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18 Favorite Modern Vintage Beds for a Low Budget

Find designer dupe modern vintage beds for under $1,000 in this shopping guide to get the high-end classic looking bedroom on a low budget.

Go classic with large furnishings, trendy with home decor accents, and you’ll have opportunity for lots of decorating fun with zero regrets later. That’s my approach on a lot of room makeovers, especially bedrooms.

Because who wants to haul away a gigantic piece of furniture when a design fad dies within 5 years? Definitely not me. A home that withstands the test of time is always a big win on the back and budget!

vintage poster bed in a little girls bedroom
poster bed | mattress | comforter set | dove stitched quilt | tulip sheet set | striped bolster pillow | euro pillows | rug | wallpaper | wallpaper tutorial | picture frame molding | ceiling color: Romabio Barefoot Dance | wall color: Magnolia True White

But Robert and I did do a bed switcheroo in our four year-old’s room recently to make it more functional.

Since we exchanged the twin beds for a quintessentially vintage style poster bed though, I’m confident it’s here to stay!

As much as I loved the look of Regan’s twin beds that we added during her toddler bedroom transition from her all white nursery a couple of years ago, we discovered over time that the trundle setup for cousin sleepovers and drawers underneath weren’t used as often as we thought.

antique style twin beds in a girl bedroom with pink ceiling and floral wallpaper

She wanted room to sprawl out and lots of extra room for cuddles with mommy and daddy, so I was more than happy to accommodate the request.

After searching for the perfect vintage bed on Facebook Marketplace for a couple of months without any success, I finally sprung for this vintage style poster bed that cost less than $700. It’s absolutely perfect!

spindle vintage style wood bed pink bedding and cottagecore decor

Why Large Antique Beds are Hard to Find

The challenging aspect about buying an authentically vintage or antique bed is they can be hard to find in queen and king sizes.

I kept finding plenty of secondhand twin, 3/4, and full sized vintage beds that weren’t large enough for our needs since we wanted a queen sized bed for the bedroom.

Many antique beds were made 48 inches wide, three-quarters of the width of a modern day full (double) mattress. Antique were often made 75 inches in length, the same as a full mattress. You may find antique beds quite a bit shorter than that.

So if you prefer more space for you or your guests to sleep comfortably on a queen or king mattress, opting for a newer vintage style bed might be an easier option than searching for an antique.

little girls bedroom with pink bedding and chinoiserie wallpaper

I thought it might help to share a list of budget-friendly vintage looking beds that blend modern styles to create a clean, classic bedroom look.

Many of the beds I found are created to look like upscale designer versions for less than $1,000.

modern vintage beds under $600

Modern Vintage Beds Under $600

Prices reflected are at the time of this post publishing. Prices are subject to change.

Black Spindle Platform Bed

$378 for a Queen

black spindle platform bed
terrace canopy bed

Terrace Canopy Bed

$549 for a Queen

Metal Spindle Canopy Bed

$412 for a King

metal spindle canopy bed
upholstered tufted bed

Upholstered Tufted Bed

$150 for a Queen

Wood Panel Bed

$573 for a Queen

wood panel bed
rounded upholstered bed

Rounded Upholstered Bed

$530 for a King

Brown Wash Wooden Canopy Bed

$348 for a Queen

brown wash wood canopy bed
jenny lind panel bed

Jenny Lind Panel Bed

$550 for a Full

modern vintage beds under $1,000

Modern Vintage Beds Under $1,000

Prices reflected are at the time of this post publishing. Prices are subject to change.

wood spindle poster antique bed

Wood Spindle Poster Bed

$654 for a Queen

Black Metal Canopy Bed

$787 for a Queen

black metal canopy bed
brass spindle bed

Brass Spindle Bed

$999 for a King

French Cane Bed

$750 for a Queen

gray french cane bed

Walnut Wood Cane Canopy Bed

$655 for a Queen

walnut wood cane canopy bed
rustic scalloped wood bed

Scalloped Wood Bed

$846 for a Queen

Bronze Cane Canopy Bed

$852 for a Queen

bronze cane canopy bed
black retro curved bed

Black Retro Curved Bed

$594 for a Queen

How to Choose the Best Bed for a Bedroom

  1. Set a budget for yourself. Consider buying a bed that doesn’t require a boxspring to reduce overall cost. Or save money by purchasing just a headboard and basic bed frame to stretch the budget.
  2. Measure the room. And measure it again. Allow a minimum of 30 inches around each side of the bed and at the end of the bed to leave plenty of walking space.
  3. Consider your ceiling height and light fixture. You can create the illusion of higher ceilings in a bedroom by choosing a bed that sits lower to the floor. A bed that sits higher makes a room look smaller. If you want to use a canopy bed in your bedroom, make sure it won’t collide with the light fixture on a low ceiling.
  4. Think about the style you prefer most out of the main decorating styles: rustic, cottage, organic modern, midcentury modern, coastal, traditional, eclectic, transitional, boho, Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial, country, contemporary, or glam.
gray wood spindle antique bed in a girls bedroom with pink ceiling and chinoiserie floral wallpaper
poster bed | mattress | comforter set | dove stitched quilt | tulip sheet set | striped bolster pillow | euro pillows | rug | wallpaper | wallpaper tutorial | picture frame molding | ceiling color: Romabio Barefoot Dance | wall color: Magnolia True White

So now I guess I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect nightstands to go with this perfect bed!

As for the bedding, I did a quick Target same-day pickup on a whim to get it all ready in a hurry for Regan. She was so thrilled to sleep in her “big princess bed”! I guarantee her enthusiasm for sleep goes downhill from here. 😉

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  1. Nice post, Lauren.

    One reason antique beds are so difficult to find is dye ti even FULL mattresses (which I think are getting harder to find as well, because ewwww old mattresses) were even too small for those beds. My sweet mom was an amazing talented designer whom adored antique beds. The one I had when I was a school-aged child was 200 hundred years old…..and was very small – and I, too, was small; but the solution to that small problem was one had to “smush” a mattress to make it fit. That’s not fun, because one cannot have a great mattress to sleep on when it is “smushed.”

    I am happy to learn that antique and vintage bed designs are being used again.
    The look is awesome – but now one doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for love of design.

    1. Yes! I feel the same way. A comfy bed is definitely important to me, so I’m not really willing to smush a mattress onto a too-small frame either.

  2. Oh my, so many fantastic beds to choose from. I did not know there are places that sales high end looking bed, but a much lower price. That you for sharing this.

  3. Just stunning!!!
    I’m sure your little one is in love with her new room.
    Both bedroom room renos you have done recently are superb! Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Hi Lauren, the peach coverlet in the latest bedroom post shows “tucks” along the end of the bed.Is this stitching to keep the layers together?
    Thanks. Mimi Harmon

    1. Hi! Because of the posts the bedding would look gathered between the two along the end. I tucked it for a clean line. The stitching is just a part of the fabric or blanket design. I hope that is helpful.

  5. A little history: See the top middle part of the bed you have in the first picture? The shape is like a long rolling pin. In the original design of these 1800’s beds (or older) the “rolling pin” lifted off in your hand so that a person could hit their hay mattress before going to bed in order to smooth it out, hence where the saying “hitting the hay” comes from! The room and your home are beautifully done. Love your daughter’s new bedroom as well. Thought you might like to know that piece of furniture history!

    1. Oh wow, Linda, that is fascinating! I love learning historical facts such as the one you shared. Thx!