7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Fall Outfits

7 fall outfit ideas and tummy pooch camouflaging tricks for postpartum / post-menopausal bodies, plus fashion staples that can be mixed, matched, and layered.

The last time I went out on a limb and mentioned how I dress my postpartum belly pooch, much to my surprise, soooo many of you asked that I share more posts like it again. (Apparently, we’re all in good company in the poochy department… so yaaaay! Pooch party!)

Sharing all of that really was one of those lessons for me that stepping out of my comfort zone is absolutely worth it if it helps others and produces personal growth.

This body of mine has carried and given birth to two babies, has held them and nourished them, and not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for all it has done. But after my first babe, I went through a sort of identity crisis with what to wear, and it took a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

If you’ve gone through the same thing, just know… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Don’t ever ever let the little voice in your head tell you otherwise.

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Fall Outfits | 7 fall outfit ideas and tummy pooch hiding tricks for postpartum / post-menopausal bodies, plus fashion staples that can be mixed and matched.

This time, now that I’m 11 months postpartum, I’ve felt more like myself having been through that body change before and knowing how to dress it to get out of my frump.

So I thought it’d be fun to share some of my go-to inexpensive Walmart Fashion outfits for fall! You can use them to shop your own closet or if you need a few pieces to add for a wardrobe refresh.

I always prefer to shop online, read up on reviews, and try on everything in the comfort of my own house since carting a baby along with me to a dressing room isn’t really my idea of fun. But I like that I can return the things that don’t fit well back to the brick and mortar Walmart in my town. Win/win.

These are all of my favorite, basic pieces that can be mixed and matched in all kinds of ways for chasing the kids around the playground, running errands around town, or going out to a date night with the hubby.

And they are all perfect for layering by adding or removing scarves, jackets, and cardigans according to the day’s climate (here in the Carolinas, we bounce around between summer and winter September through November, so layers are a must).

For sizing reference:

I’m 5’7″, 155 lbs, and D chest. I normally wear medium tops and size 6/8 in pants.

(TTS = true to size)

1. High-waist jeans + a long-sleeved pullover + slip-on sneakers

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Mom Friendly Fall Outfits - Pullover shirt, distressed jeans, and slip-on sneakers

Tummy Pooch Trick #1: High waist jeans help conceal the belly area and stay up better than low-riders when chasing the kiddos.

Jeans – Wearing the 8. These have just the right amount of fade and distressing, and they have great tummy-control for my postpartum tummy.

Striped Pullover – Wearing M. I’m so surprised by how soft this shirt is. And it has thumb holes!

Slip-on sneakers – These fit TTS. They come in black too, but I love this blush color! Perfect for chasing my kids and running around the playground.

2. High-waist jeans + loose short-sleeve top + scarf + booties + crossbody bag

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Mom Friendly Fall Outfits - flowy peplum blouse, plaid scarf, cognac crossbody bag, distressed jeans, peep toe booties

Tummy Pooch Trick #2: Flowy peplum style tops help cover any belly lumps and bumps.

Jeans – Wearing size 8. (See above)

Short Sleeve Ruffle Peplum Top – Wearing size M. I love how flowy this top is for hiding belly pooch and it would work well as a 1st-2nd trimester maternity top, but I will say the chest area is slightly too small for my D bust (and the size large was way too big). If you’re large chested, I’d skip this one. Only $14!

Block Heeled Peep-Toe Booties – Fit TTS. These are surprisingly comfy! The heels were a little higher than I expected, so I’d save them for date nights, but they’re soooo cute.

Scarf – This plaid print has all kinds of colors in it – red, white, black, yellow, green, blue… it goes with eeeeeverything. And it’s big enough to wear as a wrap around your shoulders too.

Crossbody cognac bag – New favorite bag for sure and only $15! It has a crochet detail that is so pretty in person and comes in two other colors.

3. Jumpsuit + denim jacket + block heels

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Mom Friendly Fall Outfits - fall jumpsuit with denim jacket and booties

Tummy Pooch Trick #3: Jumpsuits help elongate the torso and hide the tummy. Choose one that is waist defining with ruching.

Jumpsuit – Wearing M. TTS This thing is so soft and comfy, I’m tempted to wear it as pajamas. It has just enough small ruching around the waist to conceal any belly bumps and lumps. And it’s on sale for $16! I normally have a hard time finding jumpsuits that aren’t too short in the torso since I’m on the tall side, but these are the perfect length.

Denim jacket – Wearing M. TTS Definite closet staple must-have. This one is cropped at the perfect length.

4. Black high-waist pants + layering tank + long cardigan + short booties

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Mom Friendly Fall Outfits - all black outfit with pop of color cardigan

Tummy Pooch Trick #4: The age old tip – black is slimming. And so is the “shirt front tuck”.

High-waist black jeans – Wearing size 8. These are very stretchy and forgiving, so you could likely size down, if you’re between sizes.

Embroidered tank top – Wearing M. Great for layering to transition between our wacky back-and-forth fall weather. And it comes in 3 other colors. I’d size down though; this one is a tad large on me.

Long cardigan – Wearing M. I want this cardi in every color! So easy to style up or down and the ribbed detail is slimming. And it’s $17!

Booties – Fit TTS. The block heels help these booties feel really sturdy and supportive. And I think they’re the perfect height, just high enough for going out without feeling like stilettos.

5. High-waist jeans + pullover top + short booties + utility jacket

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Mom Friendly Fall Outfits - pullover, distressed jeans, utility jacket, booties

Tummy Pooch Trick #5: Layers are your best friends.

Jeans – Wearing size 8. (See above)

Striped Pullover – Wearing M. (See above)

Utility Jacket – Wearing M, but err on the side of sizing up, if you’re on the fence about your size. I’m probably going to live in this jacket all fall. Less than $20!

6. High-waist jeans + tie waist tee + booties + moto jacket

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Mom Friendly Fall Outfits | blush moto jacket, jeans, tie waist tee, booties

Tummy Pooch Trick #6: Tie waist shirts help hide the mid-section.

Moto jacket – Wearing M. This blush faux leather moto jacket was my “daring” out-of-my-comfort-zone buy but it’s by far my favorite piece all season! $38 isn’t too shabby either.

Tie waist tee – Wearing M. This is another one of those that I’m ready to pick up in all of the other colors. It’s perfect for layering or all on its own and even though it’s more fitted at the hips with the tie detail, it’s loose in the mid-section to drape over the tummy area beautifully. $11!

High-Waist Jeans – Wearing M. I cannot believe these jeans are only $18. They fit me like a glove because of their stretchiness. But the tummy control isn’t quite as good as the distressed pair and these don’t have front pockets.

Booties – Fit TTS. These would be really cute to wear with a date night dress too. $25

7. High-waist jeans + sweater tank + long cardigan + plaid scarf + short booties + cross-body bag

7 Inexpensive Tummy Hiding Mom Friendly Fall Outfits | sweater tank, jeans, long cardigan, plaid scarf, cognac crossbody bag, peep toe block heel booties

Tummy Pooch Trick #7: Long cardigans make you appear taller and slimmer and draw the eye away from your middle.

High-Waist Jeans – Wearing size 8. (See above)

Sweater Tank – Wearing size M. I didn’t love this tank at first because it was on the short side and showed a little more cleavage than I normally do. But once I layered it with this cardigan and scarf… love it! If you’re smaller chested and shorter than I am, I think this tank would be adorable all on its own too.

Cardigan – Wearing M. (See above)

Scarf – (See above)

Crossbody Bag – (See above)

Booties – TTS. (See above)

The best thing about all of these is I can mix up all of the pieces to form additional outfits from these basic 7, and I know they’ll work for years ahead.

I like to stick to mostly simple jeans and neutral whites and grays (since beige/brown tones wash me out), and I use a color palette of greens, blues, and blush pinks since those tend to look best on my super light, freckly complexion.

Find what 2-3 colors are your favorites, stick to them, use patterns sparingly and your wardrobe combinations will be endless.

Even though I’m clinging tight to summer still, a part of me is really excited to take these boots walking again. Who’s with me here?!


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  1. Thank you for suggesting clothes that are reasonably priced. It seems that often when I click on clothing from bloggers, they are from Nordstroms and cost a fortune. If we are all DIYing to stay on a budget, why would we spend $90 on a sweater? $100+ for jeans? (for example)

    1. Exactly! If I spend more than $25 on a shirt, it better be a gooooooood shirt. And even then, it wouldn’t be for every day wear.

  2. You look amazing in all those outfits. Your modeling skills are THERE! Thank you for sharing your tips and showing all of us how we can feel better about ourselves without spending a million dollars. Your selections are great. I am in NH and Fall has mostly arrived!

    1. Haha! Thank you! Fall has arrived for us but I think it’s only here for a quick visit before summer comes back in a couple of days. It’s nice while it lasts. 😉

  3. You look fabulous in the jumpsuit with the cute denim jacket as well as in the long blue sweater. Those are definitely wonderful outfits for you, very flattering and sliming. Thanks for sharing your ideas and the sizing and links, so helpful!

      1. Would you share how to find what color pallet looks best of skin tone? I always have trouble with this. I have olive completion (Jennifer Lopez) I tend to lean on neutral color and tan/beige but I don’t know if they wash me out. Tfs

        1. Eek, I might have to defer to a beauty blogger on that one. Picking makeup for other’s skin tones is a science and I was an English teacher in my former life, haha.