Modern Traditional Fall Bedroom

5 simple items to use in the bedroom to make it feel cozy for fall + smart choices to stretch decor into other seasons.

Couldn’t help it. I went fall decor crazy in the master bedroom. Buuuuut if the “fall” decor is actually capsule decor-ish enough, it can stretch on through winter so… win/win!

black bedroom with wood furniture decorated for fall(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

Dried Stems

I bought way more dried stems than I needed while adding fall touches to our dining room so my DIY hobnail vase like the perfect place for the extra reed grass.

The red reed grass would be so pretty woven into a Christmas garland next month, don’t you think?

black painted walls with wood French panel bed


To make the bed feel a little more cozy, I added this chunky knit blanket.

And I replaced the blue pillow covers with these antique green velvet print covers alongside this olive geometric stitched lumbar and faux leather cover.

They have a fall vibe, but the green is perfectly versatile for Christmas/winter too, so they’ll be staying right here on until March and beyond probably.

fall bedroom decor

Warm-Toned Plants

I finally killed our potted plants on the nightstand (no one is less surprised than me… they had a good run), and replaced them with this artificial “dried” plum hydrangea and rust leaf sprays.

fall decor on bedroom nightstand

Candles + Soft White Bulbs

Light a candle and turn on a couple of lamps instead of overhead lighting (with 2,700-3,000 Kelvin bulbs for a little warmth), and boom. Instant coziness.

master bedroom decorated for fall with olive green and rust

That’s it! A couple new pillow covers + a couple of warm-toned stems + a candle = fall decor. So simple, but it works.

Not a single pumpkin or “boo” pillow or “It’s Fall y’all” sign was harmed in the making of it.

It’s not that I don’t love those things. I do. But if I’m going to take the time and spend the money to decorate, I want it to last beyond a month.

If I decorate the majority of a room with classic pieces and use neutrals for the “big stuff”, it makes the seasonal decorating and trendy changes SO much easier in the long run.

master bedroom dresser decor with fall dried stems

If you want to know about any of the sources in our bedroom, you can find all the sources (or similar ones) here:

(Paint color: KILZ Rebel)

I always have a hard time letting go of the long, sunny days this time of year. But if it’s going to get dark earlier, I’m so thankful for cozy candles and warm blankets and reading by lamp light.

cozy fall bedroom decor

Do you do the whole “decor capsule” thing? Got any decor items you love using in fall decorating that stretch beyond the season?

You can see a bunch of my other fall decor capsule favorites here too.

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      1. Hi I know you don’t have a brand on your bed but can you share the name of the warehouse you bought it from?
        Thank you and I love the black decorative wall! Perfect to set off that gorgeous bed! God Bless!

  1. I just love the wall color and wish I could be as brave as you to use a dark color in my home. It’s so cozy!

  2. I love it! Definitely a fan of capsule decorating. It’s much easier than switching things out constantly, and I honestly don’t have a ton of storage in my house. Not only that, it just seems more peaceful and expensive looking. Thanks for the inspiration!