38 Essentials for the Perfect Guest Bedroom

A master list of all of the best amenities and essentials to set up your guest bedroom like a hotel suite to help guests feel pampered and relaxed.

“Come and knock on our dooooooooor. We’ll be waiting for youuuuuuuu.” Sorry this post just made me burst out in song a little bit.

Because ever since we finished our modern vintage guest bedroom makeover a few weeks ago, I’m like, “Bring on the crowd!” Since we’re getting into the holiday territory next month though, I realized this might be a helpful post to share.

I brainstormed ALL of the amenities and essentials a guest could ever want or need to help you make friends and family feel as comfy cozy as possible.

A master list of all of the best amenities and essentials to set up your guest bedroom like a hotel suite to help guests feel pampered and relaxed. #guestbedroom #guestroom #guestbedroomessentials #hospitality #guestroomessentials #guestroomamenities #perfectguestroom

38 Essentials for the Perfect Guest Bedroom

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1. A super comfortable mattressWe LOVE this one and all of our guests have so far too. Bonus: It’s less than $300. We made it even more squishy and cozy with this gel mattress topper. Feels like a cloud!

2. Soft, high-quality sheets – We have these sheets on all of our beds. Totally hooked! Our guests always comment about how soft they are. Always choose white. White feels clean (hence why hotels have them) and can be bleached.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Invest in soft sheets and have 2-3 types of pillows for added comfort.

3. 2-3 different types of pillows – Some people prefer foam, some prefer down, so throw in a couple of both. We love these gel pillows the best though.

4. A comfortable duvetThis duvet comforter is our preference, warm but not too heavy and totally squish-able.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Have a warm throw blanket at the end of the bed for any cold-natured guests.

5. An extra blanket – If guests get cold in the middle of the night, they’ll appreciate an extra blanket within reach. This one is sooooo soft and warm.

6. A ceiling fan or box fan – Must-have for any hot-natured visitors! We have this fan in our guest room, and it circulates air like a champ. If you prefer not to install a ceiling fan but want something “pretty”, this vintage style stand fan is beautiful and functional.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Have a ceiling fan in the room to keep hot-natured guests comfortable.

7. An alarm clockThis clock is great because it has an extra port to plug in a mobile charger and guests can play music on it through their phone.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Have an alarm clock on a bedside table.

8. A sound machine – We just picked up this sound machine but I haven’t personally slept with it on yet, so the jury is still out. I love the look though and it has a cell phone charger port as well.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Keep a sound machine and small dish for jewelry/coins on the bedside table.

9. Fresh flowers – It’s a fancy little touch. 😉

10. A few good books / magazines – I stocked our guest bedroom with a variety of a few favorite reads of my and Robert’s just in case your guests need to read a chapter or two to wind down for the night.

11. Bedside tablesThese were only $64!

12. A small dish for jewelry / coins – To prevent any rogue earrings from rolling away.

13. Bedside lamps for readingThese lamps swivel all directions to customize the best reading light.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Have a bedside table with good light and a few favorite books.

14. Extra phone chargers – We keep a universal phone charger in a drawer in the room just in case guests ever forget theirs.

15. A power stripPower strips always seem to come in handy, especially for people with other electronics like laptops and iPads.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Hang up a full-length mirror and keep a wall hook handy for robes, towels, or bags.

16. A full length mirror – I always appreciate when a hotel room as one of these. This is the mirror we used.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Keep a wall hook handy for robes, towels, or bags.

17. A hook – They come in handy all the time for hanging up towels or purses or a robe, etc. This hook was meant for a lantern but I love how large it is and it’s BRASS!

18. A wastebasket – It’s always frustrating when you have trash and nowhere to toss it. I like that this wastebasket has a lid.

19. A box of tissues – We dressed up this tissue box with this marble cover.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Always have a box of tissues

20. The wi-fi password – Display it in a cute frame.

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38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Free printable Wi-Fi password sign for guests

21. A notepad and pens – Just in case.

22. A treat (like chocolate or candies) Robert immediately swooped in and stole these chocolates right after I took this picture so maybe wait to put those out until guests arrive. 😉 Little thief.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Keep a notepad and pen handy along with a few chocolates to treat your guests.

23. A couple of bottles of water – In case guests need a swig in the middle of the night.

24. A vanity area / desk with a small mirror – Sometimes it’s not possible to put on makeup in the bathroom if others need to use it, so a little spot like this comes in handy.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Have a small desk / vanity area with a mirror so that guests have a place to get ready if other people need to get in the bathroom.

25. Blackout shades/curtains – In case guests like to sleep in or need the room pitch black from any street lights. We are so happy with these green velvet curtains that we want to get some for the master bedroom now in a different color.

26. A nightlight – It’s especially helpful if you have children visiting who need a light. Our daughter prefers this one for the color changing component.

27. TV remote with instructions (if you have a TV in the room) – Bonus points if you have a streaming stick so guests can have access to movies and TV episodes.

28. Extra towels – Preferably white so they can be bleached. These are my absolute favorites that we’ve used for years.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Have a basket with extra towels and extra toiletries in case guests forget any.

29. Extra toiletries in a basket – Mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, saline solution, contact case, headache medicine, stomach medicine, heartburn medicine, nail clippers, Q-tips, lint roller, feminine hygiene products, etc. We used this basket.

30. Spare hairdryer – I always seem to forget mine and have to bum one off of the friend we’re staying with. This one is small and cheap but does the job.

31. A pack-n-play stowed in a closet for any little ones – It comes in handy even if guests are only visiting for a day and their baby needs a nap mid-day.

32. Space in a closet with extra empty hangers – Total confession: Our closet is still a mess. Workin’ on that one.

33. Luggage rack – We had this fold-up stool that worked perfectly as a repurposed rack for suitcases (totally my mom’s idea). It’s now discontinued but this rack is similar.

38 Guest Bedroom Essentials | Have a luggage rack so guests have a place to stow their suitcase.

34. Steamer or iron / ironing board tucked in a closet – Definitely not necessary but super helpful. This steamer is great for tucking away when needed.

35. A small coffee pot / tea kettle – Honestly, can I have this in our master bedroom, please and thank you? This one is compact and perfect for the job.

36. A clean bathrobe (especially if the bathroom is down the hall) – How nice would it be to have a spa robe just like they have in hotel rooms?

37. Diffuser and a few favorite essential oils – I personally use and love this diffuser. Include a bottle of lavender oil to help guests relax.

38. A scented candle – Just a nice touch.

Whew! That’s quite a list but is there anything I missed?

After this, I think we’ll be ready to set up a bed & breakfast. Do you have a guest room in your house and go all out to welcome friends and family into your home? I get totally giddy setting up our mini hotel room now.

“Be not forgetful of hospitality, for by it some have entertained angels unaware.” – Hebrews 13:2

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A master list of all of the best amenities and essentials to set up your guest bedroom like a hotel suite to help guests feel pampered and relaxed. #guestbedroom #guestroom #guestbedroomessentials #guestroomessentials #guestroomamenities #perfectguestbedroom

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  1. Great list! I already had most of these items in my guest room but you took it to the next level! Thanks!

  2. I love so much your blog! I have gotten so many great ideas from you!! Love the list, I am redoing my guest room right now! Just wondering where you got the wood bowl for the jewelry and I can’t find those types of lamps anywhere, on the link they are out or backordered and I can’t seem to find any like it at all, I like square vs. round, and just can’t find any, any suggestions or thoughts?

  3. These are all great ideas! My husband and I travel extensively among our church fellowship, probably stay in 20 guest rooms a year! The one caveat I would suggest is that not everyone can sleep on polyester sheets. I am finding them more common, and I sleep way too hot in anything but cotton.
    You have covered guest’s needs very well!!

  4. Hi Lauren! Great post, you gave me many ideas on how to add that extra special touch to make guests feel comfortable and welcome. We keep a guest book in our guest room. It’s fun to look back at all the sweet notes and comments our guests leave.

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