Earthy Fall Living Room & My Favorite Budget Fall Decor Capsule

8 favorite fall decor items for creating a capsule wardrobe in your home that will stretch your dollar and create endless decor combinations.

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I do this every year. I tell myself, “Oh, I’m just gonna stick a couple of fall leaves in a vase or two around the house and that will be my fall decorating.”

And then I go buck wild. Oops! What happened? I blacked out. 😉

living room decorated for fall with ceiling fan and tv above fireplace

But I do have one fall decorating rule these days. My fall decor has to stretch so I can get as much bang for my buck as possible.

Because if I have to store a pillow that specifically says “Happy Fall, y’all” for 9-10 months out of the year, it’s not going in my cart.

If I’m going to decorate with pumpkins, it’s going to be limited to just a couple of small, really cute ones.

I will put cable knit and copper all over this place because I know, if I really want to, those babies can still hang around on into winter and spring.

So I thought it would be fun to pull together my “Capsule Wardrobe” for fall decor, if you want a great group of decorating basics that can have a ton of different uses in lots of seasons and in lots of rooms.

I found SO many cute items in Target this season, so I pulled together an earthy vibe in our living room to make these longer nights in extra cozy for our family. It’s one of my absolute favorite places to shop for decor because the quality is always incredible for the price.

And these are some of my favorite Target pieces will carry on throughout our home for seasons to come.

My Favorite Budget Fall Decor Capsule:

fall living room with fall leaves and vintage style rug

Brass Accents

I love sprinkling brass all over our house but especially in fall to introduce warm tones into a space. But the best part is it works on into Christmas too.

Trays like this one are my favorite to using on coffee tables, as dining table centerpieces, for entertaining, etc. And I can lift the whole thing out of the way when my kids are running around.

Stoneware Vases

I love the earthiness of a pretty stoneware vase and use them year-round all over our house. This one is my fave.

coffee table tray with fall leaves and candle

Fall Stems

Probably the only thing I ever use that screams “fall” are leafy stems in traditional autumn colors. But they’re so easy to store in a bin in a closet for the rest of the year. This leaf spray looks so realistic!


Light a couple of candles and it’s instant coziness. This amber glass Whiskey & Oak candle smells amazing and has wood wicks for a crackle effect.

Wood and Stone Accents

I love the earthy texture in this limestone knot. Place a small figurine on top of a book stack to add a little interest.

living room end table with fall stems in vase

Terra Cotta

I’ve been using terra cotta so much lately in every season, but because it’s orange, it definitely lends itself to fall decorating without really being fall-specific.

living room end table decor

Cable Knit

This knit throw blanket is so soft! These oversized cable knit throw pillows are too. And the best part is they’ll be perfect to keeping out from now through winter until the weather warms back up in spring.

living room accent chairs with cable knit throw blanket and pillows

Warm Earthy Tones

Rust, gold, olive, and amethyst read “fall” but they definitely have a place in year-round decor, especially lately with trends leaning into earthy, warm color palettes.  I’d definitely still use this floral block print pillow and leather trimmed pillow in spring and summer.

cable knit and rust colored fall throw pillows on sofa

Woven Baskets

If you love neutral rooms but don’t really know how to add layers to make it feel less sterile and more cozy, woven baskets do the trick every time. This basket is perfect for storing extra blankets for curling up by the fire when the weather cools (or for tossing in kids’ rogue toys).

woven basket with cable knit throw blanket on limewashed brick fireplace

It’s amazing how this space feels brand new without even changing the paint color, furniture, curtains, or lighting.

And even though I’m sad to see summer go, a part of me is SO ready for fall now! Bring on crisp leaves and chilly breezes!

living room decorated for fall with rust and olive vintage style rug ceiling fan and TV above fireplace

By the way, do you spy Lola? I didn’t even notice her until after I’d taken these pictures. She seems pretty cozy too. 😉

fall living room with tv above fireplace

Do you have any favorite things you keep in your must-have fall decor stash? Are you into the “capsule wardrobe” thing? I swear by it for having endless combinations in every season.

2020 has been a tough year. But it has made me even more thankful for home. Creating a place where we can breathe and find refuge is more important now than ever… even if it is as simple as putting a branch of fall leaves in a vase.

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  1. I recently read your post on the Samsung Frame Series TV and we are planning to get one soon. I loved the soft, beautiful mountaIn scene on the tv…. does that come with it? Or where can I find it and get it on the screen? The concept is brilliant.

      1. The one (and only 🙂 )review on the rug said it was very thin. Did you put a pad under yours to give it a little cushion?

  2. Love your blog, Lauren! Apparently, everyone loves your rug, including me 🤗
    I’m in the market for one now and would love to know where to find this!
    Happy fall y’all!

  3. Your house looks lovely, so neutral and cozy.
    I cracked up when I saw the Scruples book on your table, it was a favorite of mine many many years ago…I think I’ve read it at least three times!

  4. Love your style. I try to make pillows that say Happy Fall Y’all and on the other side a cute Christmas design. So if I’m storing them at least I am using my decor the best I can.
    Thanks for all of your beautiful post.

  5. Hi Lauren, I’m new to your blog. I love the capsule idea and I’m going to clean out my totes today! I’ve been searching for the perfect rug for my living room and I really like yours. Could you tell me where you found it? Thanks

  6. This is stunning! Thanks for sharing. I recently downsized, so your “capsule” technique is perfect for me. I am in love with your ceiling fan. Please let me know where you found it. Thank you!

  7. So beautiful. You’ve inspired me to start decorating for Fall. Love your rug too! Can you source it? Thanks so much for sharing.

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