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6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway

DIY and decorating ideas to add interest to a boring window-less hallway + thrifting project tutorials and free printables to pull it off inexpensively.

Here’s the reality:  When we first moved into this house and toured it during the home search process, our upstairs hallway wasn’t exactly on my list of priorities.

I mean… it’s a hallway. It gets us from A to B. Nothing to write home about. (Har har… accidental pun.)

But we walk through our hallway roughly 80 billion times a day (only a sliiiiight exaggeration), so why wouldn’t we give it some love?

This is where it started when we first moved in two years ago.

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com

A whole lotta womp-womp nada happening. And also a whole lotta beige.

Now, it’s rockin’ this look:

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - light gray painted walls in hallway with runner, wall decor, and plants

This was the other side of the hallway.

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - beige window-less hallway

And now:

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - light gray painted hallway with dark charcoal doors, a runner, new lighting, and wall decor

Isn’t it so much better?! I can’t get over the difference! The paint alone makes this space feel so much more airy and bright.

And it really didn’t take that much of an effort to get it all jazzed up. If you’re suffering from boring-hallway-itis, here’s how to deal…

6 Ways to Decorate a Boring Hallway:

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

1. Add interesting lighting

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - hallway art and magic light trick wall sconce accent lighting

If you’ve never heard of the Magic Light Trick from Nesting With Grace, go do it now! It makes adding a little wall sconce accent without electricity so easy when you need to brighten up a dark corner of your home.

Swapping out boring ceiling lights with a fancier flush mount helps a bit too.

2. Throw in a plant or two

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - plant stand made from a thrifted piano stool

I have a self-proclaimed black thumb, so I go the fake plant route, but this list of house plants has lots of ideas for ones you can put in your hallway that require little to no sunlight at all.

I swiped this artificial fiddle leaf fig from our living room because it felt more at home in this corner. And this artificial potted plant I stuck on my DIY piano stool plant stand looks like the real thing even up close.

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - fiddle leaf fig tree

3. Paint your doors for contrast

Ever since we painted all of our interior doors Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, I haven’t regretted it for one second! It makes all of our rooms so much more high end for just the cost of paint.

This hallway has a va-va-voom factor just because of the door color change.

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - architectural printable art

4. Hang large-scale art

The larger your art, the less cluttered your hallway will feel. Ever since we hung up these free architectural prints, it has made this side of our hallway seem pulled together.

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - architectural printable art

5. Roll out a runner

We added this runner the other day to add some texture and pattern to this space, and it feels so cozy in here now! I put this rug pad underneath to keep it from slipping and sliding on our hardwood floor. So far, so good!

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - dark charcoal doors and hallway runner

6. Go super light or super dark with paint.

Choose a paint color that is very light for a bright, open feel or choose one that is very dark if you want your hallway to feel cozy. I like picking either the very top or very bottom colors on paint sample strips for a clean, dramatic effect. Choosing medium shades can sometimes make window-less spaces feel a bit ho-hum.

For our walls this go-round, we painted them Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. It’s a very light warm gray and looks beautiful in all kinds of lighting without any odd purple or green undertones.

6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - light gray painted hallway with black doors, runner rug, new lighting, and plants

If you want to know about any of the sources in this space, you can see them all here:

We still plan to deal with our ceiling a bit more in order to remove our attic fan that likely hasn’t been used in decades, but we’ll cross that bridge eventually.

And that bathroom hidden behind that closed door smack in the middle of this hallway? It’s looking SO CRAZY ADORABLE I CAN’T STAND IT! More about that later though. For now, you can see the progress of that big reno here.

Do y’all have any other hallway decorating ideas you’ve used that you absolutely love? Share ’em below! I want to know!

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6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway | blesserhouse.com - DIY and decorating ideas to add interest to a boring window-less hallway + thrifting project tutorials and free printables to pull it off inexpensively. #hallway #hallwaydecor #hallwaydecorating

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  1. Beautiful transformation. We have used
    Wrought Iron on bookcases and bedside tables in the specific Benjamin Moore paint for cabinets.
    Love that color. We also painted picture frames the same color, as I think you did.
    How do you have Staples make the oversize prints? Abby

  2. in some of the photos, it appears that there is a door at the end of the hallway. in others, it is not there. is there some trick to hide the door?

    1. LOL, the natural light comes through the windows of the room nicely. I just opened the door. 🙂

  3. Lauren,
    I absolutely love your choice if paint for the hall doors.Can you please tell me what finish you used? The pics seem to suggest a semi gloss but can’t really tell.Please keep sending pictures of your lovely home make over.

  4. Hey can you please tell me how to order the prints from staples? I’ve never done this before and my staples did say they do engineered prints. Also what are the sizes? Thanks so much I just love them.

  5. Hi Lauren! Your hallway looks bright and beautiful! Our home is a mid-century modern with a long low hallway, no doors, just room openings, typical of most main level mid-century modern homes. You’ve inspired me, particularly with the ‘Magic Light Trick’. I can’t wait to add that touch at the end of my hallway, it’s exactly what it needs. Thank you!

  6. I love the way the hall actually looks larger now. I just moved into a condo and the hallway is very long and very boring. This has given me tons of ideas. Thanks.

  7. This is exactly what I needed! Our hallways are so gloomy and really need an upgrade. Thank you for all the info and excellent ideas, as always. I was wondering–for your semi-flush mount, did you modify it so it doesn’t hang down as far? I’ve had my eye on the Kira light from Amazon for a while, but the 12″ drop-down seems like a lot.

  8. Lauren~ I luuved this post!!! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful pictures & great ideas.I can’t wait to do the sconces without the hardwiring ? Who knew??? And~ your doors are fabulous! My husband might have a new addition to his honey do list!

  9. I am building a new home. Do you have a recommendation for a white for the walls and a white for the trim. I am tired of beige from current home and not into grey although your grey looks nice.

    1. Hi, Dottie!! Congratulations and good luck with the new build!! That is so exciting. I can share with you the whites that I have chose to use in our house. However, every house and every room is going to reflect the color different. Just because it works in my house does not guarantee you will love it in your space. I ALWAYS recommend testing the color on every wall in your own space. With that being said, we used Benjamin Moore Aura paint in Simply White for the ceiling and trim to instantly brighten the living room. The walls of the living room are Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. If you search the blog for “high contrast paint” the post will pop up and you can check out the pictures and see that it is white on white. I hope this helps. Let me know what you decide to go with in your space. 🙂

  10. Love this transformation! Stumbled on your blog recently and the timing is perfect because we’re closing on our first home soon (home inspection tomorrow – eeeps!) so I’m collecting ideas. It never occurred to me that the hallway is basically another “room” we can decorate. Yay! 🙂

  11. Lauren, Love your posts look forward to them and I am loving those black interior doors. I have white trim in my home. Starting spraying my hardware black against my white doors, but. I really want to go black on the doors, but I just can’t seem to make that commitment. How did you convence yourself to do it. And I have dorgotten did youleavehardware brass including hindges

  12. Lauren,
    Amazing transformation!
    Love all the light, bright radiance within this space!
    When the walls were beige, I didn’t even notice the beautiful wood floors!
    Truly, I went back and forth between the before and after photo more than once.
    Always inspiring home decor ideas @ the blesser house!

  13. Lauren, I Iove your blog! We also painted our basement doors BM wrought iron and love it! I plan on doing our main floor, as well. I’m wondering if I am able to Pin from your sight? I’ve tried to find it and cannot. Thanks!

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