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10 Outdoor DIY Projects Perfect for Spring

A round-up of our favorite DIY projects to completely transform yards and porches for curb appeal and outdoor entertaining.

If I had a dollar for every outdoor project we did in the dead heat of summer where I said, “Holy cow! I wish we had done this in the spring.” Well, I’d have a lot of dollars. Ya feel me?

Whew! I’m sweating just thinking about some of them.

But I’ll tell you this: our outdoor projects are some of my absolute favorites. They really are the gifts that keep on giving year after year as our girls run around in the yard with friends and we invite family and neighbors over for backyard cookouts and pool parties.

It’s taken us nearly four years to get to this point. In the beginning, the job always felt so monumental and completely impossible. But it’s the little steps and the “taking small bites” out of this backyard that have really amazed us at how far we’ve come. And we’re not even finished yet.

Home wasn’t built in a day, that’s for sure. But goodness that long journey is so rewarding and worth so much more than if we had just hired a contractor to transform this entire space within a few weeks. I appreciate it ever so much more because our own hard work with our own two hands went into so much of it.

We have so many great outdoor projects planned in the coming months, but if you’re needing some ideas now, these are our top 10 favorites.

10 Outdoor Projects Perfect for Spring

1. DIY Flower Bed Makeover

2. DIY Outdoor Movie Screen & S’mores Table


3. DIY Painted Concrete Pool Deck & Patio


4. Stencil Painted Porch Floor

5. DIY Fire Pit Done in a Weekend


6. How to Paint Vinyl Siding & Pool Shed Makeover


7. How to Restore Wood Outdoor Furniture


8. 6 Ways to Refresh a Front Porch for Spring


9. Outdoor Curtains for Just $5 Each


10. How to Plant a Thriving Raised Bed Vegetable Garden (even if you’re a beginner)

Anyone else ready for sunshine and getting your hands dirty? Are you planning any big outdoor projects soon?

We’ll be sharing our first one of the season later this week. Ahhh!

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