How to Look Slimmer With These 6 Fall Outfits

14 fashion styling tricks to help you look slimmer and more comfortable in your own skin along with 6 budget-friendly fall outfits from Walmart.

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This past month, I’ve felt not as comfortable in my own skin beating myself up a little for going up a pants size (the result of stress from our unexpected water mitigation, renovation this summer, and a million other things). But ya know… this year has done that to a lot of us, right?

14 fashion styling tricks to help you look slimmer along with 6 budget-friendly fall outfits from Walmart.

Much to my surprise these last few weeks, I’ve received several messages in my inbox asking when I was going to bring back the Mom Bod Fashion series on my Instagram. To be honest, I’d completely forgotten about it because #life.

So I decided to take it as an opportunity to share some slimming fashion tricks using a few budget-conscious fall outfits I picked up from Walmart to help me (and hopefully others) feel good in their own skin and celebrate those curves. I love so many things from their Free Assembly line for mixing and layering.

For reference, here are my sizing stats:

  • 5’7″ 175 lbs
  • Tops – Size L
  • Pants/Dresses – Size 10/12
  • Shoes – Size 9

You can see more mom bod fashion here too.

How to Look Slimmer With These 6 Fall Outfits

Slimming fall outfit idea: blazer, bodysuit, dark wash high waist jeans, pointed toe heels

Slimming Fall Outfit #1: Blazer, Bodysuit, Dark Wash High Waist Jeans, Pointed Toe Heels

  • Blazer – I love adding a blazer with a simple top and jeans for a date night or work conference to feel comfy but put together. Pair a vibrant color with a dark top and pants to be more visually slimming. The vertical line on the front elongates legs. Roll the sleeves so your wrists and forearms, the slimmest part of you, are visible.
  • Bodysuit / Tucked Top – Oh the magic of a bodysuit! Whether you choose a bodysuit or tucking in a fitted top, it can create a more clean line at the waist to balance proportions.
  • Dark Wash High Waist Jeans – Dark wash jeans hide shadows that accentuate a larger frame. And high waist helps to conceal any “muffin top” while highlighting your waist instead of your hips.
  • Pointed Toe Heels – If possible, choose pointed toe heels that also have a scoop front to create the illusion of longer legs.
Slimming fall outfit idea: long cardigan, tucked top, dark wash high waist jeans, pointed toe boots

Slimming Fall Outfit #2: Long Cardigan, Tucked Top, Dark Wash High Waist Jeans, Pointed Toe Boots

  • Long Cardigan – I love this cardigan because it also creates long lines with its vertical stripe knit detail.
  • Bodysuit / Tucked Top – Same as outfit #1, a tucked top or bodysuit hits you at the waist versus the hips to create the illusion of a slimmer frame and make legs look longer.
  • Dark Wash High Waist Jeans – These are the same jeans from outfit #1 just because I love them!
  • Pointed Toe Boots – More pointy toe action just because they add visual length to legs.
Slimming fall outfit idea: dark front tucked top, flare jeans, pointed toe boots

Slimming Fall Outfit #3: Dark Front Tucked Top, Flare Jeans, Pointed Toe Boots

  • Dark Front Tucked Top – Again, dark colors hide shadows so no “lumpy bumpies” are on display. Tuck in just the front to bring attention to the waist instead of the hips.
  • Flare Jeans – I don’t think I’ve worn flare jeans since 6th grade until now but they work so well at balancing proportions so that the width of hips and calves are equal. Flares are definitely making a comeback. I would have ideally chosen a darker wash without feathering if it hadn’t been sold out, but this medium wash is cute too.
  • Pointed Toe Boots – More of that elongating the leg action.
Slimming fall outfit idea: v-neck dress, skinny belt, and skin tone colored pointed boots

Slimming Fall Outfit #4: V-Neck Dress, Skinny Belt, and Skin Tone Colored Boots

  • V-Neck Shirt Dress – V-neck necklines work every time for instant slimming because they elongate the upper body. Crew neck and turtleneck cuts can make you look larger, especially if you’re more busty, since those hit you at the collarbone or neck.
  • Skinny Belt – Adding a belt is so simple for creating an hourglass shape and making a loose-fit dress look more figure flattering.
  • Skin Tone Colored Boots – Choosing a shoe a similar color to your skin tone can create the illusion of a longer leg. Choosing ones that also have a pointed toe is a bonus. These boots are SO comfortable!
Slimming fall outfit idea: red waist defining dress and pointed toe heels

Slimming Fall Outfit #5: Red Fitted Waist Dress and Pointed Toe Heels

  • Red Fitted Waist Dress – Believe it or not, there is a psychology to the color red and it is considered one of the most flattering colors because it also communicates confidence. That fitted waist detail is important though, which is why I love this dress. Fair warning: order a size down as this felt a tad large on me.
  • Pointed Toe Heels – More of that pointy toed heel because it’s magical for adding length.
Slimming fall outfit idea: dark v-neck button front jumpsuit and heeled sandals

Slimming Fall Outfit #6 – Dark V-Neck Jumpsuit and Heeled Sandals

  • Dark Jumpsuit – I own several navy, black, and dark green jumpsuits now because that head-to-toe monochrome is so figure flattering. The fact that this one has a v-neck shape, a button front, cinched waist to create the illusion of a long, hourglass frame is a big perk.
  • Heeled Sandals – This jumpsuit could definitely be worn with boots too, but for early fall, I still love pairing it with heeled sandals.

More Tips for How to Look Slimmer

  • Vertical Stripes – Wear tops, pants, jackets, cardigans, or dresses with vertical stripes to create more of that long, lean illusion.
  • Shapewear – Compression bodysuits are the jam! And since having babies, they really help me feel secure and “held in” after having my belly skin stretched out from pregnancies.
  • Makeup Contouring – If you’ve never done it before, practicing with a little contouring around cheekbones and the jawline can make the face look more slim.
  • Sunless Bronzer – Just like dark wash jeans can hide shadows, a little bronzer can do the same thing on skin.

More Slimming Fall Fashion Picks

Here are more of my favorite fall picks from Walmart Fashion that follow all of the “slimming trick” rules. Sofia Vergara jeans specifically are my absolute favorites for curvy bodies. They have juuuust enough stretch without growing and falling down throughout the day.

Slimming Fall Fashion Under $50 | 14 fashion styling tricks to help you look slimmer along with 6 budget-friendly fall outfits from Walmart.

This was totally out of left field from my usual DIY/decorating focused posts, but it’s fun dabbling in the wardrobe department every once in a while.

If you’ve been feeling not-as-comfortable-in-your-skin these days, I hope this helped, and just know that you are not alone. Love those curves and know that you’re beautiful just as you are.


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    You have no idea how I’m so happy I found your site! I cannot tell you how much I love your inspiring outfit ideas and am so excited to see your decorating ideas. Thank God for people like you, sharing your insights for the rest of us who are clueless! I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET! About me…I live in southern NJ, recently remarried after being widowed since 2003 and my husband and I have three daughters between us, all in their early 20’s. I used to be so good at decorating my home and wearing stylish, smart clothes. Well, I lost that talent and my clothes and my home are just thrown together and it’s all a hot mess. Can’t wait to see all the expertise you have to offer! Thank you!