Our Secondhand Marble Coffee Table Score and Favorite Marble Tables

A round-up of beautiful marble coffee tables for all budgets and our best Facebook Marketplace find yet!

This one might be for the record books. I’ve found a whole lot of great Facebook Marketplace finds over the years, but the latest addition (two additions actually) to our living room might have just gotten bumped to the very top of the list.

Ever since cleaning wood furniture for Regan’s room using a dresser and nightstand I found on Marketplace the other week, I’ve caught the “bug” to find more gems.

And THIS is the marble coffee table I found in nearly mint condition! That wood grain! That marble veining! Oh my gorsh.

1960s marble coffee table in living room

How to Find the Best Facebook Marketplace Deals

There is sort of a science to finding great Marketplace deals, so you can see that post with all of my tips. Robert and I ended up road tripping 2 hours from our house to pick up this beauty, but it was absolutely worth it.

The coolest thing is this marble coffee table was made in 1960, the exact same year our house was built!

marble coffee table listing

How to Clean a Marble Coffee Table Top

I really didn’t document the process this time around, and the cleaning process wasn’t nearly as extensive as I’ve done before, but basically baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (applied separately) work wonders to clean marble.

You can see the whole process here for how to deep clean a marble table top.

cleaning stains out of marble using baking soda and (later) peroxide)

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Wood Furniture

I am forever sold on Murphy Oil Soap now because when we hauled this marble coffee table home, it did have a cigarette smoke smell embedded into the wood. Mixing 1/4c of Murphy Oil Soap and a gallon of warm water to wipe down the wood with the soapy mixture neutralized the odor nearly instantly.

Here’s more info about how to clean and polish wood furniture.

cleaning wood furniture with murphy oil soap

I really can’t believe how shiny brand new it looks.

Facebook Marketplace marble coffee table in white living room

I found this gorgeous mahogany nesting table on Marketplace a few days earlier too. Traditional wood furniture is having a moment over here, and I’m not at all mad about it. This feels like the direction our colonial home as needed for a very long time.

burl wood nesting tables used as an end table

Marble Coffee Table Round-Up

If you love the marble top table look too and maybe don’t have as much luck on Marketplace finding one, I pulled together a bunch of my low-budget and high end favorites.

marble coffee table in living room
marble top coffee tables splurge vs save

(Click on any image in the gallery below for the source.)

spring decorating in the living room with faux roses and fluted candle

Living Room Sources

Now that we’ve dug up these two tables and cleaned them well, this living room feels like a step in the right direction. And there are signs of life for spring!!!

white living room decorated for spring with marble coffee table

Now that we’re moving in a slightly more traditional direction, I’ve been considering replacing the ceiling fan with one that’s less rustic/farmhouse. Do I dare? The domino effect is so real over here.


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  1. I love your finds on Marketplace, just beautiful! I tried to sell some wood furniture and a rug on FB Marketplace and all I got were people giving me low ball offers; and even if I did agree to a lower offer, not one person ever showed up to look or buy. Have the people you bought from expressed surprise that you showed up? Trying to figure out why I had no luck.

  2. Beautiful ! Always enjoy your
    Decor! Such an inspiration . Thank you . Continue on and have a Blessed and Happy day🧡