DIY Hobnail Vase

How to turn a plain vase into a trendy hobnail vase using simple materials in just a few minutes.

I’ve reached the point where I dream of strolling the aisles of thrift stores again and find myself reaching the bottom of the thrift project pile. Anyone else miss thrifting like I do?!

If I’d known it would be the last time for months, I would have lingered a bit longer on my last visit.

But this vase I found for $7 at the beginning of March was one of my favorite finds in a long time.

DIY Hobnail Vase | Anthropologie knock-off

Except this shade of pea green wasn’t really my jam. And I kept envisioning it with a hobnail look that I’ve been seeing in a lot of high-end decor stores.

If you have a vase, planter, or canister needing a perk, this is a cute one to try.

DIY Hobnail Vase

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Supplies Used:

The Steps:

1. This is probably the most Captain Obvious tutorial ever, but I just started attaching the half beads with super glue and placing them in a linear pattern, spaced evenly around the vase.

DIY Hobnail Vase | Anthropologie knock-off

DIY Hobnail Vase | Anthropologie knock-off

2. Once it was dry, paint.

DIY Hobnail Vase | Anthropologie knock-off

Done. Literally two steps and even those were probably totally unnecessary to mention. Haha!

DIY Hobnail Vase | Anthropologie knock-off

But it was fun and it gave me an excuse to enjoy some time in the fresh air and add a little dose of happy beside our DIY large-scale art in our master bedroom.

DIY Hobnail Vase | Anthropologie knock-off

DIY Hobnail Vase | Anthropologie knock-off

So now that the thrift pile only has 2-3 things left in it, the rest of the decor around our house better watch out. Because if we stay locked up for much longer, nothing will be safe from my paint brush or spray can. 😉

Hang in there, friends!

If you want more ideas for ways to transform common thrift store finds, you can find them all here.

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  1. Wow, it was a big statement piece, judging from your styling in the bedroom ontop your dresser. Very nice! I love “making do” ideas. I know the feeling of keeping busy with projects. Glad your thrift stash is melting. I love thrift stores too, so I miss the “retail therapy” I get when I thrift. You and your mate are a team, for sure! I enjoy all your ideas, reading how you are making your home, “yours.”

  2. I kind of liked the original vase better. As far as thrifting- me too ! I think it’s only because I am stir crazy in the house and they are closed. Does this mean we are addicted to thrift shops or spending ? LOL

  3. Seems so simple, yet it’s so pretty! Can you source the lamp shade that you went with for your table lamp? I found the source for the lamp from a different post, but was unable to find the source for the shade that you changed the original one out with. I’m not loving the original shade it came with either. I always look forward to future posts. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great idea! And I agree with you on nothing in your house being safe, I’ve already painted two rooms, my kitchen table and chairs, and we still have 30 days to go!

  5. Ohhhhh I really love it !! 😍😍 I’ve got a huge thing for hobnail and once we can get back to thrifting I’ll definitely be doing something fun like that !! I do have a question ….what kind of mask do you wear when spraying ?

  6. I’m w you on dreaming of thrift stores or garage sales or anything like this!! Need to be able to allow the creative juices to flow. Even if I don’t buy anything, just to DREAM! I adore that chest, the lime washed pine is dreamy. I’m not into hobnail at all but it’s a creative idea, for sure. I collect clear glass, that’s my idea of heaven.

  7. I’d have taken the original off your hands in nothing flat…love those colors and that Italian countryside look!…but your project looks as if was fun and the end result great.

  8. You DID “nail it”! Great project! There was an article in our paper yesterday about how full Good Will is now since people have been cleaning and decluttering while sheltering in place. I’ll be ready to explore when it’s safe!

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