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Best Places to Find Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Where to buy beautiful and unique furniture hardware and kitchen cabinet knobs for all price ranges to elevate your furnishings + designer-look-for-less hardware picks.

Sometimes the perfect brass pulls or nickel knobs are one of the best finishing touch design elements on kitchen cabinets and furniture. The right hardware feels like jewelry paired with an outfit to create a cohesive look.

I have a fun Facebook Marketplace furniture project waiting for me in the garage at all times, and I’ve uncovered the best places to find unique hardware in recent years. Even without painting, you can quickly change the look of your kitchen with small details like the right cabinet hardware.

furniture hardware knobs on a bathroom vanity - best places to buy furniture hardware graphic

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When to Change Out Furniture Hardware or Cabinet Pulls

If your furniture seems on the outdated side or if your builder stock cabinets seem too plain, simply swap out the knobs or pulls for ones that express your design style.

Use gold knobs on white cabinetry to warm up the color schemes your kitchen space. Or use black hardware with clean lines to create a minimalist look on a dresser. Various shapes and a variety of finishes on cabinet handles can make a more significant impact on your home than you realize.

After a decade of cabinet painting and furniture refreshing, I’ve rounded up the best places to find new hardware for all budgets.

(If you’re a furniture painting novice, you can see my beginner’s guide here. Or you can see my go-to method for how to paint cabinets like a pro here.)

Got a boring dresser? Or a basic bathroom vanity? Swap out those furniture knobs or cabinet pulls for an immediate change that reflects your personal style. 

wood bathroom vanity with Art Deco style cabinet knobs, marble backsplash, gold sconces, and venetian mirrors

Sources | Art Deco Cabinet Knobs | Bathroom Sources

Where to Buy Cabinet Hardware and Furniture Pulls

1. Amazon

Price Rating | $

There are lots of amazing deals for modern look hardware on Amazon from all sorts of vendors. I can often find the exact same looking hardware inspired by luxury brands for cheaper than in designer retail stores. We used these brushed gold classic knobs from Amazon on our kitchen cabinet doors. 

reeded glass cabinet door with antique gold kitchen cabinet knob

Source | Brushed Gold Knob | Window Film

2. Hobby Lobby

Price Rating | $

It’s hands down my favorite place to find funky, unique hardware, especially for kids’ furnishings, nightstands, and dressers. If you like the look of eclectic hardware in a kitchen design, Hobby Lobby is the place to look.

Most locations have an entire aisle! It’s furniture makeover heaven, I tell ya. About every other week their hardware is marked down to 50% off, so it’s a good idea to wait for a sale.

white rose drawer knobs on white applique drawer fronts

Source | White Rose Knobs (similar)

3. Etsy

Price Rating | $-$$$$

It’s great supporting small businesses whenever possible, and Etsy is one of those resources where you can buy really fun hardware from artists, crafters, and even collectors for genuine antique pieces. These feminine sculpted rose knobs I originally found on Etsy were a great choice for my little girl’s bedroom dresser.

4. World Market

Price Rating | $$

This is one of those sources that’s great for a funky bohemian or eclectic look on hardware. World Market doesn’t have a big selection of various styles, but they make up for it by stocking a few hardware pieces with visual interest. If you join their Explorer program, you can get a discount.

5. Lowe’s and Home Depot

Price Rating | $

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot are great for sourcing hardware with a classic overall look. Their selections are definitely some of the largest I’ve found when I need to snag knobs in a hurry from the store. They don’t have many knobs and pulls with a unique look, but if your goal is to achieve a minimalist kitchen on a budget, this is the best fit. 

6. Anthropologie

Price Rating | $$$

This one’s on the pricier side, but their knobs, pulls, and hooks are absolutely gorgeous and excellent quality. You can still get lucky with a sale if you keep an eye out.

7. Target

Price Rating | $$

For some reason, Target’s hardware line is a little on the pricier side considering their quality, but their pretty styles make up for it. Keep an eye out for deals on home-related items on the Cartwheel app too.

8. D Lawless Hardware

Price Rating | $

This one’s my little furniture flipping secret. The selection on this site is amazing! And their prices are pretty great too.

9. CB2

Price Rating | $$

Modern, great quality, but still reasonably priced. CB2 is a great mid-range hardware resource that carries many matching sets to take the guesswork out of choosing cabinet knobs and pulls for kitchens.

10. Schoolhouse

Price Rating | $$$

If you describe your style as “vintage with a modern edge”, knobs and pulls at Schoolhouse are exactly that. It is a more expensive than some other retailers, but the great quality shows.

11. House of Antique Hardware

Price Rating | $-$$$$

I haven’t bought any hardware from this site yet, but their cabinet and furniture line is like no other. So much beautiful stuff for authentic, vintage and antique furniture! Their wide range of prices are some of the most budget-friendly to the most high-end luxury.

12. Buster and Punch

Price Rating | $$$$

Buster and Punch has so many beautiful midcentury mod hardware pieces not just for cabinets and furniture but for door and electrical hardware as well. I love the look of their nostalgic light switches!

13. HomeGoods / Marshalls / TJ Maxx

Price Rating | $

It’s sometimes tricky to buy hardware in bulk at these places, but if you need just 2 or 4 matching drawer pulls for a nightstand or dresser, I see beautiful ones here all the time at a discount.

14. Rejuvenation

Price Rating | $$$

Sleek, clean, and modern. Rejuvenation is well known for their beautiful cabinet hardware (and every other kind of hardware out there).

15. My Knobs

Price Rating | $-$$$$

My Knobs has a massive assortment of cabinet knobs and pulls for a wide price range. If you can’t find a specific kind of hardware here, it probably doesn’t exist.

More Highly Rated Furniture Hardware and Cabinet Knob Retailers

Best Designer Look Furniture Knobs and Cabinet Pulls for Less

I pulled together a bunch of my favorite designer-look-for-less furniture hardware recommendations from Amazon to help you narrow down the overwhelming selection out there.

best Amazon cabinet hardware graphic

(Click any image in the gallery below to shop.)

More Cabinet and Furniture Ideas

If you need some furniture makeover ideas, you can check out all of my furniture makeovers here.

Have you ever done any furniture makeovers yourself before? Or do you have a favorite hardware go-to you’d be willing to share?

Even if you are afraid to take that first step to paint a piece, if you can handle a screwdriver, you can still give any cabinet or piece of furniture a lovely new look.


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  1. Hi Lauren,
    Just wanted to say I loved your intro to this post. My family and I have been passing the cold/flu bug around the last 2 weeks and my Pinterest boards are filling with ideas as a result, glad to know I’m not the only one! I just discovered your blog tonight and I love you decor taste and ideas. My style is very similar so I’ll have to try out some of your diy projects. Hope your family gets to feeling better soon!

    1. Oh no! Hope you and your family get to feeling better soon! We’re finally all well (for now) at our house. ‘Tis the season, right? Thanks so much for all the blog love! So glad you’re enjoying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great resource. Thank you. I actually found a metal worker on etsy that I’m wanting to redo my hubby’s dresser to update it. Pricey very. But I’ve seen his work and it is so awesome. Doing an entire kitchen? Uh no!!

    1. Oh wow! Mind sharing the seller? I might want to check out his work. Etsy does seem to be pricier overall, but it makes me feel a little better supporting small businesses over corporations.

  3. The first thing I do when I buy a new piece of furniture is update the hardware – there isn’t a single factory original knob or pull in my house! I love that swapping out the knobs can make IKEA look custom and expensive. ๐Ÿ™‚