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10 Spa Bathroom Ideas to Create Luxury for Less at Home

How to create the feeling of a spa bathroom in your own home using these 10 luxury for less bathroom decorating ideas.

spa bathroom ideas at home with lavender, candle, shaded sconces, and decorative mirrors
Vanity | Mirror | Floor Tile | Sconces | Candle | Knobs | Faucets | Lavender

With all of the school parties, family gatherings, and schedule overload lately, if there’s anything we all deserve right now, it’s a spa day. (I’m lookin’ at all of you mamas out there.)

Because I am tired to the bone over here, and I’ll bet you are too.

But thanks to that overloaded schedule, actually carving out time to go to the spa for some relaxation is well… definitely not happening.

So I thought maybe at least it would help to pull together several of my favorite bathroom decorating ideas to help you create a luxury for less spa bathroom right at home. You know… for the few minutes of the day when you can actually have a shred of peace and quiet. (Is that a thing?)

spa bathroom shelf with apothecary jars, eucalyptus from the shower head, and waffle weave towels
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Spa Bathroom Ideas to Create Luxury for Less

1. Add a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker to Stream Spa Music

I just found this SoundBot waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a suction cup on the back and am totally a fan! It’s so inexpensive, has amazing sound, and would make a cool budget friendly gift idea too.

(It has speaker phone capability too so you can call people in the shower, but I’ll totally be ignoring that feature because… why? No one should be calling me in the shower about my car’s extended warranty, mmkay?)

I love streaming the Vitamin String Quartet radio station on Spotify that creates a spa experience.

bluetooth shower speaker and matching soap dispensers to create a spa bathroom experience

2. Use Space Saving Soap Dispenser Sets

These shower soap dispenser sets look so chic, and are so much better than using store bought bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They save much space, and just make the shower look organized and luxurious.

shower dispenser set in shower niche with waterproof bluetooth speaker

3. Hang a Eucalyptus Bundle from Your Shower Head

I didn’t learn this until recently, but if you hang a bundle of eucalyptus (fresh or dried) with twine from your shower head, the steam from the shower will release natural essential oils to help open up your airways.

It’s great for stress relief (according to this study), aids in pain relief (according to this study), and improves respiratory health (according to this study).

Just be mindful that eucalyptus can be toxic to pets, so remove it before bathing your animals. If you have natural stone in your shower, eucalyptus can possibly cause staining on those materials. (Our tile is marble look porcelain.)

eucalyptus hanging from shower head for aromatherapy

4. Add Lavender to a Vase for Aromatherapy

Just like eucalyptus in the shower, you can also place cut lavender (fresh or dried) in a vase in your bathroom for relaxing aromatherapy. Lavender is known to reduce effects of insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and depression (according to this source).

dried lavender in a vase as bathroom decor on a vanity for a spa bathroom experience at home

5. Use Shaded Sconces for Soft Spa Bathroom Lighting

I love the timeless look of shaded sconce lights, but it also has the benefit of creating soft ambience to give the feeling of a relaxing spa bathroom. (If your vanity light boxes are positioned above your mirror, these shaded sconces could work instead.)

shaded sconce lights in a bathroom with Venetian mirrors

6. Use Waffle Weave Cotton Towels to Mimic a European Spa Bathroom Look

Waffle weave towels create the feeling of a spa bathroom because they’re much more lightweight, breathable, trap moisture better, dry quicker, and take up less storage space than the thicker plush towels.

Because these towels are pure cotton, they release dirt, stain, and odors better than other fabrics and are lint-free and toxin-free.

open shelving in a bathroom with apothecary jars and waffle weave towels

7. Store Bathroom Essentials in Apothecary Jars

It’s so easy to dress up a box of cotton balls or Q-tips just by placing them into apothecary jars. I use them every day on our bathroom shelf and love how accessible yet “pretty” they are as simple bathroom decorating ideas that are super functional.

apothecary jars with q tips and bath sponges for spa bathroom storage

8. Swap Basic Mirrors for Decorative Ones

Changing your basic builder grade mirror is one of the best bathroom decorating ideas to elevate your space to look like a spa bathroom. Frame your existing mirror with wood or swap it completely with a more decorative style.

Venetian mirrors, shaded sconces, and lavender in a vase for spa bathroom decor

9. Hang Peaceful Art

A few pieces of relaxing art makes all the difference, so choose pieces that make you breathe deeply and feel respite. I love these high end bathroom art ideas for a tiny budget to create the feeling of a spa bathroom.

relaxing bathroom art and wooden toilet seat

10. Keep a Candle Handy

Make it a ritual to light a candle as you shower at night or get ready in the mornings. It’s a small gesture, but it sets the mood for relaxation in everyday tasks and makes your bathroom feel like a spa in the simplest of ways.

bathroom vanity decor ideas with lavender in a vase, candle, and jewelry tray

More Home Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you want to take your bathroom a step further when creating an interior design or renovating, here are some other ideas to consider.

  • Stick to white walls or a neutral color scheme to evoke feelings of calm
  • Choose white tile to create a sense of clean minimalism
  • Implement a wood tone to add warmth
  • Allow natural light into the space as much as possible
  • Use a vanity with storage or a medicine cabinet to keep toiletries out of sight
  • Add a bath mat and/or towel warmer to keep it cozy

Bathroom Sources

More Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas

wooden bathroom vanity with marble countertop and scalloped backsplash

Do you have any bathroom decorating ideas you’ve used to make your bathroom feel like a spa? There are tons more, but those are my go-to ones that are rather simple and inexpensive to implement without requiring any major bathroom renovating.

It’s those little details that really do make such a big difference to set the mood in a room, which in turn, helps set the tone for your entire day.

Any others you would add to the list?


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  1. Great tips I love reading seeing these ideas I’m very much into diy interior design I’m designing my bathroom into a spa feel like relaxing bathroom I’ve many ideas I quite like the warm luxury wood feel with bamboo accessories hamper baskets but also like the modern classic touch to glass crome chanel accesories so I can swap over accessories what are your views on this I’d like to send photos of my bathroom the quick accesories turnover to do this doesn’t have to be expensive to swap and change I hope to hear from you xx

    1. I am a big fan of having interchangeable decor. I have a post about how I do the same.

      What you have described sounds lovely. I wish I could give specific advice on decor but I get too many decorating questions to answer them all and have to step away to spend time with family. But I have a Bless’er House Decorating Group you’re welcome to join to submit questions and get input from lots of helpful people in this community. 😊 I try to pop in there too when I can. I do these Decorating SOS submissions about once a month and will announce it here for the next one.

      Here is the link for the decorating group


  2. Lauren – I have enjoyed following your blog for quite awhile. It was a place for a couple minutes of quiet and peace. Lately, the number of ads, the lay-out and disruption of the flow makes if very, very hard to read. I know the ads are there so you can make money off of the blog. But the number of ads and popups? Nearing over the top. I see that you have gone through a remake of how things look on your website with your blog. This is just my opinion, but it feels a lot more cluttered and difficult to read now. Example – the Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and email circles on the left-hand side of the screen cover up text in your blog when I read on my laptop and it’s distracting. It may just be me, but I find reading your blog not as relaxing as I used to and therefore, wonder if it’s something I want to continue doing. Just my thoughts!