Halloween Foyer Chest and Vintage Skeleton Printable

A Halloween vignette on an entryway table using items already around the house for a festive foyer to greet trick-or-treaters.

Rumor has it fall temps are FINALLY supposed to hit the Carolinas this weekend and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Every October, my in-laws plan this massive pumpkin carving party, which we’ll be attending this weekend, so it has me all in the Halloween mood.

We’re not normally Halloween decorating people.

The ghosts and goblins thing just feels like it’s too much when we have kiddos who are so little and freaked out by that sort of thing. (Plus, Robert has a major phobia of spiders, and I can’t even look a picture of a snake… so we’re a ball of nerves over here, I guess, when it comes to the Halloween creepy crawlies.)

But I usually try to do a little hint of it right at our front door in our foyer since it’s the spot that all of our trick-or-treaters see. Keeping with the spirit of the eve and all.

While we were out running errands this week, Robert and I made a pit stop at a local antique store we’d been meaning to visit, and I found this funky cast iron candelabra that was just begging to become Halloween decor.

So I scooped up a bunch of leftover faux black berry stems I had from the guest bedroom, stacked a couple of Trader Joe’s pumpkins, and placed the spooky candelabra find on an old tray that belonged to my grandmother with a couple of vintage books.

To top it off, I placed our volume of Edgar Allan Poe on the chest open to the story “The Tell-Tale Heart”. I remember being SO freaked out by it when I read it in 8th grade. Shudder. (The former English teacher in me kind of geeks out.)

And I found this vintage skeleton diagram from public domain that I stuck in a frame we already had.

If you’re a Bless’er House email subscriber, the printable download is already in your email inbox today (or available in the Printable Library at the bottom of all of my emails I send).

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It’s amazing what you can whip up when you shop your house, huh? All that’s missing is a bowl of candy and we’re all set.

But we can’t buy that until the day before Halloween or it will be totally gone by the actual day because of our household candy thieves. Raising my hand – guilty over here.

Are you doing any Halloween decor this year? Or keeping it fall generic? The rest of our house is still very much neutral barely-fall, but I love it that way.

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  1. Love this! perfect for Halloween. I usually have fall decorations with a touch of halloween just before 10/31 and then it comes down right after. I think it’s fun to have some decor at the door for the kiddos when I open the door. Adds to the festivity and fun of the evening.
    I’m loving all your recent decor, and the blackberries are perfect and unexpected.

  2. Hello Lauren, this is off topic today, and I apologize for that in advance. However I saw your beautiful staircase in your pictures today, and I must must must ask you – did you guys do it? If so, can you please do a post on it or if you have already can you send me the link? I am new to following you, but I have come to relish your posts and also your recent candor regarding your struggle with post partum depression. Kudos! I’m certain it was helpful to many and I forwarded it to my daughter who is expecting her second child. Back to the staircase, we want to do two bottom round steps – one bigger than the other as well. We don’t have unlimited resources and we must be able to accomplish this ourselves. Currently our stairs have been stripped of carpet and the million + 6 micro carpet staples. (Funny thing about that, I didn’t know there was an actual tool, so I’m pulling them out one by one with needle-nosed pliers, through an entire 2600 square foot house. Oi) We painted kilz on the subflooring on the step/risers. We did that in January of this year. Needless to say I’m quite anxious to deal with the steps. We have a divided staircase – part of it is sandwiched between two walls and then part of it has a few more step, then a landing and two more steps down. The bottom two steps we think we might be able to skip the railing and leave them open and rounded. That would improve and open the entry visually very nicely. I’m trying not to believe I’m in over my head. So today’s my birthday, and you will make it complete if you can point me in the right direction regarding retreading our staircase! I want to do the tread in a light wood color, but with a hardwood or a laminate hardwood even, as that would go with my light maple cabinetry. I’m betting we will see in the next few years is a resurgence toward light-colored wood within the house especially in the kitchen again. I’m taking that bet. Probably because I’m unwilling to paint my kitchen cabinets. No, I really think light woods such as non-yellowed maple, bamboo, acacia and teak going to come back in popularity too. Love the stuff you show us Lauren and really appreciate you taking the time to share and Inspire us all. I believe your genuineness is the most inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  3. The candelabra is perfect inspiration! As a former and now retired high school English teacher, I love the addition of the volume of Edgar Allan Poe! It all comes together for just the right touch of Halloween!

  4. Lol I know what you mean about the candy. We do not have kids left at home but, the biggest kid of all still lives here. Yes you probably guessed it, my hubby and he would eat all of it then say, I ony had a few.

    Your decor looks great all that is needed. I myself am looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorating, can’t wait.

  5. I like to decorate Fall, but add a few Halloween stuff just for the 31st and then I take it down.

    One year though, my daughter found a black ring holder in the shape of a hand at the thrift store, we bought it and put a fake apple in the hand with a note that said: Apple? and a vintage bottle behind it that was labeled poison. So, yeah, I get how that happens sometimes….and it is fun.

  6. Love it!!!! I am also a “fall” decorator and not a “Halloween” decorator. I have a couple jack-o-lantern candle holders I put out, but that’s it. This way I can decorate the weekend after Labor Day for Fall and leave it all up until the weekend after Thanksgiving when Christmas explodes in every. single. room.

  7. That looks so amazing! And the beautiful thing is that if you just take down the book and skeleton pic, and replace the candelabra with a fall scent candle, BOOM, instant fall decor. You’re so creative and I love your blog.

  8. super printable, but see how that chest brings out the richness of the matching bannister? notice how it spells “history” and brings relief from a lot of neutral pales? I hope you don’t paint that beautiful thing! ann

  9. Oooohhh, orange pumpkins!!! I knew you would come to your senses, LOL! Hahahaha! I love your awesome Halloween display! (Poe is my favorite author, so of course I love it!) The candelabra is perfect, and the vintage skeleton print and black berries are great. It is Halloween, without being too cutesy or overly scary.

  10. Absolutely love this touch of Halloween. I’m of the “a little says a lot” school. The candelabra is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love this vignette! It is absolutely a perfect combination of subtle yet says Halloween. You have a cool antique store. Lucky you!

  12. Halloween has always been one of my favorites but since the kids are grown and the grands busy with there own parties and other activities I really stick to more of an neutral fall decor that works for me through to Christmas. I have one table with some black pottery,my old faux crow and a small book of spells. The witchy side of me needs to honor all Hallows eve!!

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