The Best Cute and Modest Swimsuits With Tummy Control for Moms

10 of the best modest swimsuits with tummy control designed perfectly for moms who crave style and confidence after having kids.

Here is one major truth about moms and swimsuits: different shapes and sizes of body types are ALL beautiful. And the very best thing you could ever wear first and foremost is confidence.

modest one piece swimsuits with tummy control rated for moms and postpartum bodies

After I had my little girls, it took me a while to get to know my “new body” postpartum.

Even though I embrace every single stretch mark and loose bit of skin around my midsection (because dang it, I worked hard for those and love what they brought me), I feel more comfortable chasing my kiddos around the beach when swimsuits give my body the tummy control support it needs.

So I did something way out of my comfort zone and tried on a few cute but modest swimsuits… and shared them on camera… to 119,000 people on Instagram. If anyone is going to be the guinea pig, I guess it might as well be me. It’s okay, guys. I took one for the team.

I had a criteria for these cute yet modest swimsuits…

The Cute and Modest Swimsuit Criteria

  • Moderate to high tummy control
  • Tops not too low-cut to account for grabby toddlers and wardrobe malfunction prevention
  • Full coverage in the booty area
  • Curve-hugging and cute, flattering silhouettes

I legitimately bought roughly 20 swimsuits, tried them all on, and nailed down several that I absolutely love! All for the sake of “mom bod” research. These passed the test for “toddler tugging”, “pooch concealing”, and “tush covering”.

For Try-On Reference

  • I’m 5’8″
  • Normally a size 8/10 in jeans/dresses
  • D top

My Top Favorite Modest Swimwear with Tummy Control

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

bow shoulder modest one piece swimsuit with tummy control and botanical print detail

1. Bow-Shoulder Ruched Swimsuit

This was the priciest slimming swimsuit I bought, but it was absolutely worth it for the flattering fit in comparison to the cheaper suits I tried. 1. The tummy control was the best! 2. The bra cups were sewn in! 3. The booty coverage was the most comfortable. And it’s just gosh darn cute. (I’m wearing a size 10.)

mauve rose ruffled one piece swimsuit with moderate tummy control

2. Ruffled Back Tie One Piece Swimsuit

The seams on the front of this budget-friendly modest one piece suit create a pretty hourglass shape that is such a small detail but it makes a difference! Plus, the tummy control and booty coverage are good. And that ruffle detail with the peek-a-boo cut-out feels extra flirty. This mauve/rose color looks great on so many skin tones too. (I’m wearing a size XL.)

blue nautical stripe one piece modest swimsuit with tummy control

3. Tie-Shoulder Nautical Stripe One Piece Swimsuit

This was another one of the pricier suits, but what I love about this suit other than the fantastic tummy control, sewn-in cups, and full booty coverage is the fact that it has a strip of grippy material across the top to prevent the suit from slipping down as you move. The adjustable straps are made even cuter with a tie detail. (I’m wearing a size 10.)

black belted one piece swimsuit and high neck with keyhole

4. Belted Keyhole Halter Swimsuit

By far my favorite of the more budget-friendly swimsuits I’ve found this year! It’s so classy, figure-flattering, and the most comfortable! I love the high waist belted detail for a slimming effect, and the gathered material in the front is very forgiving. It runs slightly large, so if you’re between sizes, size down. (I’m wearing a size L)

green stripe one piece swimsuit with ruffle and cross back details

5. Ruffled Back Cross One Piece Swimsuit

I felt so cute in this budget-friendly bathing suit with the nautical stripes, defined waist, and ruffled detail. The crossed back keeps straps in their place to feel more secure. It is slightly on the lower-cut side, so if you’re on the busty side and don’t like to be too revealing up top, this one might not be for you. (I’m wearing a size XL.)

More Cute and Modest Swimsuits with Tummy Control

Cheers to the weekend!


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  1. Can’t thank you enough for this post! Was dreading buying a new bathing suit(weight gain) i bought a bunch of your choices from Target and to my surprise they all fit and look good

  2. I watched your stories the other day and have enjoyed this post and just want to say Thank You! I’ve put on a few lbs during quarantine also and not feeling super comfortable in my bathing suit, it just helps to remember I’m not the only one! You should be proud of yourself. ❤

  3. Love your comment, Deb! Similar here except I’ve got the little old lady scrawny fanny (probably a size small) and g-normous breast (probably size gorilla) with a 36 band size. Try finding a suit for that combo. LOL And I’m a good 40 years past the two-piece thing. And to think Lauren wants to talk about her “mom body”. How much cuter could she be?!?

  4. I am well past mom swimsuit status and into old lady status – similar issues with the added bonus of saggy skin 🙁 – but I still appreciate you taking this on for ‘the team’.