Vintage Chic Statement Art in the Guest Bedroom

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Go big or go home. That’s the motto of this post.

Well, really we’re already home so I guess that phrase makes absolutely no sense at all. But anywho…

We went BIG in the guest bedroom! With art that is.

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

If you ever have a large blank wall that you’re, well… drawing a blank on, hang a massive piece of statement art when in doubt. True story.

I can’t believe how this art from Walmart’s Vintage Chic collection has made this small guest room feel so much bigger.

You should have seen Robert and me huffing and puffing to haul this gigantic thing up our twisting flight of stairs. Totally worth it. (And no four letter words were used. Aren’t you proud?) #survivors #welivedtotellthetale

I can’t promise the word “pivot” wasn’t used a time or two though. (Betchya a cupcake you can’t name that TV show.) 😉

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

I legitimately designed this entire bedroom around this piece of art… because how could I not? I mean… look at it!

I remember my grandmother had a painting a lot like this one hanging at the end of her hallway. It was one of those paint-by-numbers canvases of a vase of flowers that she did herself, and this piece reminds me so much of her.

I have no idea what happened to that painting after she passed away when I was 12, but seeing this in our home now makes me smile.

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

As for the rest of this space, we hauled in two of these round end tables as inexpensive nightstands for this tight space.

The white along with the brass on the lamps pop perfectly against the deep green curtains we hung up a few weeks ago.

(I plan on swapping out that wooden picture frame later though because I’m pretty sure our guests don’t want us staring at them in their sleep. Haha!)

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

These chunky knit white pillows I plopped on the bed are perfect for fall and winter too, but I don’t plan on redecorating this space after the cold season is over.

And the trim on this lumbar pillow highlights the cane headboard just enough.

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

I added the ruffle skirted bedspread set for a romantic vibe. It was only $55 for a queen!

And I’m a firm believer that every bed should have a throw blanket tossed at the end of it. Majorly digging the texture of this gray blanket. It’s not as warm as I thought it would be, but it’s so gorgeous that I don’t even care.

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

I always teeter that fine line between farmhouse, traditional, and modern, and this Walmart collection definitely feels like it ticks all of the boxes while still being reasonably priced.

So now we’re just waiting on a rug, a couple of finishing touches on the other side of the room, and this space is finished. If it looks this good now, I can’t wait for the day when we can refinish the original hardwood floors currently hiding underneath the carpet.

Can you believe this space looked like this a few weeks ago?

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

And now this is the current view. Lawdy lawdy, it’s pretty!

Vintage chic statement art in a guest bedroom

If you want to know about any of the sources we used from Walmart in this space, you can see them all here:

And if you haven’t been following along on the makeover, you can catch up here:


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  1. I LOVE that artwork! The colors in it touch my soul!!!!!

    Hey – what color did you put on your walls? Sorry if you said and I missed it.

    Ty – and have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Lauren, girl, you have outdone yourself once again. It is exquisite, and I absolutely LOVE the oversize art on the wall. It is the perfect piece in its perfect place.
    Beautiful, a hundred times over and then some.
    Deb 🙂 🙂

  3. I absolutely LOVE the bedroom!! So much in fact, that I just ordered the bedspread in King size for our room!! I’ve been looking forever for something similar and such a great price! Thank you for sharing your life with us and all your fantastic finds/tips! Blessing to you and your sweet family.

  4. Oh it’s looking absolutely lovely! You’ll have to keep us posted about the upkeep of those gorgeous curtains..I’ve been so tempted to get velvet ones but wondered if they can be washed or do they have to be drycleaned?

  5. This room is gorgeous!! The first time I saw those curtains, I immediately felt Scarlett O’Hara calling my name and now I’ve done my entire master bedroom and bath redesign around them. Thank you for your inspiration!!

  6. That room is quickly moving towards GORGEOUS! Who would have thought it could look so pretty. Well, duh… I guess that would be you!

  7. I loooove your style! I found your blog from a nursery organization pin (excitedly awaiting to find out the gender of my first baby so I can get to decorating) and I went back and looked through your home tours and saw your “Lake Wylie” sign.. are you outside of CLT? I’m in South Charlotte. Thanks for your fabulous tips!

  8. AHA! Another Friends fan. Fun fact: LEGO just released a Friends set called Central Perk. The artwork on the box includes a screaming “PIVOT!”

    Your guest room looks wonderful, and you were right on going big! Congratulations on your choice and on successfully getting this piece up the stairs.

    1. My daughter already has the LEGO set and would totally have gotten that pivot reference. Warner Brother’s Studio in L.A. saved the Central Perk set. You can sit on the couch and everything.

  9. That room is looking nicer and nicer each time I see it. I can’t wait until you remove the carpet and refinish the original hardwood floors.

  10. Friends! Should I PM you my address for where to send the cupcake? LOL

    I was unsure, but this guest room really has turned out to be an awesome little space. Great job!

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