Our Walmart Patio Furniture Review Over 2 Years Later

A full review of the Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks and Brookbury patio furniture from Walmart and how they have held up 2 years later.

Robert and I have been super into all things backyard lately (and we have 41 DIY backyard projects to prove it… WHEW!), but one of the most frequent questions I always get is “How do you like your Walmart outdoor furniture?”

walmart patio furniture product review 1 year later

Our Brutally Honest Review of Our Walmart Outdoor Furniture

Now that we’ve had our Better Homes & Gardens patio furniture sets and outdoor dining tables for over 2 year (and our back porch conversation set for over 3 years), I thought it would help to dive into the pros and cons about them. 

We have many favorite features about our outdoor seats and tables, but they’re not perfect. There are a few things to keep in mind to decide if they’re the right choice for your own backyard.

So if you prefer doing lots of research like I do before making big furniture purchases, I hope this in-depth review will help you. 

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backyard pool with DIY cabana and string lights
back porch with haint blue ceiling and outdoor conversation set
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For weather condition context, we live in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina where it only snows a couple days per year in the winter months. And we don’t typically get super windy conditions. 

We do experience weeks of freezing temperatures in winter, and we have very high precipitation in spring and summer (even more rainfall on average annually than Seattle).

Our weather is especially humid in summer, so mildew can be a battle on our outdoor wicker, seat cushions, and patio furniture covers in our climate. 

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back porch at night with string lights and lanterns

Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks Outdoor Conversation Set

We’ve had this River Oaks 5-piece conversation set from the Better Homes & Gardens brand at Walmart on our back porch for over 3 years, and would absolutely give it 4.5 stars. Okay, really it’s more like 4.8 stars with only a couple of minor complaints. 

Our River Oaks set came with an outdoor all-weather wicker sofa, 2 swivel chairs, a 2-piece nesting coffee table, and weather-proof covers.

Color Options

The River Oaks style comes in several other furniture configuration sets. You can now choose between a tan wicker / beige cushion color or dark brown wicker / beige cushion color.

Shipping & PickUp Options

We picked it up from our local store in two large boxes, but it does come with free shipping if it’s not available near you. 

Set Configurations

outdoor swivel chairs on a back porch with white coffee table and striped outdoor rug

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How the River Oaks Set Has Held Up 3 Years Later

I was a little nervous about how grimy the cushions on this conversation set would look over time.

But the all-weather outdoor covers that come with the set helps a lot during the heavy pollen season (we only cover them in the winter and periodically around April when the pollen is at its worst). 


Any big spills we’ve had on the cushions have scrubbed right up with mild soap and a terry cloth.

I’ve only had to fully clean the cushions once in the entire time we’ve owned them (and that was a year ago when they really weren’t too dirty to begin with). 

To be fair, these seats are protected a bit from the elements since we have this on our covered porch. But it does get damp out here on rainy days, and so far the set looks mostly like new. 

The 5-piece set does come with nesting tables with a marble finish larger table and a smaller table, but we chose to swap it for a simple white outdoor coffee table instead. 

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patio sofa on a back porch with neutral outdoor pillows


We tested outdoor furniture sets in stores from Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, IKEA, and Target, and still felt this Walmart set was the best in terms of quality for the price.

  • Cushion fabric is fade resistant and stain/water repellant (The cushions are not completely waterproof though as the polyfill inside can still get wet in the rain.)
  • Rust-resistant metal frames
  • All-weather wicker
  • Comes with patio covers to protect from harsh weather
  • Loose cushions for easy cleaning and/or storing in off-season
  • Classic style
  • Smooth mechanisms on swivel gliders (in our experience)
  • Available in 2 colors: Dark Brown / Beige and Natural / Beige
  • 4 out of 5 stars on cushion comfort
  • Price – This 5-piece set is currently on sale for $994 and it looks similar to this Pottery Barn patio set for less than a fifth of the price.

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wicker swivel chairs on a back porch with striped black pillows


  • Cushions do still get wet. (See that wet looking spot on the front corner of that cushion in the photo below? It was still slightly wet there when I photographed the sofa from sitting out in the rain when we were refinishing the deck.)
  • Swivel chairs don’t lock. It’s such a small thing, but I wish the chairs had a lock so that they wouldn’t keep spinning around when there is a breeze. I wedge a small side table between the two chairs and place a planter on either side to keep them from moving.
  • Cushions are a little on the thin side. They are reasonably comfortable, especially for the price, but they would definitely feel better with a couple more inches of foam pad.
wicker outdoor sofa on a back porch
wicker swivel chairs on a back porch with side table

We did end up swapping the nesting coffee table that came with the set for this white outdoor coffee table only because I liked the look of a simple table better.

If you need a high-end looking patio set on a lower budget though, I absolutely still recommend this set as the best outdoor furniture even now 3 years after buying it.

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back porch conversation set with string lights and lanterns at night

Better Homes and Gardens Kennedy Pointe Outdoor Dining Table

We’ve had these two outdoor dining tables from the Better Homes & Gardens brand at Walmart on our pool deck patio area for over 2 years, and would give it 4.5 stars.

Our Kennedy Pointe outdoor dining table is made of steel but is made to look like wood, so it has much more durability and requires less maintenance than real wood.

Its classic style with black leg supports works with a variety of decorating styles: modern, rustic, transitional, etc.

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patio tables and chairs with umbrellas beside backyard kitchen and pool
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How Our Walmart Patio Table Has Held Up After 2 Years

We are so happy with the durability of these outdoor dining tables since buying them in 2022. It’s worth noting that we do not store or cover these tables at all. They sit out on our concrete pool deck all year, even through winter.

There is one chipped place on the edge of one of the tables that shows some rust, but that is the only damage so far.

We haven’t really noticed any significant fading or problems with discoloration.

One of our crape myrtle trees experienced sooty black mold last fall that got black grime on absolutely everything, and it was difficult to get that grime cleaned out from the grain texture in the tabletop, but it’s nothing a pressure washer set on low with a little Krud Kutter can’t fix.

Normally, I just wipe them down with some Method all-purpose cleaner and a rag before eating on them.

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slight damage on a patio table


  • Made of steel with a wood grain look for durability
  • Sturdy material
  • Realistic wood grain effect design
  • Easy to clean
  • Classic style
  • Designed with an umbrella hole (and hole cover when not in use) so you can add additional shade
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable feet to correct wobbly legs on an uneven surface

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outdoor table beside a pool in a backyard with french bistro chairs


  • Because it’s made of metal, this table does get hot when sitting in the sun in summer. That’s really our only minor complaint so far other than the one place that chipped in the tabletop.

All in all, we absolutely love these tables and wholeheartedly recommend them. For $298 each, they are great quality and will last a long time.

We also bought these very durable outdoor French bistro chairs 4 years ago, and they are still like new! They’re made of resin with aluminum frames and are very sturdy and comfortable.

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backyard patio dining sets with striped umbrellas beside an outdoor kitchen

Better Homes and Gardens Brookbury Sectional Dining Set

We’ve had this patio dining set from the Better Homes & Gardens brand at Walmart under our DIY pergola cabana for over 2 years, and give it 4.5 stars too considering the price, which is currently $897 (in the light gray/beige color).

I’ve read a few reviews about shipping / delivery issues, but we didn’t experience any problems.

Our Brookbury sectional dining set that seats 7 people came with an outdoor all-weather wicker sectional sofa, two cushioned ottoman stools, a dining table, and weather-proof covers. The Brookbury style comes in several other colors too.

backyard pool cabana with wicker sectional dining set
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Brookbury Dining Set Color Options

There is a premium fabric version as well that has a 5 year warranty.

How the Brookbury Set Has Held Up After 2 Years

I was worried about how dirty the cushions on this dining set would look after a while, especially since this set sits out in the open air without any protection from rain.

The all-weather covers that come with the set helps a lot during the winter and heavy pollen season. We cover them in the winter, periodically around April when the pollen is at its worst, and if we happen to think about covering them before a big rain storm (but they get rained on a LOT).

Any big spills we’ve had on the cushions have scrubbed right up with mild soap and a terry cloth. I’ve never once had to fully clean these cushions; they’ve only been spot cleaned, so the fabric looks amazing considering that.

We haven’t experience any holes or rips in the fabric at all, and our kids (and their friends) are super rough on them as we host pool parties all summer. All in all, we feel it’s the best patio furniture for the price when it comes to multifunction.

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outdoor dining set in a backyard pool cabana


  • Versatility – I love the dual function of this set that can be used as a sofa for lounging or for dining. It’s the perfect solution if you have a small patio space that needs to serve your family’s needs in a variety of ways.
  • Made of weather resistant metal and PE wicker
  • Rust resistant and fade resistant
  • Simple, classic design
  • Easy to clean – I just use Folex and a terry cloth to scrub away spills
  • Dining table has umbrella hole (with cover when not in use) to add additional shade if needed
  • Comes with patio covers to protect from harsh weather
  • Loose cushions for easy cleaning and/or storing in off-season
  • Available in 5 colors
  • 4 out of 5 stars on cushion comfort
  • Price – This set is currently on sale for $897
  • Smart design to serve a variety of functional needs in a small outdoor space
wicker patio dining set under a backyard pergola


  • Cushions do still get wet. After a heavy downpour, we hang up the cushions to dry between the slats of our pergola so water can drain out of them. I wish the cushions were completely waterproof.
  • Ottomans don’t have storage. It’s such a small detail, but I wish the ottomans had a lift-off top to be used to store items. I think that was a slight missed opportunity in the design to make it even more functional.
  • Cushions are a little on the thin side. They are reasonably comfortable, especially for the price, but they would definitely feel better with a couple more inches of foam pad.

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backyard cabana with outdoor dining set

So that’s the full run-down of our Better Homes and Gardens outdoor furniture!

We are so happy with all three of these pieces, and now that I’ve seen how well they have all held up with time, I’m thinking about replacing our poolside chaise lounge chairs that require way more maintenance.

Buying cheap outdoor furniture helps out the budget, but if it’s not going to last over the years, it’s not really worth it in the long run. Thankfully, our Walmart outdoor furniture has proven to be great at both budget and durability.

I’m glad we could be the guinea pigs on this little experiment, so that we could confidently recommend them to you guys who ask me about them all the time. We will always be honest about everything we share because we would want the same treatment done to us.

I hope this helped! Anything else you want us to review next?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks patio furniture come with a warranty?

Yes, the Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks patio furniture has a 3 year warranty on the frame and the fabric. It has a 1 year warranty on the PE wicker and ceramic tile.

Does Better Homes and Gardens patio furniture come with outdoor covers?

The Better Homes and Gardens River Oaks and Brookbury patio furniture collections both come with all-weather patio covers. We have owned our patio sets for 2 and 3 years now, and although the covers have faded, they have never ripped.

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  1. Have had two sets of the swivel chairs for the last three years. Absolutely love them especially at this price point. Because ours are on an uncovered deck, we do put the covers on nightly. Like you I wish there were a locking mechanism so they wouldn’t spin even in a breeze. The only other con is that the sun is beginning to dry out the covers so they are beginning to rip in places. My solution is to use duct tape on the underside so it doesn’t even show. When I finally have had enough of the rips I’ll purchase new covers.

  2. Thanks, Lauren. I am in mid-Ohio and unless I had an enclosed three season room I could never ever have gorgeous wicker furniture like that. Drool worthy back yard. Please oh please please invite me to your next bbq – I’d hop on a plane to see your yard and swim in your pool as soon as I could! You should be so very proud of the job you did – it’s perfect design and should be featured 0n magazine covers.

    Have an enjoyable weekend.

    1. Thank you, Michelle, for your supporting encouragement. Thank you for following along. We truly enjoy our space and try to never take it for granted.

  3. Are the cushion covers removable on the conversation set where they could be thrown in the washing machine?