10 Easy Tips How to Dress to Hide Mom Belly Pooch

Simplified styling tips and tricks with outfit ideas for hiding postpartum belly pooch to feel confident in a postpartum mommy body.

Major disclaimer: I am so not a fashion blogger. If you visit our house unannounced, you will catch me in paint splattered yoga pants and old T-shirts. That’s just a fact.

I won’t even pretend like I’m a fashionista every day, but learning how to dress to feel more confident in my post-baby body was a game changer for me.

Simplified styling tips and tricks with outfit ideas for hiding postpartum belly pooch to feel confident in a postpartum mommy body.

How to Feel Confident With a Mom Pooch

After you have a baby, there’s just nothing that can make you feel good about your postpartum body again quite like a fashion refresh.

My body and I have had a love/hate journey the last 11 years since my first born came along. You can lose all of the baby weight, but that belly pooch and those widened hips that pushed an 8 pound bowling ball between them aren’t going anywhere without a fight.

Best Outfits to Hide a Belly

Whatever your situation is in causing the mom belly, what you can do right now is feel more confident in the skin you’re in by learning how to dress the curves.

I had such a hard time loving my new body after our first kiddo, but over the years I’ve become so thankful that it was able to carry 2 healthy babes. You earned those stretch mark tiger stripes, mama! It’s so easy to take that for granted when so many women would give anything for that.

Sometimes all it takes to learn how to embrace your new mom bod is discovering a few tricks about how to dress to hide a tummy. Curves ARE beautiful! These tips will just give you a little boost to get your confidence back.

Whether you had your baby 6 days ago or 26 years ago or you just aren’t comfortable wearing tummy-skimming clothing, I hope this gives you a little help.

My personal sizing stats:

  • 5’7″ 170 lbs
  • Tops – Size M/L
  • Pants – Size 10
  • Dresses – Size 10/12

7 Ways to Dress to Hide Belly Pooch:

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tie waist button down dress

1. Tie Waist Tops and Dresses

I love that tie waist is a big trend currently because it is so good at hiding all of the bumps and pooches! Woo to the hoo!

Look for blouses that have a tie detail at the waist or shirt dresses or wrap dresses that tie in the middle.

TIP: Look for button-down tie-waist like this corduroy dress I’m wearing so you can use it for nursing or pumping, if you’re a breastfeeding mama.

red midi postpartum dress

2. Midi & Maxi Dresses

I lived in maxi dresses during both of my pregnancies, but they’re perfect for transitioning to postpartum too.

TIP: Red is one of the most slimming colors in the psychology of color, according to Science Direct. This red off-shoulder midi dress feels super flirty, but also has plenty of room for a mom tummy!

best postpartum swimsuit

3. Ruching

Ruched details on dresses, tops, and swimsuits are great at hiding the midsection “lumps and bumps”.

TIP: Ruched clothing is often available with built-in tummy control to give you additional support, if you need.

MiracleSuit is the best swimsuit brand for postpartum because they have the best tummy control! They’re not as inexpensive as Walmart or Target, but the quality is worth it. I have 5 year-old MiracleSuits still going strong.

navy blue linen midi dress postpartum outfit

4. Dark Colors

I lived in black and navy for a month solid after having both of my babies since it hides belly bump shadows… and spit-up, breast milk, baby poop. Ya know, all of that glamorousness.

Similarly to red, black and navy are the most slimming according to color psychology because shadows caused by the body’s curves disappear.

TIP: Choose a dress with an empire waist for extra tummy room.

jumpsuit outfit to hide belly

5. Jumpsuits

If you’ve never tried a jumpsuit, they are amazing at elongating the body and creating the illusion of a smaller tummy.

TIP: Button-down jumpsuits are even better because that line of buttons elongates the body even further. Choose one that is slightly loose in the pants so torso width is in proportion to the legs. Skinny pants legs can create the look of more weight in your middle.

mom outfit for summer

5. Front Tuck

This little trick is my best friend. Front tuck eeeeeeverything! If you want to make long-ish flowy shirts look a little more polished while hiding your tummy, tuck just the front into a pair of mid-waist jeans or shorts. It makes such a huge difference to camouflage your middle and make you feel less frumpy.

TIP: There is no shame in using tummy control underwear. It might not be your thing, but I love the feeling of having that support where my abdomen muscles don’t feel as strong anymore.

postpartum outfit with leather pants, tee, and cardigan

6. Wraps, Kimonos, and Cardigans

Kimonos or cardigans paired with basic tees was one of my go-to outfits during my pregnancy, and it’s still my favorite thing for warmer months years later when I’m feeling menstrual bloat.

TIP: Wraps, kimonos, and cardigans slim the tummy because they create that long-line effect similarly to the button-down jumpsuit. You subconsciously notice that line created in the middle of your whole torso rather than just the tummy area itself.

black wrap top and trouser jeans outfit to hide a belly

7. V-Neck & Wrap Tops

V-neck tops have a slimming effect compared to crew-neck or turtle-neck tops. Wrap tops are even better because they accentuate the waist while just skimming the tummy area.

TIP: Choose a cropped wrap top paired with high-waist jeans or trousers to create an hourglass shape.

best mom jeans for hiding pooch

8. Dark Wash Flare or Bootcut Jeans

If your goal is to draw attention away from your tummy area, opt for dark wash jeans with straight, flare, or bootcut legs so that your legs are in proportion to your tummy/hip area.

The dark wash reduces the look of shadows caused by curves while the wider legs create a flattering shape.

styling a dress to hide tummy with belt and cardigan

9. Add a Belt & Pointed Shoes

A flowing dress can make your body look wider than it really is while square shaped shows can make legs appear shorter.

Adding a belt creates an hourglass shape, and choosing pointed shows (especially in a nude color) creates the look of a longer body. Adding a cardigan never hurts either.

styling a dress to hide belly with cropped jacket

10. Cropped Jacket

Choosing a cropped jacket or cardigan that hits you right at the waist adds a layer that distracts from the tummy area while accentuating the smallest middle part of your body.

TIP: Swapping square shaped black heels for pointed nude colored shoes elongates the body here too.

I wish I’d known some of these slimming fashion tricks back in the day when I felt so uncomfortable adjusting to my new mom bod.

Love that body of yours, mama. It worked hard to carry those sweet babes, and don’t you ever doubt its beauty for a second.

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  1. Great post. I think you look fabulous and you have chosen styles that are very flattering for your body. It has been decades since size 8 jeans were possible!! So that and your height really help you look so good!

  2. How cute are you?! You look absolutely fantastic!

    I love both the off-the shoulder shirts…but I have to ask you…what about the boobs? lol What bra ar you wearing and is it comfortable and…secure?

    1. Claudine, that was my exact thought too πŸ™‚ Lauren looks fantastic in those off the shoulder tops, but I worry I’d never be able to pull it off without a bra with straps.