Best Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper Designs on a Budget

A budget-friendly shopping guide with 30 of the best modern farmhouse style wallpaper designs for $2 or less per square foot.

Apparently farmhouse wallpaper, the home decor version of 90s fashion, is back in full force. Wallpaper, y’all. Alllllll the wallpaper!

Have you seen the 90s fashion all over the place lately? You know the choker necklaces and crushed velvet dresses and block heeled sandals?

I mean… why did we ever throw out our pleated plaid skirts and knee high socks in the first place? We could have been cool again!

30 Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper Designs on a Budget | - A budget-friendly shopping guide with 30 of the best modern farmhouse style wallpaper designs for $2 or less per square foot.

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but we’re actually gearing up to put wallpaper in our house. My mom let out an audible gasp when I told her. Because I literally used to curse the stuff.

I don’t know what it is, but suddenly I want to wallpaper a room, and I figure the best place to start is our powder room (which I shared all the plans for the other day).

You can pretty much get away with anything in a powder room, right? Yeah, that’s my excuse.

So if you’ve had wallpaper on the brain lately, I’ve rounded up a bunch of my absolute favorite modern farmhouse wallpaper patterns, all for around $2 or less per square foot. Woot!

The Best Modern Farmhouse Wallpapers on a Budget:  

Do you think you’ll end up putting wallpaper in your house? Or do you already have some up?

If you have old vintage wallpaper on your walls that you’ve been wanting to take down, maybe this just means you’re ahead of the game and already part of the cool crowd, Tommy Hilfiger overalls optional.


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  1. 40 years ago wallpaper was the rage. We lived in houses with really ugly walls and paper hid it better than paint. Instead ofor using water on the prepared we used sizing which allowed a very easy removal.

  2. I’ve always loved wallpaper, but the problem is- as all you diy’ers know – getting it OFF! Most DIY’ers change their decor a lot more than most folks, so the problem of getting tired of it and wanting to change is huge. I’ve looked at Target and online on those removable ones, but haven’t tried them yet. Their patterns & designs are limited, but I think that market may take off. I think I’d do those before I go with regular wallpaper. I say this because in our old house, we had to strip kitchen, dining room, and 2 bathrooms, and I remember saying NEVER again…hehe. I do love the look though, but I like to change things up too often.

  3. Hello,
    I love the blue vintage floral (on the top right) but cannot find the link to where to buy this. Could you please tell me where you found it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Heather! So sorry for the confusion! I was dealing with a glitch and all of the wallpapers weren’t linking. It’s all fixed now. 🙂 The link should now be there in the post.

      1. I love the wallpaper design that’s creme with black flowers! Right under your headline, top right in the grouping of 6. Do you remember where you found it???

  4. These papers are so pretty!!!! I was hoping to purchase small rolls for lining drawers, but it’s too pricy for that.
    Any other suggestions on sources for pretty drawer lining paper?

    1. I use some of the heavy duty wrapping paper from places like World Market or online. They sure have some real nice ones. Feels just like wallpaper but it wrapping paper. Good luck!

    2. Kristine, I have to agree with you that it is very hard to get off and I changed things up way too much in my younger days. I’m into my very last renovation ever because I’m getting older and just can’t do it like I used to. So I’ve been working on this for a year now to do exactly what I want and get it right! Lol I love wallpaper too and have been looking at many. They have tons of peel and stick on amazon you can check out. If you need to calculate square footage I use the calculators on Birchlane and wayfair that are on each wallpaper.

  5. I have never stopped loving wallpaper. The only problem was no one was selling it except very expensive decorators at high end prices. Now that it’s coming around again, maybe I can afford it again.

  6. I papered one wall in my girls bathroom about 6 months ago. It’s beautiful! It’s so sophisticated and classic. Do it Lauren!

  7. I really like the Grass Cloth and the Shiplap one. I’ve been tossing around eyes to jazz up the front of my kitchen island. I’ve thought about doing actual shiplap, Stikwood like yours in your previous house, but this could be another option as well! #allovertheplace

  8. Our first house had the vintage advertisement wallpaper in the bathroom. Only thing is, they hung it upside down! We would tear off bits as we “used the facilities”. That room was top of the list for redecorating.
    There are some really nice choices here, and as you change the house to make it yours it is fun to see what is happening next!

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