Our Garage Exterior Progress & Outdoor Lighting Updates

Sorry for the radio silence last week! We were spending some much-needed family time together since Robert has been gone for the past month.

I didn’t want to mention it here on the blog or on social media for security reasons (we don’t share when we’re out of town for that reason either), but Robert has been gone to GA to train as a mortgage loan originator.

He’ll still be running things here alongside me full time, but we’re excited about new opportunities for our family that doesn’t put all of our proverbial eggs in the blogging basket.

We wrapped up the front yard makeover juuuust before he left at the beginning of July, and ever since I’ve been meaning to share our garage’s transformation because it’s CRAZY!

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

A couple of years ago, we limewashed the brick with Romabio Bianco White, painted the yellowy cream trim Behr Ultra Pure White, and painted the gutters and shutters with Behr Cracked Pepper.

We cut down a couple of the dying trees that had created a hazard, and sprucing up the flower beds with stone blocks and mulch brought it all to life.

It’s been a long several years to get this far, and it’s not finished yet. But my gosh this before and “during”!

This week, we finally replaced the busted motion sensor spotlights with these motion sensor lanterns instead.

They’re so pretty! And way more functional than the droopy lights that were there before.

These are a few other motion sensor lights we considered before landing on ours:

Eventually, we’ll replace the garage door, but painting it black did just fine to last us a while.

The inside of the garage is not pretty at all, so we’ll dive into all of that soon as our next big project on our house’s to-do list… along with eventually replacing the fence, stamping the driveway… good thing we’re gonna be here a while.

Got any great garage organization tips or resources in the meantime? We’ll take them all!

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  1. Hi Lauren,
    The house looks so beautiful! What kind of paint sheen did you use on shutters, door, and garage door? It’s perfection πŸ‘ŒπŸ»It’s just enough to accent architectural details.

  2. Love the before and after! Congrats to husband. I am a Realtor in Colorado and the market is insane. We have refinanced twice in nine months! Homes under 500K have a dozen offers. Love the little corner with the brick. We have a space similar to that… hmmm… got me thinking! laura