The Best Gold Spray Paints – Ranked

A product test of the best gold spray paint ranked from best to worst and compared to real gold and brass hardware to help with your next paint project.

Ever since my favorite gold spray paint went scarce, I have been on the hunt for the most convincing one to use on all things metal – door knobs, bathroom faucets, furniture pulls, light fixtures, and figurines.

the best gold spray paints tested and ranked

For the last year, whenever I was gathering supplies for a project, I’d grab whatever gold spray paint had a pretty cap in the hardware aisle to use. And so many times, I’d paint with it only to discover the gold looked totally fake and plastic-y and plain ol’ BAD!

So I took one for the team to test out 8 different brass and gold spray paints and compared it to a couple of real brass hardware pieces to determine the ultimate “winner”.

I was so proud of this little experiment idea until I discovered afterwards The Coastal Oak, Centsational Style, and Chris Loves Julia tried it out in the past too, but I digress. It was still extremely helpful to see them in person to determine for myself.

top 3 best gold spray paints

1st Place | 2nd Place | 3rd Place

How the Gold Spray Paints Were Ranked

  1. Performance – Was the paint coverage adequate? Were there splotching issues? Did the nozzle clog easily?
  2. Comparison to Stock Hardware – When placing the gold paint against stock gold and brass hardware, did it look convincing?
  3. Overall Impression – Just simply personal preference.
gold spray paint types ranked for performance

The Best Spray Paint Type for Performance

  • 1st – Rustoleum spray paints with the non-trigger grips on the cans had the best coverage with little to no splotching issues.
  • 2nd – Krylon brand ranks middle of the pack between non-trigger grip Rustoleum cans and Rustoleum trigger grip cans because it almost always required an additional coat of paint when compared to Rustoleum but the application was rather even.
  • 3rd – Rustoleum trigger grip cans splattered the worst and were more prone to clogging.
the best gold paint

1st Best Gold Paint | 2nd Best Gold Paint

The Best Gold Paint When Compared to Real Hardware

I compared the spray painted knobs to two different types of hardware: brushed gold and unlacquered brass.

Rustoleum Metallic Finish Gold was the most convincing when compared to stock-bought brushed gold hardware with Krylon Short Cuts Gold Leaf just barely behind.

None of the 8 spray paints were even close when compared to unlacquered brass, so the search still continues for that, if a spray paint match even exists. But there’s really no comparison to real unlacquered brass. You either go all in or you don’t at all.

The Best Gold Spray Paint Ranked Overall

The clear winner to me was Rustoleum Metallic Finish Gold. This gold spray paint is absolutely gorgeous with no odd undertones, a convincing sheen when compared to the real deal, the coverage was the best, and the application of the final finish was completely even with no splattering.

best gold spray paints ranked

1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th | 8th

So now we know. And I’ll probably need an entire case now because I use this stuff on everything.

What else should I test? This was fun!


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  1. Thanks for this information, because I have a faucet I love, but it’s the wrong color. Thanks to you, I can fix my dilemma at a reasonable price, spray paint.

  2. The gold spray paint that I was using was not on your list.
    It is 18K gold plated by Nybco.
    Thanks for the information on which paint to choose.

  3. Lauren,
    Have you tested chalk paint brands? Other bloggers I follow use Dixie Belle or Annie Sloan. All I can get in my town is Rustolium chalked paint. I never have any luck with it because,
    1. I can’t buy the right brushes
    2. I’m doing something else wrong
    3. The weather conditions aren’t right

    Anyway if you have a favorite brand not mentioned here I’d like to here about it, or any other advice you can offer. I’ll also skim your blog to see if I can find an article you’ve already posted.

  4. Wow! This couldn’t be better timing! I am going to spray paint my curtain rods in gold and wasn’t sure what to use. Thanks so much for your thorough research. I can now get the job done without worry. 👍

  5. I could tell which one looked the best from the very first pic on this page before scrolling to your winner. I must have a good eye! It really does look the best. Thanks for doing this. It saved me a lot of trouble. Pinned!

    1. Same here. I’m glad Lauren did this so I don’t have to. I don’t follow those other people she said did the test already, and I really don’t like to do google searches or search Pinterest for stuff like this.

  6. I have spray painted my brass door knobs with oil rubbed bronze for a black finish. It is not holding. Any suggestions.

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