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5 Minute Christmas Bow Ribbon Art

How to turn any hanging art into Christmas wall decor in 5 minutes by adding ribbon for Christmas bows on display.

This is definitely one of those quick thrifty Christmas decorating projects that makes me go, “Why haven’t I done this before?!”

One of my absolute favorite spots in our house is our family photo gallery wall that wraps all the way up our stairway from our foyer, so I decided it needed a Christmas bow ribbon art transformation. So cute! It’s the perfect Christmas craft with ribbon if you have leftovers.

family photo gallery wall with Christmas bows going up a staircase

The best part is you probably already have a picture frame hanging on your wall somewhere and it requires very little craft supplies. Grab a little bit of leftover ribbon, some tape, scissors, and that’s all you need.

I happened to have some leftovers from our Christmas tree ribbon, so this was the perfect project.

How to Make Christmas Bow Ribbon Art in Minutes



(By the way, can we talk about how way too grown Regan has gotten because this baby picture is killin’ me right now.)

supplies to make ribbon art

Step 1 – Measure and Cut Ribbon

Stretch your ribbon out across the picture frame, add an extra 2-4 inches, depending on the picture frame’s thickness. Cut with scissors.

cutting ribbon to wrap around a picture frame

Step 2 – Tape Ribbon

Turn the picture frame upside down and tape the ribbon to the frame’s backing in the configuration you choose.

adding ribbon to picture frames using tape on the back

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Taping the ribbon to the back is much easier and looks more clean than wrapping the entire picture frame and ending with a bow in the front (and it uses less ribbon).

how to add ribbon to picture frames for Christmas art

Step 3 – Tie a Bow

Take a few more inches of ribbon and tie a bow on the strip of ribbon at the front of the frame.

how to tie bows on picture frames for easy Christmas ribbon art

So darn adorable! I chose to only add Christmas bows to every other picture frame, but you could make ribbon art out of every frame on your wall if you wanted to.

I had my entire wall finished in 30 minutes, and the great part is it’s so easy to remove the ribbon once Christmas is over.

Although it will be hard to take them down when that happens in January. They’re blue so maybe I can just get away with it. 😉

This would be so fun to change up colors of ribbon each year or try out ribbon with different textures and patterns. You could also use wide, wired ribbon to make the bows bigger and more dramatic, but I prefer the simple route here.

blue Christmas bows added to picture frames to make easy ribbon art

While we’re on the subject, if you want to create a family photo gallery wall up your stairs, you can see this post for a gallery wall hanging trick to make the process easier using scrap wrapping paper.


  • Plan a general layout before you start nailing frames to the wall
  • Place the large picture frames first, then fill in with smaller ones working your way down from the largest to smallest frames.
  • Hang frames approximately 2-6″ apart so they look intentional.
  • Always check frame placement with a level. A laser level can come in handy too.
family photo gallery wall with christmas bows as easy ribbon art

Think you’ll try this one? Or any other DIY holiday decorating this holiday season?

I’m totally sold on doing this ribbon art every Christmas now.

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  1. Wow!! What a fun, quick project with a lot of impact 👏. Thank you for sharing. Never thought of doing this 🎄

  2. Such a cute but simple idea, thanks! Please tell me about your beautiful garlands! Are the faux greenery? They’re gorgeous!