplace with hidden cabinets

10. DIY Fireplace With Hidden Cabinets

Kimberly at Avalanche Design Co. built an electric fireplace with cabinets hidden in the sides for having important storage while keeping it disguised.

semi-diy gas fireplace

11. Semi-DIY Gas Fireplace

Oho Interiors partially built this gas fireplace themselves by using a Heat n Glo gas insert for a handsome navy blue focal wall. (Image: Tiffany Kokal)

modern diy fireplace with wood mantel

12. Modern DIY Fireplace With Wood Mantel

Christina from Ellis and Hale built her own sleek, modern fireplace by skim coating it in joint compound to create a more DIY-friendly plaster look. Adding the simple wood mantel gives the white surface just a slight touch of rustic warmth.

realistic modern traditional electric fireplace

13. Realistic Modern Traditional Electric Fireplace

Mrs. Jessica Darling took a simple DIY fireplace wall idea with an electric insert and added a traditional detail with elegant dental molding. The sage green/gray paint color is the perfect finishing touch.

diy modern fireplace with roman clay

14. DIY Modern Fireplace With Roman Clay

Danielle from Our Nest On Powell built a sleek fireplace using Roman Clay as an eco-friendly plaster finish over drywall.

covered porch fireplace

15. Covered Porch Fireplace

This porch fireplace flanked by white brick by Sherry H Designs, Ladisic Fine Homes, and Linda MacArthur Architect is a huge inspiration for our back porch fireplace project and one of the biggest reasons why I’m sharing it here. It’s not exactly a DIY but can we just have a moment to appreciate that curvy shape?! So good!

outdoor brick fireplace

16. Outdoor Brick Fireplace

This outdoor white painted brick fireplace isn’t really a DIY either, but Brooke and Henry from Plank & Pillow show how to mount a TV to one. The positioning and shape of the fireplace gives me so much inspiration for our own covered back porch setup.

So that’s where we are! Tons of inspiration and a million beautiful fireplace ideas to choose from, but I think I’m starting to get some clarity on the style and function we’re aiming for over here.

Which one do you think we’ll choose as our main inspiration? Or which one would YOU choose?

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  1. Wow, great ideas! I have a blah corner fireplace with dated tile in my home with non-vented gas logs.
    This gives me so many ideas. The logs need replacing, previous owners used resin logs that smell when fire is lit, so I could use one of those great looking electric fireplaces, a lighter colored inset in the firebox and change the bizarre fireplace surround with a clean design for much less than replacement gas logs would cost. Your ideas keep my brain buzzing. Thanks for more good ideas!

  2. Any DIY ideas to update a brick fireplace from a 1950’s home? It is the old type from that era that takes up a whole wall 😊

    1. Hi! I have a post on how I limewashed our fireplace. I hope you find this helpful.

      I wish I could dive into this but I get too many decorating questions to answer them all and have to step away to spend time with family. But I have a Bless’er House Decorating Group you’re welcome to join to submit questions and get input from lots of helpful people in this community. 😊 I try to pop in there too when I can. I do these Decorating SOS submissions about once a month and will announce it here for the next one.

      Here is the link for the decorating group