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Our Back Porch Refresh

A budget-friendly back porch refresh with decorating ideas to make it feel like a backyard oasis.

The back porch got a face lift!

This week, we decided that the old porch furniture we’d hauled with us all the way from the old house was finally ready to retire. There was no saving it with wood conditioner and a pressure washer anymore.

So we sprung for some new outdoor furniture from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. And I’m totally in LOVE!


Last spring, I pinned this 5 piece conversation set and told myself it was “the one”, but it was constantly selling out. So as soon as it hit the shelves this year, I was there.

It was totally worth the year-long wait. I cannot believe how inexpensive it was because the quality is right up there with some higher-end sets I’ve seen.

These two chairs swivel and they are so comfy.

The sofa and chairs even come with covers, so we can keep the pollen at bay when it gets really bad this time of year.

Robert and I had the original idea to turn this daybed into an outdoor bed swing, but it was a total fail. (We discovered our porch doesn’t have any access to the rafters and we’d have to use a saw to cut out our wood beadboard.) So we nixed the idea and just kept it as a regular non-swinging daybed.

Still love it!

I can’t wait to sprawl out on it to read a good book in the breeze this summer.

These faux marble end tables are so perfect to keep handy for drinks in easy reach.

And we already had this outdoor coffee table and outdoor rug to brighten up the space.

I got a couple of outdoor poufs as extra seating for the kids to roll around on too. They love these things.

I added a bunch of outdoor pillows for extra comfort like these teal pillows.

And I added a bunch of potted plants all over to make it feel like an extension of the garden.

I finally retired our dusty, spider webby old lanterns for these white battery operated ones. And of course string lights because my philosophy is every outdoor space needs a strand of string lights for extra magic.

I lit a couple of citronella candles to keep the bugs away too.

And now this cute back porch is ready for sunny, breezy days and warm, peaceful nights!

This back porch is without a doubt my favorite place in our entire house, and it finally got the furniture it deserved.

If you want to know about any of the sources from Better Homes & Gardens we used, you can find them here:

Let’s hope spring is here to stay! Because we are here for it!

If you want more outdoor decorating ideas, you can see more of them here:

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  1. This exact set I pinned last March. I was all set to buy it but they were out of stock! I finally saw it on another persons blog and they finally had it back in stock in February. But at that point we couldn’t afford to buy it because of being on furlough for Covid. I was so bummed. I absolutely love that set! So I went back to work finally last week but ofocurse it’s out of stock again!
    So I bought a similar set with a little bit darker wicker color. I can’t wait to get it!
    I love the way your porch came out! Looks like somewhere you would want to sip lemonade and hang out with your friends on a summers night! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you found one though! And I’m so sorry you went through such a rough time. Cheers to happy, warm, sunny days!

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful! Super inviting & welcoming. What a fabulous porch area y’all have!!! Thanks for sharing & inspiring.

    1. Thanks, Denise! Here’s the link to the daybed: https://rstyle.me/+g2mbAkSIPur_jo-XPoMuHQ I suggest applying a couple of coats of marine grade poly to seal out any moisture for the weather. We used a regular twin mattress, this one to be exact: https://rstyle.me/+quSfkCnh_KxZW8xh-eqZmA And this waterproof encasement to help it stand up to the outdoors: https://rstyle.me/+6hdRQFZv-vj5yqLjgGzENw And this burlap cover for looks: https://rstyle.me/+bn3a3kRgofNGJHFIC8TumA It all came to about $500 but it was still cheaper than most outdoor daybeds I’ve seen and it is way more comfortable than any other I’ve tried.

      1. I love your design but I am at beginning stages I was wondering if you knew what color of stain on your wood floor ?

        1. Hi. The living room floors were already here when we bought the house. We did renew the hardwood floors in our younger daughter’s room. We used Minwas Wood Finish Penetrating Stain. We used the color Provincial.

        2. Hi. The living room floors were already here when we bought the house. We did renew the hardwood floors in our younger daughter’s room. We used Minwax Wood Finish Penetrating Stain. We used the color Provincial.