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DIY Rustic Table Lamp Makeover & Inexpensive Designer Dupe Lamps

A thrifted lamp gets a concrete rustic table lamp designer dupe look for $30 in 10 minutes using just spray paint.

The other day, while I was doing my usual thrift store stop in, I found the perfect contender for a rustic table lamp makeover dupe that would rival the $300-400 designer versions I’ve seen all over the place.

Table Lamp Before

lamp before

Rustic Table Lamp Inspiration

Everywhere I look at McGee & Co, Amber Interiors, Stoffer Home, Lulu & Georgia, Anthropologie… all of the designer brands have some version of an earthy concrete rustic concrete table lamp.

So I set out to create a $30 dupe with just spray paint, and it literally look all of 10 minutes (not counting the wait for drying time).

By the way, I’ll drop some inexpensive designer dupe table lamps at the end of this post in case you don’t get as lucky finding one at the thrift store.

diy rustic table lamp with pleated shade
concrete textured rustic table lamp with pleated lamp shade on bedroom dresser with black walls

Look how cute this rustic table lamp turned out! (The pleated linen shade is starting to make a comeback this year too, by the way… just like the rest of the 80s/90s design revival it seems.)

DIY Rustic Table Lamp Using a Thrifted Ceramic Lamp


making a rustic table lamp designer dupe using stone textured spray paint

The Steps

  1. Vacuum the Shade

    Before you ever paint a secondhand lamp shade, it’s best to remove the dust first or else spray painting will just create a hairy mess (literally). I use the wand attachment on my vacuum cleaner to slowly go over the shade and remove any dust.

  2. Tape Bulb Socket and Cover Cord

    To protect the bulb socket and cord from getting any tape on them, I just tape up the bulb socket and wrap aluminum foil around the cord. making a rustic table lamp designer dupe from a thrifted lamp using stone textured spray paint

  3. Apply Coarse Stone Paint

    It’s best to apply 2 moderate coats of the course stone spray paint to help build layers of texture. making a rustic table lamp designer dupe from a thrifted lamp using stone textured spray paint

  4. Apply Fine Stone Paint

    Once the course stone paint has dried, apply a light coat of the fine stone paint. Apply it lightly and sporadically at least 18-24 inches away from the lamp so that some of the base coat from the Course Stone color peeks through. Let dry.

  5. Paint Lamp Shade

    If you already like the color of your lamp shade, you can skip this part, but since I wasn’t in love with the yellowy look of my thrifted shade, I applied two coats of flat white spray paint to it. Let dry.spray painting a pleated lamp shade

The Finished Rustic Table Lamp

Once it was all dry, I stuck the lamp on our bedroom dresser and it looks right at home!

rustic table lamp with bedroom dresser decor and black walls
concrete rustic table lamp with pleated shade on bedroom dresser with black walls

I fought tooth and nail not to accept that pleated lamp shades were starting to come back into “trend”, but I have to say now that I have one, I’m really in love with that extra bit of texture on top of the rust table lamp base.

The shade still looks yellow when the bulb is on since it’s impossible to paint the yellowy portion inside of the pleats, but I think it makes it look that much cozier.

Have you ever used this texture stone paint before? I really do think I’ve found a new DIY favorite.

DIY concrete table lamp on a dresser in a bedroom

Table Lamp Designer Dupes

Here are a few save vs. splurge designer dupes, if you’ve been on a table lamp hunt.

splurge vs save inexpensive table lamp designer dupes

Table Lamp Save – Under $120

Table Lamp Splurge – Over $120

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best type of light bulb for a table lamp?

I pretty much always prefer 3000K light bulbs in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, but that’s entirely up to your style. 3000K to me is just the “happy medium”. It’s not too blue light daylight bulbs are, but it doesn’t cast an orange hue like warm white.

What size shade do I need for a table lamp?

There are three ways to measure for the appropriate sized lamp shade.
1. The bottom diameter of the lamp shade should be approximately equal to the lamp base height. 2. The lamp shade height should be approximately two thirds of the height of the lamp base.
3. The lamp shade width should be approximately twice the size of the widest part of the lamp base.


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  1. That looks amazingly good in your room. I personally have a crush on some pleats and they’re definitely making a comeback. I painted my daughters lampshade pink last year. Can’t believe how easy and good it looks.

  2. You have a post from 9/2020 where you painted a lamp base with mineral paint.
    Just wondering which method you believe will hold up better over time? I’ve used the textured sprays as you did with this post and never had a problem. Do you think one looks better than the other? And sorry, pleated shades can come back to anyone’s house but mine – ha! pleats are still pleats – lol.

  3. absolutely love your bedroom! Like everything you do its gorgeous. Can you tell me where you got the pillows on your bed?

    thank you!

  4. Hi Lauren! Great tutorial as usual but I can’t get on board with the shade thing! Truth be told I never even CONSIDERED painting the shade but I have been noticing them in a few places, your blog being one. Gotta give this a minute to settle but thanks for pointing it out lol! Can’t wait to try the paint for sure!

  5. Love the idea of updating the base, but I would have binned that awful pleated shade as it’s so outdated and slightly too large for the base.